Emirates of Sicily

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Hasan Samsam al-Dawla I, Last Emir of Sicily, (r. 1035-1053)Malta, (r. 1053-1060).

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The fourth son of Emir Abu l'Futuh Yusaf of Sicily, and a Spoleton Princess, he never assumed he was going to succeed as Emir. Though after a few battles and urspers within the family and with the Normans, he found himself as Emir. Succeeded his second brother, Ahmad l'Akhal in 1035 and then marrying a kinswomen from the family. The battles within the family continue to grow and same with the constant battles with the Normans. The Normans had won a few battles to a point where in 1053, Hasan Samsam al-Dawla I handed over the keys to Palermo to the de Hauteville victors. With agreement that he may move his remaining family to Malta and continue rule there. Various relatives held out in key cities in Sicily, once Hakims now Emirs from 1053 and held out for twenty so years till the Normans defeated them all.

In Malta, his reign was short but glad to form an alliance and guidance of the de Hauteville's, which set the family to rule in Malta till 1240 and as Hakims till 1356. By that stage, the family had grown so big, that left a mark in Malta with descendants with blue-blooded Arabic origins with claims of descent to Charlemagne and to Muhammad.


1. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla I, Last Emir of Sicily and Emir of Malta, r. 1035-1053.


2. Abu l'Futuh Yusaf, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 990-998.

3. Princess Isolda of Spoleto.

4. Abd'Allah bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 985-990.

5. Princess N. Kalbid.

6. Prince Lamberto of Spoleto, Marchese of Tuscany, r. 929-931, (d. 932).

7. Mistress.

8. Commander Prince Muhammad bin al-Hasan Kalbid

9. Princess N. Kalbid.

10. Jabir I, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 982-983.

11. Princess N bin Muhammad Kalbi.

12. Adalberto II, Marchese of Tuscany, r. 886-915.

13. Princess Bertha of Lotharingia, (863-925).

14. N.

15. N.


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