Dukes of Norfolk, House of Mowbray, Howard-Fitzalan.


last updated 1-2-2010.



1. Roger de Mowbray, 1st Baron Mowbray (Cr: 1295 England), (died 1297), married 1270 to to Lady Roese de Clare, with issue.
1.1. John de Mowbray Kt, 2nd Baron Mowbray, (1286 - Hanged 1321), married 1298 to Aline de Broase, with issue.
1.1.1. John de Mowbray, (1310 - 1361), 3rd Baron Mowbray, married (1) 1325 to Lady Joan de Plantagenet (d/o the 3rd Earl of Lancaster), married (2) to Lady Elisabeth de Vere, with issue. (First Marriage) John de Mowbray, (1340 -killed near Constantinople 1368), 4th Baron Mowbray, married 1349 to Elizabeth, Baroness Segrave, with issue. John de Mowbray, (1365 1382), 5th Baron Mowbray and 6th Baron Segrave, (Cr 1377 England: Earl of Nottingham), dunm. Thomas de Mowbray, (1365 - died in a Plaque in Venice 1399), 6th Baron Mowbray, 7th Baron Segrave, (cr 1397 England: Earl of Nottingham), Cr 1385: Earl Marshall of England; 3rd Earl of Norfolk succ 1398; Marshall of England 1385; KG; created 1397 Duke of Norfolk, Married (1) 1382 to Hon Elisabeth Strange, dsp, married (2) 1384 to Lady Elisabeth Fitzalan, with issue. Thomas de Mowbray, (1385 - Beheaded 1405), 7th Baron Mowbray, 8th Baron Segrave, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 4th Earl of Norfolk, KG, married 1402 to Lady Constance Holand, dsp. John de Mowbray, (1392 -1432), 8th Baron Mowbray, 9th Baron Segrave, 3rd Earl of Nottingham, 5th Earl of Norfolk, KG, (Restored 1425) 2nd Duke of Norfolk, married 1411 to Lady Katherine Nevill, with issue. John de Mowbray, (1415 - 1461), 9th Baron Mowbray, 10th Baron Segrave, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, KG, married 1424 to Lady Eleanore Bourchier, with issue. John de Mowbray, (1444 - 1476), 10th Baron Mowbray, 11th Baron Segrave, 4th Duke of Norfolk, KG, (Cr 1450 England) Earl of Surrey and Warenne, married to Lady Elisabeth Talbot, with issue. Lady Anne de Mowbray ,Countess of Norfolk, (1472 -1481), Baroness Mowbray, Baroness Segrave, Countess of Norfolk, married 1477 to HRH, Prince Richard of England, Duke of York, created 1476 Duke of Norfolk, Earl Warenne and Nottingham, dsp. Lady Margaret de Mowbray, married to Sir Robert Howard Kt, with issue. John Howard, (created 1472 England: Baron Howard), 1483 Earl Marshall of England, Duke of Norfolk., married (1) 1443 to Katherine de Moleyns, married (2) 1467 to Margaret Chedworth, with issue. Thomas Howard KG, (1443 - 1524), (Cr 1514 England) 2nd Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall of England, married (1) 1472 to Elizabeth Tylney, married (2) 1497 to Agnes Tilney, with issue. (First Marriage) Thomas Howard KG. (1473 - 1554), 3rd Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall of England, married (1) 1494 to Princess Anne of England (d/o King Edward IV of England, married (2) 1512 to Lady Elizabeth Stafford, with issue. (Second Marriage) Henry Howard KG, Earl of Surrey, (1516- Beheaded in the Tower of London 1546), married 1532 to lady Frances de Vere, with issue. Thomas Howard KG, (1537 - Beheaded 1572), 4th Duke of Norfolk, married (1) 1555 to Lady Mary Fitzalan, married (2) 1558 to Hon Margaret Audley, married (3) 1566 to Elizabeth Leyburne, with issue. (First Marriage) Saint Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel, (1557-95), married 1571 to Hon Anne Dacre, with issue. Thomas Howard, (died 1646), 21st Earl of Arundel, 3rd Earl of Surrey, cr 1644 Earl of Norfolk, married 1606 to Lady Alatheea Talbot, with issue. James Howard, KB, (1607 - 1624), Lord Maltravers, dunm. Lord Henry Frederick Howard. (1608 -1652), 22nd Earl of Arundel, 4th Earl of Surrey and 2nd Earl of Norfolk, married 1625 to Lady Elizabeth Stuart, with issue. Thomas Howard, (1626- 1677), 5th Duke of Norfolk, dunm. Lord Henry Howard, (1628-1683), Cr 1669 Baron Howard of Castle Rising, 1672 Earl of Norwich and Earl Marshall of England, 6th Duke of Norfolk, married (1) Lady Anne Somerset, married (2) 1677 to Jane Bickerton, with issue. (First Marriage) Henry Howard, (1654-1701), KG, 7th Duke of Norfolk, married 1677 to Lady Mary Mordaunt, Baroness Mordaunt, dsp. Lord Thomas Howard, (died 1689), married to Mary Elizabeth Savile, with issue. Thomas Howard, (1683-1732), 8th Duke of Norfolk, married 1709 to Maria Winifreda Shireburn, dsp. Lord Henry Howard, Bishop of Utica, died 1720, dunm. Lord Edward Howard, (1686-1777), 9th Duke of Norfolk, married 1727 to Mary Blount, dsp. Lord Richard Howard, 'Canon of St Peter in Rome. Lord Philip Howard, (1687 -1750), married (1) 1723 to Winifrede Stonor, married (2) 1739 to Henrietta Blount, with issue. (First Marriage) Thomas Howard, (1727-63), dunm. Winifrede Howard, married 1749 to 16th Baron Stourton. (Second Marriage) Edward Howard, (died 1767), dunm. Anne Howard, married 1762 to 9th Baron Petre. Mary Howard, married 1698 to Walter, 4th Baron Aston of Forfar. Lady Philippa Howard, married to Ralph Standish of Standish. Cardinal Lord Philip Howard, (1629 -1694), Cr 1675 Cardinal of Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Protector of England. dunm. Lord Charles Howard, of Greystoke,, (d. 1713), married to Mary Tattershall, with issue. Henry Charles Howard of Greystoke, (d. 1730), married to Mary Aylward, with issue. Charles Howard, (1720 -1786), succ 1777 as 10th Duke of Norfolk, married 1739 to Catherine Brockholes, with issue. Charles Howard KG, (1746 -1815), 11th Duke of Norfolk, married (1) 1767 to Mariana Coppinger, married (2) 1771 to Frances Fitzroy Scudamore, dsp. (illegitimate from Mary Gibbon) Matthew Charles Howard-Gibbon, (1796-1873), Richmond Herald., married 1822 to Charlotte Blackman. Edward Howard-Gibbon, (1799-1849), Mowbray Herald, York Herald, Norroy Herald, married to Amelia Dendy, with issue. Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbin, (1826-1874) Richard Howard-Gibbon. Mary Eliza Howard-Gibbon, (1802-. Caroline Howard-Gibbon, (1806-. (illegitimate from other mistresses) Sir William Woods Kt, (1785-1842). (illegitimat from other mistresses) Henry Frederick Stephenson, (1790-1858). (illegitimate from other mistresses) Mary Waring.
. Lord Bernard Howard of Glossop, (1641-1717), married 1672 to Catherine Tattershall, with issue. Bernard Howard of Glossop, (1674-1735), married 1710 Hon Anne Roper, with issue. Bernard Howard, of Glossop, (1711-), dsp. Henry Howard of Glossop, (1713-1787), married 1764 Juliana Molyneux, with issue. Bernard Howard, (1765 -1842), KG, succ 1815 as 12th Duke of Norfolk., married 1789 to Lady Eizabeth Belasyse, with issue. Henry Charles Howard, (1791-1856), KG, 13th Duke of Norfolk, married 1814 to Lady Charlotte Sutherland-Leverson-Gower., with issue. Henry Granville Fitzalan-Howard, (1815-1860), KG, 14th Duke of Norfolk, married 1839 to Hon Augusta Mary Lyons, with issue. Henry Fitzalan-Howard, (1847-1917), KG, 15th Duke of Norfolk, married (1) 1877 to Lady Flora Abney-Hastings, married (2) 1904 to Hon Gwendolen Mary Constable-Maxwell, with issue. (First Marriage) Philip Joseph Fitzalan Howard, (1879-1902), Earl of Arundel, dunm. (Second Marriage) Bernard Marmaduke Fitzalan-Howard, (1908-1975), KG, 16th Duke of Norfolk, married 1937 to Hon Lavinia Strutt, with issue. Lady Anne Elizabeth Fitzalan-Howard, (1938-., married 1985 to Colin Cowdrey, Life Baron of Tonbridge. Lady Mary katherine Fitzalan-Howard, (1940-., DCVO, married 1986 to Capt Anthony Mumford CVO, OBE. Lady Sarah Margaret Fitzalan-Howard, (1941-., married 1988 to Nigel Hugh Clutton. Lady Jane Fitzalan-Howard, (1945-., married 1975 to Michael Kerr, Earl of Ancram. Lady Rachel Fitzalan-Howard, (1905-1992), DCVO, CVO, married (1) 1939 to Lt-Col Colin Keppel Davidson CIE, OBE., married (2) 1961 to Brig Anthony Hilton Pepys. Lady Katherine Fitzalan-Howard, (1912 -2000), married 1940 to Lt-Col Anthony Phillips DSO, MBE. Lady Winifride Fitzalan-Howard, (1914-., married 1943 to Lt-Col John Edward Freeman. Lord Edmund Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, (1855-1947), Cr 1921 Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent, married 1879 to Lady Mary Caroline Bertie, with issue. Henry Edmund Fitzalan-Howard, (1883-1962), 2nd and last Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent, married 1922 to (div 1955) to Joyce Elizabeth Langdale, with issue. Hon Alathea Gwendolen Fitzalan-Howard, (1923-., married 1953 to G/Capt Hon Edward Ward. Hon Elisabeth Anne Fitzalan-Howard, (1934-1997), married 1952 (Div 1960) to Sir Vivian Naylor-Leyland, 3rd Bt. Hon Magdalen Fitzalan-Howard, (1880-1974), dunm Lady Victoria Alexandrina Fitzalan-Howard, (1840-1870), married 1861 to James Robert Hope-Scott. Lady Philippa Fitzalan-Howard, (1852-1946), married 1888 to Sir Edward Stewart KBE, MD. Lady Anne Fitzlan-Howard OBE, (d. 1931), married 1878 to Maj-Gen Lord Ralph Drury Kerr. Lord Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, (1818-1883), Cr 1869 Baron Howard of Glossop, married (1) 1851 to Augusta Talbot, married (2) 1863 to Winifred de Lisle, with issue. Francis Edward Fitzalan-Howard, (1859-1924), 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop, married (1) 1883 to Clara Louisa Greenwood, married (2) 1891 to Hyacinthe Scott-Kerr, with issue. (First Marriage) Bernard Edward Fitzalan-Howard, (1885-1972), 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop, married 1914 to Mona Josephine Tempest Stapleton, Baroness Beaumont, with issue. Miles Francis Fitzalan-Howard, (1915-2002), 4th Baron Howard of Glossop, succ 1975 as 17th Duke of Norfolk., married 1949 to Anne Mary Constable-Maxwell, with issue. Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, (1956-., 18th Duke of Norfolk, married 1987 to Georgiana Susan Temple Gore, with issue. Henry Miles Fitzalan-Howard, (1987-., Earl of Arundel. Lord Thomas Jack Fitzalan-Howard, (1992-. Lord Philip Fitzalan-Howard, (1996-. Lady Rachel Fitzalan-Howard, (1989-. Lady Isabelle Serena Fitzalan-Howard, (1994-. Lord Gerald Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, (1962-., married 1990 to Emma Georgina Roberts, with issue. Arthur Fitzalan-Howard, (1991-. Mariella Celia Fitzalan-Howard, (1993-. Grace Fitzalan-Howard, (1994-. Lady Tessa Mary Fitzalan-Howard, (1950-., married 1971 to 5th Earl of Balfour. Lady Carina Mary Fitzalan-Howard, (1952-., married 1983 to Sir David Paradine Frost OBE. Lady Marcia Mary Fitzalan-Howard, (1953-., married 1977 (Div 1995) to Patrick Geoffrey Ryecart. Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard KCVO, MVO, CB, CBE, MC., (1916-., married (1) 1946 to Jean Marion Hamilton-Dalrymple, married (2) 1950 to Jane Margaret Newman, married (3) 1997 to Victoria Baring., with issue. (First Marriage) Jean Mary Fitzalan-Howard, (1947-, married 1976 to Maxd Eben Lecky Pike. (Second Marriage) Thomas Michael Fitzalan-Howard, (1952-., married 1977 (Div 1992) to Penelope Jan Walters, married (2) 1996 to Joanna Mary Don, with issue. (First Marriage) Edward Michael Fitzalan-Howard, (1979-. Flora Eleanor Fitzalan-Howard, (1982-. Richard Andrew Fitzalan-Howard, (1953-., married 1990 to Josephine Nuina Johnsen, with issue. Frederick Peter Fitzalan-Howard, (1996-. Lydia Nina Fitzalan-Howard, (1991-. Artemis Cecilia Fitzalan-Howard, (1993-. Henry Julian Fitzalan-Howard, (1954-., married 1987 to Calire Louise von Mallinckrodt, with issue. George Henry Fitzalan-Howard, (1991-. Luke Valentine Fitzalan-Howard, (1996-. Milo Nicholas Fitzalan-Howard, (1996-. Marina Katherine Fitzalan-Howard, (1994-. Alexander Rupert Fitzalan-Howard, (1964-, married 1992 to Hon Joanna Venables, with issue. William John Fitzalan-Howard, (1995-. Edmund Alexander Fitzalan-Howard, (1998-. Hugo Michael Fitzalan-Howard, (2002-. Helena Katharine Fitzalan-Howard, (1997-. Isabell Margaret Fitzalan-Howard, (1951-., married 1975 to Peter Bickmore. Lord Martin Fitzalan-Howard, (1922-., married 1948 to Bridget Anne Keppel, with issue. Philip Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, (1963-. Clare Launa Fitzalan-Howard, (1949-., married 1970 to Simon Wood. Sarah Anne Fitzalan-Howard, (1951-., married 1985 to Francis Jacques Roos. Amanda Josephine Fitzalan-Howard, (1953-, married 1985 (Div) to Robert C. Pascall. Rose Bridget Fitzalan-Howard, (1957-., married 1979 to Nicholas ffolliott Woodhead. Lord Mark Fitzalan-Howard OBE, (1934-., married 1961 to Jacynth Rosemary Lindsay, with issue. Amelia Fitzalan-Howard, (1963-. Leonora Fitzalan-Howard, (1995-. Lady Mariegold Magdalene Fitzalan-Howard, (1919-, married 1957 to Gerald James Jamieson. Lady Miriam Fitzalan-Howard, (1924-1996), married 1952 to Lt Cdr Peregrine Hubbard RN. Lady Mirabel Magdalene Fitzalan-Howard, (1931-, married 1952 to Bernard Kelly. Hon Muriel Augusta Fitzalan-Howard, (1884-1962), dum. (Second Marriage) Hon Philip Granville Fitzalan-Howard, (1895-1918), amrried 1915 to Gladys Cecily Norton, with issue. Philippa Gwendolen Fitzalan-Howard, (1918-., married 1940 to Maj Edward Guy Tyler. Hon Frances Alice Fitzalan-Howard, (1892-., married 1920 (div 1936) to Maj George Metheun Greaves RHG. Hon Gwendolen Mary Fitzalan-Howard, married 1872 to 3rd Marquess of Bute. Hon Angela Mary Fitzalan-Howard, married 1875 to 11th Baron Herries of Terregles. Hon Alice Fitzalan-Howard, married 1880 to 11th Earl of Loudoun. Hon Constance Mary Fitzalan-Howard, married 1889 to Lt-Col Charles Lennox Tredcroft JP. Hon Winifrede Mary Fitzalan-Howard, married 1888 to William Wilfred Middleton. Lord Bernard Thomas Fitzalan-Howard, (1825-1846), dunm. Lady Mary Charlotte Howard, married 1849 to 4th Baron Foley. Lady Adeliza Matilda Howard, married 1855 to Lord George Manners. Lord Henry Howard-Molyneux-Howard, (1766-1824), married 1801 to Elisabeth Long, with issue. Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle, (1802-1875), married 1849 to Charlotte Long, with issue. Henry Charles Howard of Greystoke Castle, (1850-1914), married 1878 to Lady Mabel McDonnell CBE, with issue. Bernard Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle MC, (1880-1949), married 1934 to Glory Evelyn Rollo, dsp. Joan Mabel Howard, (1879-1963), dunm. Sir Edward Stafford Howard KCB of Thornbury Castle, (1851-1916), married (1) 1876 to Lady Rachel Campbell, married (2) 1911 to Catherine Meriel Stepney, with issue. (First Marriage) Sir Algar Henry Howard KCB, CB, KCVO, MC, (1880-1970), married 1921 to Hon Violet Ethel Meysey, with issue. Anne Violet Howard, (1923-, married 1952 to John Cahill. Elizabeth Helen Howard, (1924-., married 1958 to Harold Walker. Ruth Evelyn Howard, (1877-1962), married (1) 1903 to Gardner Bazley, married (2) 1913 to Cdr Francis Cadogan RN. Alianore Rachel Howard, (1886-1974), married 1913 to Maj Arthur Talbot-Ponsonby. (Second Marriage) Stafford Vaughan Howard-Stepney, (1915 -1991), married (1) 1936 Div 1940 to Ursula Horlick, married (2) 1940 to Gracia Neville, with issue. Nicholas Stafford Howard, (1937-., married 1966 to Bethan Duckett, with issue. Henry James Howard, (1972-. Cecilia Charlotte Howard, (1968-. (Second Marriage) Neville Cyprian Howard OBE, (1942-., married 1969 (Sep 1995), to Lavinia Zara Lewis, with issue. Alexander Philip Howard, (1971-. Catherine Anne Howard, (1972-. Amanda Arianwen Howard, (1941-, married 1967 to Michael Cottrell. Arianwen Catherine Howard, (1942-., married 1968 to Christopher Neve. Margaret Howard, (1913-1953), married (1) 1933 Div 1938 to Patrick Murray-Threipland, married (2) 1938 Div 1948 to Alan Welch. Robert Ralph Howard-Sneyd, (1883-1950), married (1) 1911 Div 1931 to Helen Millicent James, married (2) 1931 to Janet Duthie, with issue. (First Marriage) Diane Katherine Howard-Sneyd, (1913-2003), married 1938 to Richard Beresford. Pamela Evelyn Howard-Sneyd, (1914-1998), married 1939 to Ian Reginald Karslake. Audrey Elizabeth Howard-Sneyd, (1916-1994), married 1940 Div 1983 to Lt Col. Ronald Kaulback OBE. (Second Marriage) Thomas Henry Howard-Sneyd, (1940-, married 1963 to Serena Patience Lumbley, with issue. Henry Lyulph Howard-Sneyd, (1965-., married 1995 to Ursula McCarthy, with issue. Chiara Zuleika Howard-Sneyd, (1997-. Anoushka Lara Howard-Sneyd, (2002-. Justin Howard-Sneyd, (1966-. Antonia Caroline Howard-Sneyd, (1969-. Lyulp Walter Howard, (1885-1915), dunm. Muriel Isabel Howard, (1882-1959), married 1912 to Tudor Ralph Castle. Esme William Howard (1863-1939) Cr 1930: Baron Howard of Penrith., married 1898 Princess Isabella Giustiniani-Bandini, with issue. Hon Esme Howard, (1903-1926), dunm. Hon Francis Philip Howard, (1905-1999), 2nd Baron Howard of Penrith, married 1944 to Anne Beaumont Hotham, with issue. Philip Esme Howard, (1945-., 3rd Baron Howard of Penrith, married 1969 to Sarah Sophia Walker, with issue. Hon. Thomas Philip Howard, (1974-. Hon Michael Barclay Howard, (1984-. Hon Natasha Mary Howard, (1970-., married 1999 to Simon Richard Thomas. Hon Laura Isabella Howard, (1976-. Hon Michael Edmund Howard, (1947-. Hon David Francis Howard, (1949-, married 1981 to Diana Radway, with issue. Rachel Anne Howard, (1982-. Alice Isabella Howard, (1983-. Olivia Charlotte Howard, (1986-. Frances Elizabeth Howard, (1988-. Charlotte Grace Howard, (1993-. Hon William Howard, (1953-, married 1981 to Alexandra Josephine Graham, with issue. Miranda Catherine Howard, (1982-. Elizabeth Clara Howard, (1984-. Hon Hubert John Howard, (1907-1987), married 1951 to Donna Leila Calista Caetani dei duchi di Sermoneta, dsp. Hon Edmund Bernard Howard CMG MVO, (1909-., married 1936 to Cecile Geoffroy-Dechaume, with issue. Esme Francis Howard, (1938-, married (1) 1963 (Div 1973) to Tessa Longhurst Meredith, married (2) 1979 to Diane Kacic, with issue. (First Marriage) Dominic Francis Howard, (1964-., married 1993 to Belinda Sarah Cassidy, with issue. Eleanore Louise Howard, (1997-. Mary Elizabeth Howard, (2000-. Stephen Anthony Howard, (1966-., married 1994 to Emma Louise Platt, with issue. William Edmund Howard, (2000-. Elisabeth Anne Howard, (1965-., married 1995 to Benedict Dunhill. (Second Marriage) Edmund Philip Howard, (1980-. Katherine Leila Howard, (1984-. John Edmund Howard, (1940-., married 1971 to Gloria Cano, with issue. Alejandro Howard, (1973-1994), dunm. Francis Howard, (1985-. Patricia Anita Howard, (1972-. Caterina Howard, (1977-. Anthony Richard Howard, (1947-., married 1978 to Anstice Bridget Gibbs, with issue. Geoffrey John Howard, (1986-. Cecily Mary Howard, (1983-. Anne Howard, (1937-), d.inf. Katherine Howard, (1952-., married 1977 to Rev Christopher Woods. Hon Henry Anthony Howard CMG, (1913-1977), married 1937 to Adele le Bourgeois, with issue. Mary Rosalind Howard, (1938-., married 1961 to Ian Harlowe Lowe. Susan Isabella Howard, (1940-1963), Canoness of St Augustine, dunm. Joan Dacre Howard, (1946-., married 1966 (Div 1979) to William J. Lacey., married (2) 1980 to Gordan Waugh Richards. Adele Cristina Howard, (1952-, married 1984 to Hon Timothy Palmer. Charlotte Fell Howard, (1953-, married 1985 (Div) to Ian Mintrim. Elisabeth Catherine Howard, married 1878 to 4th Earl of Carnarvon. Maud Isabel Howard, (1858-1929), married 1890 to Francis Leybourne-Popham. Henrietta Howard, married 1830 to 3rd Earl of Carnarvon. Isabella Howard, married 1829 to 17th Eral of Suffolk and Berkshire. Charlotte Howard, married 1831 to James Wenthworthn Buller. Juliana Barbara Howard, married 1831 to Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, 9th Bt. Edward Charles Howard, (1774-1816), married to Elizabeth Maycock, with issue. Capt Edward Giles Howard, (1805-1840), married 1826 to Frances Anne Heneage, with issue. Edward Henry Howard, (1829-1892), Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, dunm. Charlotte Francesc Howard, married 1855 to Sir John Cradock-Hartopp, 4th Bt. Mary Isabella Howard, dunm 1867. Catherine Arabella Howard, married 1862 to Richard Myddelton. Adelaide Laura Howard, married 1861 to Lt-Gen Sir Frederick Marshall KCMG. Mary Bridget Howard, married 1822 to Hon Charles Petre. Juliana Barbara Howard, married 1788 to 9th Baron Petre. Thomas Howard, 'Canon', dunm. Philip Howard, (1715-. Antony Howard, (1716-), d.inf. Charles Howard DD., (1717-. Anne Howard, d.inf 1712. Anne Bridget Howard, 'Abbess of English Nuns at Bastille, Paris', dunm. Catherine Howard, married to John Digby. Lord William Howard, KB, (1612- Beheaded 1680), Cr 1640 Viscount Stafford, married 1637 to Hon Mary Stafford, cr Baroness Stafford, dsp. (Second Marriage) Lord Thomas Howard, 1561-1626, cr 1st Earl of Suffolk, married (1) 1577 to Hon Mary Dacre, married (2) 1583 to Hon Catherine Rich, with issue. (Second Marriage) Theophilus Howard, (1584-1640), 2nd Earl of Suffolk, married 1611 to Lady Elizabeth Home, with issue. James Howard, (1619-1688), 3rd Earl of Suffolk, married (1) to 1640 to Lady Susan Rich, married (2) 1650 to Barbara Villiers, married (3) 1682 to Lady Anne Montagu, with issue. (First Marriage) Lady Essex Howard, married 1666 to Edward Griffin, 1st Baron Griffin of Braybrooke. (Second Marriage) Lady Elisabeth Howard, married to Sir Thomas Felton Bt. Hon Thomas Howard, married with issue. James Howard, married to Charlotte Jemima Boyle, with issue. Stuarta Howard, dunm. 1706. Hon George Howard, 1625-91, 4th Earl of Suffolk, married (1) to Catherine Alleyne, married (2) 1686 to Anne Wroth, with issue. (First Marriage) Lady Mary Howard, married to Lt.Gen Percy Kirke MP. Lady Anne Howard, married to William Jephson, MP. Henry Howard, 1627-1709, 5th Earl of Suffolk, married (1) to Hon Mary Stuart, married (2) 1691 to Mary Inwen, with issue. (First Marriage) Henry Howard, 1670-1718, 6th Earl of Suffolk, created 1706 Earl of Bindon, married (1) 1691 to Lady Auberie O'Brien, married (2) 1691 to Mary Upton., with issue. (First Marriage) Charles William Howard, 1693-1721, 7th Earl of Suffolk, 2nd Earl of Bindon, married 1715 to Arabella Astry, dsp. Edward Howard, 1672 1731, 8th Earl of Suffolk, dunm. Charles Howard, 1675 -1733., 9th Earl of Suffolk, married 1705 to Henrietta Hobart, with issue. Henry Howard, 1706-1745, 10th Earl of Suffolk, married 1735 to Hon Sarah Inwen, dsp. Lady Catherine Howard, married (1) George Stewart Lord d'Aubigny, married 1649 to 1st Earl of Newburgh. Lady Margaret Howard, married 1st Earl of Orrery. Lady Anne Howard, married to Thomas Walsington. Hon Thomas Howard, cr 1625 Earl of Berkirshire, KB, 1590 -1669, mrried 1614 to Lady Elizabeth Cecil, with issue. Charles Howard, KB, (d. 1679), 2nd Earl of Berkirshire, married 1637 to Hon Dorothy Rivers, with issue. Thomas Howard, Viscount Andover, dunm. Hon. Howard, dunm. Hon. Howard, dunm. Lady. Howard, dunm. Lady. Howard, married to Sir Henry Bedingfield, 2nd Bt. Hon Thomas Howard, 1619-1706, 3rd Earl of Berkirshire, married (1) to Frances Harrison, married (2) to Margaret Parker, with issue. (First Marriage) Lady Frances Howard, married to Sir Henry Winchcombe. Lady Mary Howard, dunm. Hon Henry Howard, (d.1663), married to Hon Elizabeth Spencer, dsp. Hon William Howard, married to Elizabeth N, with issue. Dorothy Howard, married to Col James Graham. Craven Howard, (d. 1700), married (1) 1673 to Anne Ogle, married (2) 1683 to Mary Bowes, with issue. (Second Marriage) Henry Bowes Howard, 1687-1757, 4th Earl of Berkirshire and 11th Earl of Suffolk, married 1708 to Catherine Graham, with issue. William Howard, 1714-1756, married 1736 to Ladu Mary Finch, with issue. Henry Howard, KG, 1739-1779, 12th Earl of Suffolk, 5th Earl of Berkshire, married (1) 1764 to Hon Mary Constantia Hood, married (2) 1777 to Lady Charlotte Finch, with issue. (Second Marriage) Henry Howard, 1779 -. d.inf, 13th Earl of Suffolk, 6th Earl of Berkshire, d.inf. Lady Frances Howard, married to Richard Bagot. Hon Charles Howard , married (1) Susannah Lane, married (2) to Mary Collins, dsp. Thomas Howard 1721-1783, 14th Earl of Suffolk and 7th Earl of Berkirshire, married 1747 to Elizabeth Kingscote, with issue. Lady Diana Howard, married 1782 to Sir Michael Le Fleming, 4th Bt. Hon Sir Robert Howard KB, married with issue. Extinct 1702. Hon Philip Howard (d.1717), married to Mary Jennings, with issue. James Howard of Boughton, 1679-1722, married 1698 to Katherine Booth, with issue. Catherine Howard, 1700-1775,married 1734 to Narcissus c. Proby. Martha Howard, 1705-1797, married 1738 to Rev Hon Charles Hervey. Charles Howard, 1681-., married to Elizabeth Batten, with issue. Philip Howard, (d.1741), married to Margaret Screen, with issue. John Howard, 1738-1820, 15th Earl of Suffolk, 8th Earl of Berkshire, married 1774 to Julia Gaskarth, with issue. Charles Nevison Howard, Viscount Andover, 1775-1800, married 1796 to Lady Jane Elizabeth Coke, dsp. Thomas Howard, 1776-1851, 16th Earl of Suffolk and 9th Earl of Berkshire, married 1803 to Hon Elizabeth Dutton, with issue. Charles Howard 1804-1876, 17th Earl of Suffolk, 10th Earl of Berkshire, married 1829 to Isabella Howard, with issue. Henry Charles Howard, 1833-1898, 18th Earl of Suffolk and 11th Earl of Berkshire, married 1868 to Mary Eleanore Lauderdale, with issue. Henry Molyneux Paget Howard, 1877-1917, 19th Earl of Suffolk and 12th Earl of Berkshire, married 1904 to Marguerite Hyde Lieter, with issue. Charles Henry Howard, 1906-1941, 20th Earl of Suffolk, 13th Earl of Berkshire, married 1934 to Mimi Forde-Pigott, with issue. Michael John Howard, 1935-, 21st Earl of Suffolk, 14th Earl of Berkshire, married (1) 1960 (Div 1967) to Simone Litman, married (2) 1973 ( Div 1980) to Anita Robsahm Fuglesang, married (3) 1983 to Linda Jacqueline Paravicini, with issue. (First Marriage) Lady Lucinda Howard, 1961-1962), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Alexander Charles Howard, (1974-., Viscount Andover. Lady Katherine Howard, 1976-. (Third Marriage) Lady Philippa Mimi Howard, (1985-. Lady Natasha Howard, (1987-. Hon Maurice David Howard, (1936-., married 1978 to Vicky Summers, with issue. Annabel Frances Howard, (1979-. Hon Patrick Howard, (1940-., married 1966 to Mary Elizabeth Royden, with issue. Jason Patrick Howard, (1968-., married 1991 to Amanda Waterlow, with issue. Ava Suzanne Howard, (1997-. Rory Alexander Howard, (1970-. Timothy Charles Howard, (1973-. Charles Edward Howard, (1974-. Hon Cecil John Howard, (1908-1985), married 1939 to Frances Drake Dean, dsp. Hon Greville Reginald Howard, (1909-1987), married 1945 to Mary Smith Ridehalgh, with issue. Caroline Margaret Howard, (1947-., married (1) 1965 to Nigel Stacey, married (2) 1970 to Robert Mark Godden. Hon James Knyvett Howard, (1886-1964), married 1925 to Nancy Induna lubbock, with issue. Virginia Mary Howard, (1926-., married 1948 to Capt David Ker MC, DL, JP. Priscilla Margaret Howard, (1930-., married 1954 to Jeremy Porter. Lady Mary Muriel Howard, (1870-1938), married 1893 to Henry Robert Coventry. Lady Eleanore Mabel Howard, (1873-1945),married (1) 1902 to Maj Hon Lionel Byng, married (2) 1922 to Henry Ernest Atkinson. Lady Agnes Howard, (1874-1970), married 1917 to Maj Arthur Vernon Poyton DSO, dsp. Lady Katherine Howard, (1883-1961), dunm. Hon Greville Theophilus Howard of Castle Rising Norfolk, (1836-1880), married 1873 to Lady Audrey Jane Townshend, with issue. Henry Greville Howard, (1877-1899), dunm. Sir Charles Alfred Howard of Castle Rising Norfolk, KCVO., (1878-1958), married 1908 to Miriam Eleanore Dansey, with issue. Lt Col. Henry Redvers Howard of Castle Rising Norfolk, (1911-1978), married (1) 1940 (div 1946) to Patience Nicholl, married (2) 1948 to Odette Clark, with issue. (First Marriage) Greville Patrick Howard of Castle Rising Norfolk, (1941-., married (1) 1968 (Div 1972) to Zoe Rosaleen Walker, married (2) 1978 to Mary Rose Chichester, married (3) 1981 to Mary Cortlandt Culverwell, with issue. (Third Marriage) Thomas Henry Howard, (1983-. Charles Edward Howard, (1986-. Annabel Rosemary Howard, (1984-. Amanda Susan Howard, (1943-., married 1968 to Simon James Burton. (Second Marriage) Katherine Venetia Howard, (1948-., married 1980 to Alvaro Alvarez, issue also from Migel Mateo. Diana Mary Howard, (1909-18), dunm. Dorothy Elizabeth Howard, (1875-1952), married 1907 to Ralph E. Macan. Joyce Etheldreda Howard, (1876-1961), married 1903 to Col Sir Arthur Doyle 4th Bt. Hon Bernard Thomas Howard, (1841-1868), dunm. Hon Cecil Molyneux Howard, (1849-1903), married 1877 to Amy Schuster, dsp. Lady Isabella Julia Howard, married 1863 to Francis Henry Atherley. Hon Henry Thomas Howard, (1808-1851), married 1845 to Georgiana Giuse, with issue. Elizabeth Frances Howard, married 1872 to Richard William Lowndes. Hon Richard Edward Howard, (1812-1873), dunm. Hon James Kenneth Howard, (1814-1882), married 1845 to Lady Louisa Fitzmaurice, with issue. Kenneth Howard-Bury, (1845-1885), married 1881 to Lady Emily Alfreda Bury, with issue. Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, (1883-1963), dunm. Marjorie Alfreda Howard-Bury, (1885-1907), dunm. Winifreda Howard, married 1886 to Maj-Gen Cyril Hugh Ducat. Lady Elizabeth Howard, married 1826 to 3rd Baron Sherborne. Lady Jane Elizabeth Howard, married 1836 to Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, 9th Bt. Lady Catherine Howard, married to Rev George Bisset. Philip Howard RN. (1741-). Mary Howard, 1735-. Mary Howard, married (1) 1726 to 1st Earl of Delorain, married (2) 1734 to William Windham. Elizabeth Howard, married to John Dryden. Frances Howard, married 1649 to 9th Baron Darcy de Knayth. Mary Howard, dunm. Hon Henry Howard, married to Elizabeth Bassett, with issue. Elisabeth Howard, married to Sir John Harpur. Hon Sir Charles Howard, married to MaryFitz, with issue. Elizabeth Howard. Hon Sir Robert Howard KB. Hon Sir William Howard KB. Hon Edward Howard, KB, Cr 1628 Baron Howard of Escrick, died 1675, married 1623 to Hon Mary Boteler, with issue. Thomas Howard 1625-1678, 2nd Baron Howard of Escrick, married (1) 1646 to Lady Elisabeth Mordaunt, married (2) 1677 to Jane Drake, dsp. Hon William Howard (died 1694), 3rd Baron Howard of Escrick, married to Frances Bridgeman, with issue. Charles Howard (d. 1715), 4th Baron Howard of Escrick, married 1694 to Hon Elizabeth Temple, dsp. (issue from a Mrs Pyke) Charlotte Howard. Lady Elizabeth Howard, married (1) to 1st Earl of Banbury, married (2) 4th Baron Vaux of Harrowden. Lady Frances Howard, married (1) Div to 4th Viscount Hereford, married (2) 1613 to 1st and Last Earl of Somerset. Lady Catherine Howard, married 1608 to 2nd Earl of Salisbury. Lord William Howard, (1563 -1640), married 1577 to Hon Elizabeth Dacre, with issue. Sir Francis Howard of Corby Castle, (1588 -1660), married (1) Margaret Preston, married (2) to Mary Widdrington, with issue. (First Marriage) Thomas Howard, (killed 1643). Elizabeth Howard, married to Edward Standish of Standish. (Second Marriage) Capt Francis Howard, (1635- 1702), married (1) to Francis Gerard, married (2) Mary Ann Towneley, with issue. (Second marriage) Ann Howard, married to Marmaduke Langdale of Houghton. William Howard of Corby Castle, (d. ), married to Jane Dalston, with issue. Thomas Howard, married (1) 1703 to Hon Barbara Lonsdale, married (2) Barbara Musgrave, with issue. (First Marriage) Philip Howard of Corby Castle, (1730 -1810),. married 1754 to Ann Witham, with issue. Henry Howard of Corby Castle, (1757 -1842), married (1) Hon Maria Archer, married (2) 1793 to Catherine Neave, with issue. Philip Henry Howard of Corby Castle, (1801 -1883), MP, married 1843 to Eliza Minto Canning, with issue. Philip John Howard, (1853 - 1934), married 1875 to Alice Clare Constable-Maxwell, with issue. Ursula Mary Howard, (1879 -1960), married (1) 1899 to Sir Henry Lawson 3rd Bt, married (2) 1949 to Lt Col. Hugh Levin. Sir Henry Francis Howard GCB, (1809 -1898), married (1) 1830 to Hon Sevilla Erskine, married (2) 1841 to Maria Ernestine von der Schulenburg, with issue. (First Marriage) Isabella Howard, (d. 1905), 'Nun'. Adela Howard, (d. 1914), 'Nun'. (Second Marriage) Sir Henry Howard GCMG, KCB, (1843-1921), married 1867 to Cecilia Riggs, with issue. George Howard, (1869-1919), married 1902 to Mary Allen Clagett, with issue. Capt Henry Howard, (1907 -1955), married (1) 1928 Div 1930 to Vara Doherty, married (2) 1941 to Natalie Bayard, with issue. (Second Marriage) George Howard, (1944-., married 1977 to Ilse Bay Tarafa. Natalie Bayard Howard, (1942- , married (1) 1968 to Peter Alan Gordon., married (2) William Thompson. Mary Mowbray Howard, (1948-, married 1978 to Robert Charczuk. Henry Mowbray Howard OBE, (1873-1953), married 1917 to Norah Dunlope-Watson, with issue. Henry Mowbray Howard, DSO, (1923 -1999), Married 1945 to Sheila Brown, with issue. Colin Francis Howard, MBE, (1947-, married 1975 to Katherine Rowe, with issue. Thomas William Howard, (1977-. Charles Philip Howard, (1979-. Jane Howard, (1982-. Catherine Howard, (1950-, married 1973 to Edward Bruce Williams. Joan Cecilia Howard, (1917 -, married 1942 to Capt Brent Hutton-Williams. Marie Ernestine Howard, (1868-1954), married 1894 to Maj-Gen. Rudolf Heinrich, Baron von Recum. Janet Madeleine Howard, (1871-1960), dunm. Alice Lawrason Howard, (1876-1942), dunm. Sir Francis Howard KCB, KGCMG, (1848 -1930), married 1895 to Gertrude Jane Boyd, with issue. Francis Howard, (1896-1903), dunm. Majorie Howard, (1903 -1982), amrried 1931 to George John Hyde Villiers. Sevilla Catherine Howard, (d.inf 1846). Catherine Mary Howard, married 1873 to Ernest, Count von Rechberg. Mary Louise Howard, married 1872 to Ludwig, Baron von Aretin. Catherine Howard, married 1829 to Hon Philip Stourton. Emma Howard, married 1823 to 11th Baron Petre. Adeliza Howard, married 1830 to Henry Petre. Maria Howard, married (1) Hon George Petre, married (2) Henry Espinasse. Mary Howard, married to Sir John Wintour. Elisabeth Howard, married to Sir Henry Bedingfeld. Lord Henry Howard KG, (1539 -1614), Cr 1603 Earl of Northampton, Baron of Marnhull, dunm. Lady Jane Howard, married to 6th and Last Earl of Westmorland. Lady Catherine Howard, married 7th Baron Berkely. Lady Margaret Howard, married 1565 to Henry 9th Baron Scrope of Bolton. Lord Thomas Howard, Kt, (1520-1581), (Cr 1558 England Viscount Howard of Bindon), married (1) 1523 to Hon Elizabeth Marney, married (2) 1565 to Gertrude Lyte, married (3) 1576 to Mabel Burton, married (4) to Margaret Manning, with issue. (from 2nd Wife before marriage) Charles Lyte 'sives Howard', married to Roberta Webb, with issue. Catherine Lyte, married to Sir Thomas Thynne. Elizabeth Lyte, married to Sir James Murray. (From 2nd Marriage) Henry Howard (1542 -1590), 2nd Viscount Howard of Bindon, married 1565 to Frances Meautys, with issue. Lady Douglas Howard, (1591 -) married to Sir Arthur Gorges. Hon Thomas Howard, 3rd and Last Viscount Howard of Bindon, married 1580 to Grace Duffield, dsp. (Third marriage) Hon Frances Howard, married 2nd Duke of Lennox. Lady Mary Howard, Lady in Waiting to Queen Anne of Cleves, married 1533 to Henry Fitzroy 1st and last Duke of Richmond, dsp. Lord Edward Howard, KG, (1477 - 1513), Admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine, married (1) 1500 to Elisabeth Stapleton, married (2) 1505 to Alice Lovel, Baroness Morley and Marshall., dsp. Lord Edmund Howard, Marshall of Horse at Flodden, married (1) to Joyce Culpepper, married (2) to Dorothy Troyes, with issue. (First Marriage) Henry Howard, married to Anne.. Margaret Howard, married to Sir Thomas Arundell of Wardour. Catherine Howard, (1521 - Beheaded 1542), married King Henry VIII of England and Ireland. Lady Elisabeth Howard, married 1500 to Thomas Boleyn, 1st and Last Earl of Ormond and Wiltshire. Lady Muriel Howard, married (1) to John Grey, 4th Baron and 2nd Viscount Lisle, married (2) 1506 to Sir Thomas Knyvet KB. Lord Henry Howard. Lord Richard Howard. Lord John Howard Kt. Lord Charles Howard. (Second Marriage) Lord William Howard, (Cr Baron Howard of Effingham). Lord Thomas Howard, (died in the Tower of London 1536), dunm. Lady Elisabeth Howard, married 11th Baron Fitzwalter. Lady Katherine Howard, married (1) Rhys ap Gruffudd, married (2) 1st and Last Earl of Bridgewater. Lady Anne Howard, married to 14th Earl of Oxford. Lady Dorothy Howard, married to Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby. Lord George Howard. Lady Agnese Howard. Lady Anne Howard, married to Sir Edmund Gorges KB, of Wraxall Somerset. Lady Isabel Howard, married to Sir Robert Mortimer. Lady Joan Howard, married 1481 to Sir John Timperlet. Lady Margaret Howard, amrried to Sir John Wyndham. Lord Nicholas Howard. (Second Marriage) Lady Katherine Howard, married 2nd Baron Berners Lady Isabel de Mowbray, married (1) Hon Henry Ferrers, married (2) 1423 to 1st Baron Berkeley. Hon Eleanor de Mowbray, married to Roger la Warr, 3rd Baron de la Warr. Hon Eleanor de Mowbray, married to John de Welles, Baron Welles. Hon Anne de Mowbray, 'Abbess of Barkyng. Hon Joan de Mowbray, married to Sir Thomas Grey.
1.1.2. Hon Alexander de Mowbray, (1314-91).
1.2. Hon Alexander de Mowbray, moved to Scotland.



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