Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne and Devonshire, House of Cavendish.


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1. Sir William Cavendish PC, (d. 1562), married (1) to Margaret Bostock, married (2) to Elizabeth Conyngsby, married (3) 1547 to Elizabeth Hardwicke, with issue.
1.1. Henry Cavendish MP., (d 1616), married to Lady Grace Talbot, dspl.
1.1.1. (illegitimate) Henry Cavendish, married 1610 to Bridget Willoughby, with issue. Charles Cavendish, dsp. Francis Cavendish, (1618-1650), married (1) 1642 to Dorothy Bullock, married (2) to Dorothy Broughton, with issue. (First Marriage) Henry Cavendish, (1648-1698), married to Mary Tyrrell, with issue. William Cavendish, (1682-, married (1) Mary Tyrell, married (2) 1709 to Elizabeth Holt, with issue. Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Bt., cr 1755., (1705-1776), married (1) 1730 to Anne Pyne, married (2) 1748 to Catherine Prittie, with issue. (First Marriage) Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Bt, (1732-1804), married 1757 to Sarah Bradshaw, cr 1792 Baroness Waterpark., with issue. Richard Cavendish, (1765-1830), 3rd Bt, 2nd Baron Waterpark, married 1789 to Juliana Cooper, with issue. Henry Manner Cavendish, (1793-1863), 4th Bt, 3rd Baron Waterpark, married 1837 to Elizabeth Jane Anson, with issue. Henry Anson Cavendish, (1839-1932), 5th Bt, 4th Baron Waterpark, married 1873 to Emily Stenning, with issue. Hon Henry Cavendish, (1875-1897), dunm. Hon Charles Frederick Cavendish, (1883-1932), 6th Bt, 5th Baron Waterpark, dunm. Hon Mary Cavendish, married 1915 to Lt-Col George Oldroyd Borwick. Hon Winifred Cavendish, married 1904 (Div 1925), married to George Aston Strutt. Hon Elisa Anne Cavendish, married 1859 to Haughton Charles Okeover. Hon Adelaide Cavendish, married 1863 to Samuel Clowes. Hon Richard Cavendish, (1794-1876), married 1841 to Elizabeth Maria Sheppard, with issue. William Thomas Cavendish, (1843-1878), married 1873 to Cecilia Lafayette Kennedy, with issue. Henry Sheppard Hart Cavendish, (1876-), 7th Bt, 6th Baron Waterpark, married (1) 1902 (Div 1906) to Isabel Emilie Jay, married (2) 1906 (Div 1913) to May Burbidge, married (3) 1913 (Div 1919) to Elise Herran, married (4) 1920 (Div 1929) to Georgette Zlateffmoloff, married (5) 1929 to Jeanne Lassallette, with issue. (First Marriage) Hon Cecilia Cavendish, (1903-., married 1933 to James Mitchell Anderson. (Second Marriage) Hon Margaret Cavendish, (1907-., married 1934 to Wallace Edward Leaver. Hon Winifred Cavendish, (1909-1999), married 1929 to Capt Albert Frank Tribe. Frederick William Cavendish, (1877-1931), married 1917 to Enid Maude Lindeman, with issue. Frederick Caryll Philip Cavendish, (1926-., 8th Bt, 7th Baron Waterpark, married 1951 to Daniele Alice Guirche, with issue. Roderick Cavendish, (1959-., married 1989 to Anne Asquith, with issue. Luke Cavendish, (1990-. Tom Cavendish, (1997-. Hon Caroline Cavendish, (1952-., married 1979 to George Michael Goulding. Hon Juliet Enid Cavendish, (1953-., amrried to Charles Dumaresq Nicholson. Hon Patricia Enid Cavendish, (1925-., married (1) 1950 (Div 1954) to Frank Thomas O'Neill, married 1957 to Count Aymon de Roussy de Sales, married (3) 1969 to Frank Thomas O'Neill. Charles Tyrell Cavendish, (1849-1903), married 1873 to Elizabeth Anne Dickinson, with issue. Tyrell William Cavendish, (1875-1912), married 1906 to Julia Florence Sigel, with issue. Henry Sigel Cavendish, (1908-1995), married 1940 to Diana Linda Ryle, with issue. William Henry Cavendish, (1940-. Geoffrey Manner Cavendish, (1910-., married (1) 1937 to Caecilia Frances Pharazyn, married (2) 1967 to Pamela Osborn, with issue. (First Marriage) Caroline Anne Cavendish, (1938-, married 1964 to Charles Grellan Aliaga-Kelly. Caecilia Bridget Cavendish, (1941-., married 1979 to Henry Ralph Rokeby-Johnson. Marianne Cavendish, married (1) 1864 to Capt Thomas Fitzgerald, married 1872 to John Hampson Jones. Catherine Elizabeth Cavendish, married 1867 to Thomas Cokayne Maunsell. Emily Maria Cavendish, married 1864 to Francis Noel Mundy. Elizabeth Dorothy Cavendish, married 1868 to Sir William Smith-Marriott, 5th Bt. Cecilia Augusta Cavendish, married 1883 to Edward A. Cousins. Hon George John Cavendish, married 1838 to Caroline Brune, with issue. Frances Catherine Cavendish, married 1864 to Rev Hugh Smith-Marriott. Hon Rev Augustus Cavendish, married 1830 to Mary Anne Legh, with issue. Thomas Cavendish, (1841-. Hon Frederick Cavendish, (d. 1877), dunm. Hon Rev Thomas Cavendish, married 1835 to Sophia Robinson, dsp. Hon Sarah Cavendish, married 1819 to Sir George Philips, 2nd Bt. Juliana Cavendish, married 1816 to Frederick Taylor. Catherine Cavendish, married 1839 to Thomas Musgrave, Archbishop of York. Hon George Cavendish, (1766-1849), married (1) 1803 to Letitia Catherine Caulfield, married (2) 1807 to Catherine Smyth, dsp. Hon Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw, (1768-), married 1796 to Mary Anne Jefferyes, dsp. Hon Frederick Cavendish, (1777-1856), married (1) 1801 to Lady Eleanor Gore, with issue. Rev Federick Cavendish, (1803-), married (1) 1834 to Anne Morris, married (2) 1848 to Anne Armstrong., dsp. Sarah Anne Cavendish, married 1834 to Joseph Macdonnell. Catherine Cavendish, married 1838 to Roger Palmer. Louisa Cavendish, married 1832 to Joseph James Burke. Eleanor Cavendish, married (1) 1834 to Walter James Burke, married (2) 1849 to Oliver Cuff Jackson. Catherine Cavendish, married to Baron de Ville. Deborah Cavendish, married 1782 to Sir Richard Musgrave, 1st Bt. Sarah Cavendish, married 1783 to 1st Earl of Mountnorris. Anne Cavendish, married 1793 to 2nd Baron Kilmaine. Pyne Cavendish, married 1766 to Very Rev Hon Maurice Crosby. Caroline Cavendish, married (1) to George Quin, married (2) 1792 to Thomas Ahmuty. Frances Cavendish, married 1769 to Sir Frederick Flood, Bt. Anne Cavendish, married 1759 to Sir Simon Bradstreet, 2nd Bt. Catherine Cavendish, married to Thomas Burroughs. (Second Marriage) James Cavendish, married to Harriet Moore Coote, with issue. Frances Cavendish married to Richard Green. Dorothy Cavendish, married to William Calton. Elizabeth Cavendish, married (1) to Richard Horwell, married to Samuel Oldfield. Anne Cavendish, married to Brooke Boothby. Margaret Cavendish, married to Rayner Bate. Henrietta Cavendish, married to Richard Wilmot. Dorothy Cavendish, married to Gervase Nevill. (Second Marriage) Charles Cavendish, dsp. Grace Cavendish, dunm. Mary Cavendish, married 1648 to John Broughton. Bridget Cavendish, married to Samuel Mason.
1.1.2. (illegitmate) Thomas Cavendish.
1.1.3. (illegitimate) Charles Cavendish.
1.1.4. (illegitimate) William Cavendish.
1.1.5. (illegitimate) Augustin Cavendish.
1.1.6. (illegitimate) Anne Cavendish, married to Vincent Lowe.
1.1.7. (illegitimate) Audrey Cavendish.
1.1.8. (illegitimate) Elizabeth Cavendish.
1.2. Sir William Cavendish KB, (1552-1625), Cr 1605 Baron Cavendish of Hardwicke, 1618 Earl of Devonshire., married (1) 1580 to Anne Keighley, married (2) 1619 to Elizabeth Boughton, with issue.
1.2.1. (First Marriage) William Cavendish, (1590-1628), 2nd Earl of Devonshire, married 1608 to Hon Christian Bruce, with issue. William Cavendish, (1617-1684), 3rd Earl of Devonshire, married 1638 to Lady Elizabeth Cecil, with issue. William Cavendish, (1641-1707), 4th Earl of Devonshire., cr 1694 Marquess of Hartington, Duke of Devonshire, KG, married 1662 to Lady Mary Bulter, with issue. William Cavendish, KG, (1673-1729), 2nd Duke of Devonshire, married 1688 to Lady Rachel Russell, with issue. William Cavendish, KG, 3rd Duke of Devonshire., (1698-1755), married 1718 to Catherine Hoskins, with issue. William Cavendish, KG, (1720-1764), 4th Duke of Devonshire., married 1748 to Lady Charlotte Boyle, Baroness Clifford, with issue. William Cavendish, KG, (1748-1811), 5th Earl of Devonshire, married (1) 1774 to Lady Georgiana Spencer, married (2) 1809 to Lady Elizabeth Hervey, with issue. (First Marriage) William Spencer Cavendish, (1790-1858), KG, 6th Duke of Devonshire, dunm. Lady Georgiana Cavendish, (1783-1858), married to 6th Earl of Carlisle. Lady Harriet Cavendish, (1783-1862), married 1809 to 1st Earl Granville. (Second wife before marriage) Caroline Adelaide Rosalie St Jules, (1785-1830), married to Hon George Lamb. Sir Augustus Clifford MP, 1st Bt, (1788-1877), married 1813 to Lady Elizabeth Townshend, with issue. Lord Richard Cavendish, (d. 1781), dunm. Lord George Augustus Cavendish, (1754-1834), Cr 1831 Baron Cavendish of Keighley, Earl of Burlington, married 1782 to Lady Elizabeth Compton, with issue. Hon William Cavendish, MP, (1783-1812), married 1807 to Hon Louisa O'Callaghan Lismore, with issue. William Cavendish, (1808-1891) KG 2nd Earl of Burlington, 7th Duke of Devonshire., married 1829 to Lady Blanche Georgiana Howard, with issue. Spencer Compton Cavendish, KG, (1833-1908), 8th Duke of Devonshire, married 1892 to Countess Louise Fredericke von Alten, dsp. Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish, PC, MP, (1836-1882), married 1864 to Hon Lucy Caroline Cobham, dsp. Lord Edward Cavendish, (1838-1891), married 1865 to Emma Elizabeth Lascelles, with issue. Victor Christian Cavendish, KG, GCMG, GCVO, (1868-1938), 9th Duke of Devonshire, married 1892 to Lady Evelyn Fitzmaurice, with issue. Edward William Cavendish, KG, MBE, (1895-1950), 10th Duke of Devonshire, married 1917 to Lady Mary Gascoyne-Cecil, with issue. William Cavendish, (1917-1944), Marquess of Hartington, married 1944 to Kathleen Kennedy, dsp. Andrew Robert Cavendish, KG, (1920-., 11th Duke of Devonshire, married 1941 to Hon Deborah Vivien, with issue. Peregrine Andrew Cavendish, CBE, Marquess of Hartington, (1944-., married 1967 to Amanda Carmen Heywood-Lonsdale, with issue. William Cavendish, Earl of Burlington, (1969-. Lady Celina Imogen Cavendish, (1971-., married 1995 to Alexander Corfield Key Carter. Lady Jasmine Nancy Cavendish, (1973-. Lord Victor Cavendish, (1947-), d.inf. Lady Emma Cavendish, (1943-., married 1963 to Hon Tobias William Tennant. Lady Mary Cavendish, (1953-), d.inf. Lady Sophia Louisa Cavendish, (1957-., married (1) 1979 (Div 1987) to Anthony William Murphy, married (2) 1988 (Div) to Alastair John Morrison, married (3) 1999 to William Topley. Lady Mary Cavendish, (1922-), d.inf. Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Cavendish, (1926-, CVO. Lady Anne Evelyn Cavendish, (1927-, married 1949 to Michael Lambert Tree. Lord Charles Arthur Cavendish, (1905-1944), married 1932 to Adele Astaire, with issue. 'Daughter' Cavendish, (d. 1933), d.inf. Lady Maud Louisa Cavendish, (1896-1975), married (1) 1917 to Capt Angus Alexander Mackintosh, married (2) 1923 to Brig Hon George Baillie. Lady Blanche Katherine Cavendish, (1898-1987), married 1919 to Lt-Col Ivan Murray Cobbold. Lady Dorothy Evelyn Cavendish GBE, (1900-1966), married 1920 to 1st Earl of Stockton. Lady Rachel Cavendish OBE, (1902-1977), married 1923 to 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn. Lady Anne Cavendish MBE, (1909-1981), married (1) (Div 1945) to Lt-Col Henry Hunloke, married (2) 1949 to Christopher Holland-Martin, married (3) 1962 (Annulled 1965) to 10th Earl of Sandwich. Richard Frederick Cavendish, (1871-1946), married 1895 to Lady Moyra de Vere Beauclerk., with issue. John Edward Cavendish, (1907-1908), d.inf. Richard Edward Cavendish, (1917-1972), married 1937 to Pamela Thomas, with issue. Richard Hugh Cavendish, (1941-., Cr 1990 Life Baron Cavendish of Furness., married 1970 to Grania Mary Caulfeild, with issue. Hon Frederick Richard Cavendish, (1972-. Hon Lucy Georgiana Cavendish, (1973-. Hon Emily Moyra Cavendish, (1980-. Edward Osborne Cavendish, (1955-., married (1) 1977 (Div 1980) to Kirsten St Blaize-Molony, married (2) 1983 to Anna Frances Shelly, with issue. Elizabeth Angelica Cavendish, (1985-. Georgiana Rose Cavendish, (1988-. Georgiana Elizabeth Cavendish, (1939-, married 1968 to Capt Andrew Clowes. Harriet Moyra Cavendish, (1944-., married 1972 to Capt Anthony Sykes. Susan Anne Cavendish, (1949-, married (1) 1970 (Div 1983) to Quentin Hugh Crewe, married 1984 to Christopher Nigel Ryan CBE. Elizabeth Vere Cavendish, (1897-1982), married 1915 to 5th Marquess of Salisbury. Alix Cavendish, (1901-1925), dunm. Mary Katherine Cavendish, (1903-1994), married 1925 to 28th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. Diana Cavendish, (1909-1992), married (1) (Div 1937) to Baron Boothby, married (2) 1942 to Lt-Col Hon Ian Campbell-Gray, married (3) 1971 to 6th Viscount Gage. Sybil Moyra Cavendish, (1915-., married 1941 to Rev Lawrence Dykes. John Spencer Cavendish, (1875-1914), dunm. Lady Louisa Cavendish, married 1865 to Adml Hon Francis Egerton. Lord George Henry Cavendish MP, (1810-1880), married 1835 to Lady Louisa Lascelles, with issue. Lord Richard Cavendish, (1812-1873), dunm. Lady Fanny Cavendish, married 1837 to Frederick John Howard 5th Earl of Carlisle. Hon George Henry Cavendish, (1784-1809), dunm. General Hon Henry Frederick Cavendish, (1789-1873), married (1) 1811 to Sarah Fawkener, married (2) 1819 to Frances Susan Lambton, married (3) 1873 to Susanna Byerlie, with issue. (First Marriage) William Henry Cavendish, (1817-1881), married 1843 to Lady Emily Lambton, with issue. Henry Frederick Cavendish, (1854-19280, married 1888 to Lady Harriet Osborne, with issue. Henry James Cavendish, (1893-1956), married 1928 (Div 1934) to Dola Frances Dunsmuir, dsp. George Sidney Cavendish, (1895-), married 1933 to Mary Stuart Wurts, dsp. Emily Georgiana Cavendish, (1890-1976), married 1938 to Sir Pryse Loveden Saunders-Pryse, 5th Bt. Evelyn Alice Cavendish, (1892-), married 1924 to Brig James Erskine Stirling. Cecil Charles Cavendish, (1855-1931), married 1890 to Maud Henrietta Halliday, with issue. Frederick George Cavendish, (1891-1936), married 1919 to Milla Jean Grant, with issue. Anne Cavendish, (1920-1995). Jean Caroline Cavendish, (1932-., married (1) (Div) 1954 to Anthony Champion de Crespigny, married (2) 1974 to George Charles Lassalle. Bruce Alwynne Cavendish, (1894-), d.inf Ronald Valentine Cavendish, (1896-1943), married 1923 to Violet Helen Boucher, with issue. Peter Bourcher Cavendish GB, (1925-., married 1952 to Marion Loudon Constantine, with issue. Ronald Simon Cavendish, (1954-., married 1990 to Rosemary Lancaster, with issue. Nicholas Peter Cavendish, (1993-. Maia Marita Cavendish, (1995-. Mark Francis Cavendish, (1955-. Rupert William Cavendish, (1962-, married 1986 to Lesley Buckle, with issue. Sarah Frances Cavendish, (1991-. Robin Francis Cavendish MBE, (1930-1994), married 1957 to Diana Mary Blacker, with issue. Jonathan Stewart Cavendish, (1959-., married 1992 to Lesley Rogers, with issue. Theodore Robin Cavendish, (1996-. Polly Elinor Cavendish, (1996-. Willow Alice Cavendish, (1996-. Charles Vernon Cavendish, (1902-., married (1) 1937 (Div 1950) to Nancy Redstone, married (2) 1963 to Eve Bonnor, with issue. (First Marriage) Susan Cavendish, (1939-. Rosalind Cavendish, (1945 -., married 1971 to Alan Hugh Davidson. Elizabeth Georgiana Cavendish, married (1) 1837 to William Bernard Harcourt, Marquis d'Harcourt in France., married (2) 1852 to Lt-Gen James R. Crauford. Sarah Mary Cavendish, married 1842 to 2nd Earl Cawdor. (Second Marriage) Francis William Cavendish, (1820-1893), married (1) 1856 (Div 1866) to Lady Elinor Sophia FitzGibbon, married (2) 1876 to Ianthe Florence Skyring, with issue. (First Marriage) Reginald Richard Cavendish, (1857-1941), married (1) 1880 to Mary Constance Dupuis, married (2) 1922 to Martha Douglas Reynolds, with issue. (First Marriage) George Francis Cavendish, (1881-1884), d.inf. Godfrey Lionel Cavendish, (1884-1914), married 1911 to Cora Grace Horsford, with issue. Diana Grace Cavendish, (1954-., married 1975 to Frederick John Reeves. Caroline Elizabeth Cavendish, (1956-., married 1977 to Hon Phillip John Remmant. Hubert Gordan Cavendish, (1913-1993), married 1942 to Beaujolois Inez Wodehouse, with issue. Richard Gordan Cavendish, (1949-, married (1) 1973 (Div 1980) to Jill Dare Baker, married (2) 1981 to Susan Thomas, with issue. (First Marriage) Charles William Cavendish, (1975-. Susanna Lucy Cavendish, (1974-. (Second Marriage) Theresa Louisa Cavendish, (1983-. Beaujolois Katherine Cavendish, (1947-, married 1978 to Stephen Smyth-Tyrrell. Richard Charles Cavendish CBE, KPM, (1885-1941), married 1936 to Margaret Johnstone OBE, dsp. Rachel Muriel Cavendish, (1882-1939), dunm. Diana Violet Cavendish, (1887-1962), married 1914 to James Shuckburgh Carter. Beatrix Frances Cavendish, (1888-), married 1914 to Hugh Molyneux Miller. Dorothy Alice Cavendish, (1891-1965), married 1918 to Capt Hilliary Hood. Alfred Cavendish, CMG, (1859-1943), married 1886 to Alice Isabella Van der Byl, with issue. Ralph Henry Cavendish CBE, MVO, (1887-1968), married 1926 to Lady Gweneth Frida Ponsonby, with issue. Edward Simon Cavendish, (1928-1947), dunm. Ernest Lionel Cavendish, (1863-1946), married 1886 to Jessie Jenkins, with issue. Alwyn Lionel Cavendish, (1890-1928), married 1917 to Muriel Cecil Heaton-Ellis, with issue. Charles Francis Cavendish, (1919-., married (1) 1943 (Div 1946) to Margaret Savage Alcock, married (2) 1947 to Esther Marion Crookshank, with issue. (Second Marriage) William Alwyn Cavendish, (1956-, married (1) 1985 to Margaret Josephine MacDonald, married (2) 2001 to Julie Henderson, with issue. (First Marriage) Myles Joseph Cavendish, (1991-. Monica Josephine Cavendish, (1988-. Mark Andrew Cavendish, (1958-., married 1988 to Sarah Formby, with issue. George Andrew Cavendish, (1989-. Edward Charles Cavendish, (1994-. Katherine Cavendish, (1991-. (Second marriage) Nigel Frederick Cavendish, (1879-1949), dunm. Henry Charles Cavendish, (d. 1839), dunm. Charles William Cavendish, (1822-1890), married (1) 1847 to Lady Felicia Susan Beauchamp, married (2) 1863 to Louisa Cockburn, married (3) 1873 to Mary Gregg, with issue. (Second Marriage) Louis Francis Cavendish, (1864-1890), dunm. (Third Marriage) Charles George Cavendish, (1874-1943), married 1895 to Virginia Hoz, dsp. George Henry Cavendish, (1824-1889), married 1848 (Div 1866) to Emily Victorine Rumbold, with issue. William Cavendish, (1849-1919), married 1874 to Edith Louisa Chivers, with issue. Charles Alfred Cavendish, (1878-1939), married (1) 1914 (Div 1926) to Ruth Madeleine Smith, married (2) 1926 to Marguerite Moreau, with issue. (First Marriage) Richard Blake Cavendish, (1916-. Sheelah Mary Cavendish, (1917-1965), married 1949 to Keith Cavendish Harris. William Henry Cavendish, (1886-, married 1907 to Beatrice Pearson, with issue. Edwin Pearson Cavendish, (1908-1970), married 1943 to Daphne van der Weyer, with issue. Adrian Delmar Cavendish, (1947-., married 1982 to Louisa Russell Ray, with issue. John Spencer Cavendish, (1987-. William Delmar Cavendish, (1911-., married 1943 to Louisa Fusco, with issue. William Anthony Cavendish, (1952-., married 1979 to Liliana De la Barbara, with issue. Edward William Cavendish, (1987-. Georgiana Beatrice Cavendish, (1985-. Jessica Cavendish, (1946-. Georgiana Edith Cavendish, (1875-), married 1897 to Winsloe Hall. Edith Emily Cavendish, (1881-., married 1906 to Richard Lucas Chaldecott. Louisa Anna Cavendish, (1882-., amrried 1914 to Henry Augustus Norie. Alice Lucy Cavendish, (1884-., married 1912 to Douglas Stuart Harris. Emily Frances Cavendish, marrid 1877 to Prince Luigi Pignatelli d'Aragona. Caroline Cavendish, (1826-1910), dunm. Hon Charles Compton Cavendish, (1793-1863) cr 1858 Baron Chesham., married 1814 to Lady Catherine Susan Gordan, with issue. William George Cavendish, (1815-1882), 2nd Baron Chesham., married 1840 to Henrietta Frances Lascelles, with issue. Charles Compton Cavendish, (1850-1907), 3rd Baron Chesham, married 1877 to Lady Beatrix Constance Grosvenor, with issue. Hon Charles William Cavendish, (1878-1900), dunm. John Compton, (1894-1952), 4th Baron Chesham, married (1) 1915 (Div 1937) to Margot Mills, married (2) 1938 to Marion Donoghue, with issue. (First Marriage) John Charles Cavendish, (1916-1989), 5th Baron Chesham, married 1937 to Mary Marshall, with issue. Nicholas Charles Cavendish, (1941-., 6th Baron Chesham, married (1) 1965 (Div 1969) to Susan Donne Beauchamp, married (2) 1973 to Suzanne Adrienne Byrne, with issue. Charles Gray Compton Cavendish, (1974-., married 2002 to Sarah Elizabeth Dawson. William George Cavendish, (1980-. Hon John Cavendish, (1952-, married 1976 to Lucinda Mary Corbett. Hon Joanna Mary Cavendish, (1938-., married 1960 to Peter Henry Price. Georgiana Mary Cavendish, (1944-., married 1967 to Michael Wynne Tufnell. Hon Lilah Constance Cavendish, (1884-1944), OBE, married 1903 to Sir Mervyn Edward Manningham-Buller, 3rd Bt. Hon Marjorie Beatrice Cavendish, (1888-1897), dunm. Hon William Edwin Cavendish MVO, (1862-1931), married 1885 to Elizabeth Janet Baillie, with issue. Evan George Cavendish, (1891-1955), married 1923 to Esme Frances Smyth, with issue. Greville Adrian Cavendish, (1925-., married (1) 1952 (Div 1974) to Hazel Colleen Many, married (2) 1974 to Gillian Webb, with issue. (First Marriage) Rupert Edward Cavendish, (1955-. Piers Antony Cavendish, (1956-., married 1986 to Rose Vivien Louise Olivier, with issue. Patrick Alexander Cavendish, (1990-. Georgia Claire Cavendish, (1989-. Kiloran Arabella Cavendish, (1959-. Susan Cavendish, (1924-., married (1) 1951 (Div 1955) to David Murray Martin, married (2) 1955 to Leslie Gordan Graham. Elizabeth Compton Cavendish, married 1917 to R-Adml Sir Wellwood George Courtenay Maxwell, KBE, CMG. Hon Georgiana Caroline Cavendish, married 1875 to 2nd Earl of Leicester KG. Hon Mary Susan Cavendish, married 1878 to 8th Viscount Cobham. Hon Katherine Caroline Cavendish CBE, married 1882 to 1st Duke of Westminister. Hon Susan Sophia Cavendish, married 1837 to 22nd Baron Dacre. Hon Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish, married 1848 to 2nd Earl of Strafford. Lady Anne Cavendish, married 1825 to Lord Charles Fitzroy. Lady Caroline Cavendish, (d. 1867), dunm. Lady Dorothy Cavendish, married 1766 to 3rd Duke of Portland. Lord George Augustus Cavendish, (d. 1794), dunm. Lord Frederick Cavendish, (1729-1803), dunm. Lord John Cavendish, (1734-1796), dunm. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, married 1743 to John Ponsonby. Lady Caroline Cavendish, married to William Ponsonby, 2nd Earl of Bessborough. Lady Rachel Cavendish, married to Horatio Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford. Hon James Cavendish, MP, (1701-1741), dunm. Lord Charles Cavendish, MP, (1704-1783), married to Lady Ann Grey, with issue. Frederick Cavendish, (1733-1833). Henry Cavendish, (1731-1810), Famous Scientist, dunm. Lady Rachel Cavendish, (1699-1780), married 1723 to Sir William Morgan. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, (1700-1747), married to Sir Thomas Lowther, 2nd Bt. Lord Henry Cavendish, (1673-1700), MP, married to Rhoda Cartwright, with issue. Mary Cavendish, married to 7th Earl of Westmorland. Lord James Cavendish, (d. 1751), married to Anne Yale, with issue. William Cavendish, (d. 1751), married to Barbara Chandler, dsp. Elizabeth Cavendish, married to Richard Chandler. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, married to Sir John Wenthworth, 1st Bt. Lady Anne Cavendish, (1660-), married to John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter. General Hon Charles Cavendish,. (1620-1643), dunm. Lady Anne Cavendish, married 1632 to Robert Rich, 3rd Earl of Warwick.
1.2.2. Lady Frances Cavendish, married to William, 1st Baron Maynard.
1.2.3. Hon Gilbert Cavendish, Author of Horae Subsecivae, dunm.
1.2.4. Hon James Cavendish, d.inf.
1.2.5. (Second Marriage) Hon Sir John Cavendish KB., (d. 1619).
1.3. Sir Charles Cavendish of Strokes, (1553-1617), married (1) Margaret Kitson, married (2) Catherine Cavendish, 8th Baroness Ogle, with issue.
1.3.1. Sir William Cavendish KG., KB, (1593-1676), Cr 1620 Viscount Mansfield, Baron Ogle of Bothal, 1627 Baron Cavendish of Bolsover, Earl of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1643 Marquess of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1664 Duke of Newcastle upon-Tyne and Earl of Ogle, succ his mother as the 9th Baron Ogle., married (1) 1618 to Elizabeth Bassett, married (2) 1645 to Margaret Lucas, with issue. Sir Henry Cavendish MP, KG, 2nd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne, (1630-1691), married 1652 to Frances Pierrepont, with issue. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, (1654-1734), married (1) to 2nd Duke of Albemarle, married (2) 1st Duke of Montague. Henry Cavendish, (1659-1680), Earl of Ogle, married 1679 to Lady Elizabeth Percy., dsp. Lady Frances Cavendish, (1660-1690), married 1662 to 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland. Lady Margaret Cavendish, (1661-1716), married to John Holles, Earl of Holles and Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne. Lady Catherine Cavendish, (1665-1712), married 1684 to 6th Earl of Thanet. Lady Arabella Cavendish, (1673-1698), married 1695 to 3rd Earl of Sunderland. Lady Jane Cavendish. Lord Charles Cavendish., married to 2nd earl of Bridgewater. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish. Lady Frances Cavendish., married to 6th Baron Saint John of Bletso.
1.4. Frances Cavendish, married to Sir Henry Pierrepont.
1.5. Elizabeth Cavendish, married 1574 to Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox.
1.6. Mary Cavendish, married 1567 to 7th Earl of Shrewsbury.

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