Emirates of Malta

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Jafar IV, (1035-), Emir of Malta, (r. 1060-1070).

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Born in Palermo, when his father was still Emir of Sicily and had many battles and disputes within the family trying to keep the Emirates within order. Giving members of the family positions in large towns accross Sicily to ensure that the Island was peaceful. Then the Norman battles came from Calabria and in 1053 they won. His father lost Sicily, though cousins still retain towns accross Sicily for a number of years. His father petiton to move to Malta and continue his Emir position of rule there. Agreements sought and the move was peaceful to the capital Mdina, where the Hakims lived. His father reigned till 1060 dying in Mdina. Succession at the age of 25 and paying tribute to the de Hautevilles was acknowledged. The reign was quite short, though peaceful.


1. Jafar IV, Emir of Malta, r. 1060-1070.


2. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla I, Emir of Malta and Sicily, r. 1035-1053, Emir of Malta, r. 1053-1060.

3. Princess Richilde of Kalbid.

4. Abu l'Futuh Yusaf, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 990-998.

5. Princess Isolda of Spoleto.

6. Ahmad I al-Akhal, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 1019-1035.

7. Elena d'Altavilla di Apulia.

8. Abd'Allah bin Muhammad, Emir of Sicily and Malta, r. 985-990.

9. Princess N. Kalbid.

10. Prince Lamberto of Spoleto, Marchese of Tuscany, r. 929-931, (d. 932).

11. Mistress.

12. See # 4.

13. See # 5.

15. Robert I Guiscard de Hauteville, (1015-1085), Duca di Apulia, Calabria and Sicily.

16. Princess Sigelgaita of Salerno.




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