Emirates of Malta

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Jafar VI, (1100-), Emir of Malta, (r. 1115-1132).

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Jafar was born under his father's reign and succeeded at the age of 15 in 1115. Paid tribute to the Normans in Sicily and basically were left alone in Malta to rule. His mother was a relative who reign in Syracusa and Catania till 1086 when Muslin rule ended and majority of the family migrated to Malta or converted to Christianity to save themselves from exile or death. His marriage was around 1118 to a Sicilian Norman noblewomen.


1. Jafar VI, Emir of Malta, r. 1115-1132.


2. Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, Emir of Malta, r. 1088-1115.

3. Princess Richilde Kalbid.

4. Jafar V, Emir of Malta, r. 1070-1088.

5. Cassandra d'Altavilla.

6. Prince Abbad Kalbid, Emir of Syracusa and Catania r. 1071-1086, later Hakim of Malta r. 1088-1090.

7. N.

8. Jafar IV, Emir of Malta, r. 1060-1070.

9. Princess Joanna Kalbid.

10. Sylvestre d'Altavilla di Conversano, (d. 1063), Conte di Marsico.

11. Princess Muna Kalbid of Sicily.

12. Prince Muhammad Kalbid, (d. 1062), Hakim of Syracusa, later Emir of Syracusa, 1053-1062.

13. Princess Zara bin Muhammad Kalbi.

14. N.

15. N.



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