Emirates of Malta

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Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, (1123-), Emir of Malta, (r. 1132-88).

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Born in 1123, while his father reign as Emir and succeeded in 1132 at the age of 9. His mother was of Sicilian Norman nobility and they paid tribute to King Roger II. Married around 1149 to a kinswomen of Sicilian Norman nobility. Under his reign as Emir, paid tribute in 1154 to King William I and again in 1166 to King William II. The alliance between Malta and Sicily was pretty cordial though Malta became a fiefdom and sold to a Privateer. Who in turn received taxes from Malta. Fortunately the Count did not get involved in the local politics or changed any aspect to systems that was the norm. Under his rule, he had three long term Hakims of Malta and Gozo which basically kept Malta laws and orders under control. His rule was based in Mdina where he was guided by a council mostly formed with members of the royal family of Kalbid.


1. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla III, Emir of Malta, r. 1132-1188.


2. Jafar VI, Emir of Malta, r. 1115-1132.

3. Lucia Ruggerio.

4. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, Emir of Malta, r. 1088-1115.

5. Princess Richilde Kalbid.

6. Ruggerio, Norman Knight, (d. 1023).

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8. Jafar V, Emir of Malta, r. 1070-1088.

9. Cassandra d'Altavilla.

10. Prince Abbad Kalbid, Emir of Syracusa and Catania r. 1071-1086, later Hakim of Malta r. 1088-1090.

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