Emirates of Malta

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Prince Sa'id Kalbid, (1215-1239), Hereditary Prince-Emir of Malta (1233-1239), Hakim of Malta(r. 1233-).

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Born during his grand fathers long reign in Mdina, son of a Greek Princess and the last Emir of Malta. His father succeeded as Emir in 1233 and as an 18 year, nominiated as the Hakim of Malta which only lasted a year and failed to be nominated within the family. Prince Sa'id spent time in the Sicilian royal court in Palermo and was set up to marry a Baron's daughter by the name of Yolanda. The marriage was successful and produced a few children. The marriage took place in both Catholic and Muslin faiths in a bi-partisan agreement. Sadly due to poor health in 1239, Prince Sa'id died at the age of 24, leaving his four year old son as heir to his father, whom abdicating in 1240.





1. Prince Sa'id Kalbid, (1215-1239), Hereditary Prince-Emir of Malta, Hakim of Malta, r. 1233-.


2. Jafar VIII, (1195-1248), Last Emir of Malta, r. 1233-1240.

3. Princess Euphrosyne Angelos.

4. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla IV, Emir of Malta, r. 1195-1233.

5. Viva di Castelvetere.

6. Isaakios II Angelos, (1155-1204), Byzantine Emperor, r. 1185-1204.

7. Eirene Tornikaina, married 1181.

8. Jafar VII, Emir of Malta, r. 1188-1195.

9. Zuna di Angerio di Corteinpiano.

10. Ruggero di Castelvetere, Signore di Taurasi e Rocca San Felice, Conte do Avellino.

11. Perrona dell'Aquilia.

12. Prince Andronikos Doukas Angelos, (d. 1185).

13. Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa.

14. N. Tornikaina.

15. N.



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