Emirates of Sicily

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Prince Ya'ish Zirid, Former slave and member of the Zirid dynasty, Emir of Sicily and Malta, (r. 969-).

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Online: 05-06-2018.

Ya'ish was a slave to the royal family and Emir Al-Hasan al Kalbi and was given freedom to marry one of the Emir's daughters and given a high ranking position within the court. Upon the death of his former master, father-in-law in 954, his brother-in-law succeeded as Emir till 969, when he took over. His brother-in-law, Abu l-Husayn only son died a year before in 968 and his other brother-in-law Abu l-Qasim became heir.

The takeover was short lived for several months when Abu l-Qasim successfully ousted his brother in-law/father in-law and Ya'ish was executed.


Emir Ya'ish was married to a Princess Kalbid and had two daughters. Both married members of the Kalbid royal family and left descendants.

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