Duke of Montrose, House of Lindsay.


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Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk, married to Katherine Stirling, with issue.

1. David Lindsay, created Earl of Crawford 1398, married to Princess Elizabeth Stewart of Scotland, with issue.
1.1. Alexander Lindsay, (1387-1438), 2nd Earl of Crawford, married to Lady Marjorie Dunbar, with issue.
1.1.1. David lindsay, (d. 1446), 3rd Earl of Crawford, married to Marjory Ogilvie, with issue. Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford, married to Margaret Dunbar, with issue. Lady Elizabeth Lindsay, (d. 1509). David Lindsay, (1440-1495), 5th Earl of Crawford, created 1488 Duke of Montrose., married (1) 1459 (Div) to Hon Elizabeth Hamilton, married (2) to 1484 to Margaret Carmichael, with issue. (First marriage) Alexander Lindsay, (d. 1489), Master of Crawford, married to Lady Janet Gordon, dsp. Lady Elizabeth Lindsay, (1495-)., married 1505 to David Lyon of Baky and Cossins. John Lindsay, (1495-1513), 6th Earl of Crawford, 2nd de Jure Duke of Montrose, married to Hon Mariot Home, dsp.l Hon Sir Alexander Lindsay, 7th Earl of Crawford, (d. 1517), married 1470 to Isobel Campbell, with issue. Lady Margaret Lindsay, married to James, 3rd Lord Ogilvy. Sir David Lindsay, 8th Earl of Crawford, (d. 1542), married with issue. (16th Earls of Crawford). Hon Walter Lindsay of Edzell, married (1) to Sophia Livingstone, with issue.(Earls of Crawford and Balcarres). Hon William Lindsay of Lekoquhy. Hon Sir John Lindsay, (killed in Battle of Brechin 1452). Hon James Lindsay, descendants in Austria. Lady Janet Lindsay, married to William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas. Lady Elzabeth Lindsay.
1.2. Hon Gerard Lindsay, (d. 1421).
1.3. Hon Ingelram Lindsay, Bishop of Aberdeen, (d. 1458).
1.4. Lady Marjorie Lindsay, married to Sir William Douglas of Lochleven.
1.5. Hon David Lindsay, Lord of Newdosk.
1.6. Lady Elizabth Lindsay, married to Robert, 1st Lord Erskine.
1.7. Lady Isabella Lindsay, married to Sir john Maxwell.
2. Sir Alexander Lindsay of Baltrody.

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