Emirates of Sicily

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Ahmad II al-Akhal, Emir of Sicily and Malta, (r. 1019-1035).

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Succeeding his brother in 1019, after a serious amount of internal turmoil and new battles from the Normans. Upon succession, it was a period of peace and regrouping, especially after a marriage alliance with a de Hauteville as a spouse. Though dying in 1035 leaving a young son brought on an unpromising future for the Emirates.


1. Ahmad II al-Akhal, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 1019-1035.


2. Abu l'Futuh Yusaf, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 990-998.

3. Princess Isolda of Spoleto.

4. Abd'Allah bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 985-990.

5. Princess N. Kalbid.

6. Prince Lamberto of Spoleto, Marchese of Tuscany, r. 929-931, (d. 932).

7. Mistress.

8. Commander Prince Muhammad bin al-Hasan Kalbid

9. Princess N. Kalbid.

10. Jabir I, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 982-983.

11. Princess N bin Muhammad Kalbi.

12. Adalberto II, Marchese of Tuscany, r. 886-915.

13. Princess Bertha of Lotharingia, (863-925).

14. N.

15. N.


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