Emirates of Sicily

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Jafar bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta, (983-985)..

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1. Jafar I bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 983-985.


2. Commander Prince Muhammad bin al-Hasan Kalbid

3. Princess N. Kalbid.

4. Prince Hasan bin Ammar Kalbi, Commander and Stateman in Tunis and Sicily, (d. 1035).

5. Princess N. bin Ya'ish Zirid.

6. Al-Hasan al-Kalbi, (911-954), Emir of Sicily and Malta r. 947-954.

7. Princess N of Byzantine Empire.

8. Prince Ammad bin Ali a-Kalbi, Commander of the Fatimid army.

9. Princess N of Fatimids.

10. Prince Ya'ish Zirid, Former slave and member of the Zirid dynasty,, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 969-.

11. Princess N. Kalbid.

12. Ali a-Kalbi, General under the Fatimids of Tunis and Sicily, (d. 938 Agrigento, Sicily).

13. Princess Richilda of Cordova.

14. Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos, Byzantine Emperor, r. 913-959.

15. Princess Helena Lekapene of Byzantine Empire, (910-961).

16. # See no 12.

17. # See no 13.

18. Mu'izz, Caliph of the Fatimids Caliphate, r. 953-975.

19. N.

20-21-. N.

22. See # 12.

13. See # 13.


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