Dukes of Bolton, Marquess's of Winchester, House of Paulet.


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Sir John Paulet, KB, married 1468 to Alice Paulet, with issue.

1. William Paulett., (1483-1571), cr Baron St John 1538, Earl of Wiltshire 1549, KG, Marquess of Winchester 1551., married 1509 to Elizabeth Capel, with issue.
1.1. John Paulett, (1510-1576), 2nd Marquess of Winchester., married (1) 1528 to Hon Elizabeth Willoughy, married (2) to Elizabeth Seymour, married (3) to Winifred Brydges, with issue.
1.1.1. Sir William Paulett KB, (1532-1598), 3rd Marquess of Winchester, married 1544 to Hon Agnese Howard, with issue. William Paulett, (d. 1628), 4th Marquess of Winchester., married to Lady Lucy Cecil, with issue. William Paulett, (1587-1621), Earl of Wilshire, married 1613 to Hon Mary Browne, dsp. Lord John Paulett, (1598-1674), 5th Marquess of Winchester, married (1) 1622 to Hon Jane Savage, married (2) 1633 to lady Honora de Bourgh, with issue. Charles Paulett, (1630-1698), 6th Marquess of Winchester, cr 1689 Duke of Bolton, married 1651 to Hon Christian Frescheville, married (2) 1654 to Mary Scrope, with issue. (Second Marriage) Charles Paulet, (1661-1721), 2nd Duke of Bolton, 7th Marquess of Winchester., married (1) 1679 to Hon Margaret Coventry, married 1682 to Frances Ramsden, married (3) 1697 to Henrietta Crofts, with issue. (Second Marriage) Lady Frances Powlett, (d.1715), married to John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordaunt. Charles Powlett, (1685-1754),. 3rd Duke of Bolton, 8th Marquess of Winchester., married (1) 1713 to Lady Anne Vaughan, married (2) 1751 to Lavina Beswick, with issue. (illegitimate from Lavina Beswick) Rev Charles Paulett,. (1728-1809). (illegitimate from Lavina Beswick) Percy Paulett, with issue. Rev Charles Paulett. Horatio Armand Paulett, married to Jane N, with issue. Charles Paulett, (1763-1776). Harry Powlett, (1691-1759), 4th Duke of Bolton, 9th Marquess of Winchester, married to Catherine Parry., with issue. Charles Powlett, (d.1765), 5th Duke of Bolton, 10th Marquess of Winchester., dunm (illegitimate from Mary Browne Banks) Jean Mary Powlett, (d. 1815), married 1778 to Thomas Orde-Powlett, cr 1795 Baronet of Bolton Castle. Harry Powlett, (1720-1794), 6th Duke of Bolton, 11th Marquess of Winchester., married (1) 1752 to Mary Munn, married (2) 1765 to Katherine Lowther, with issue. (First Marriage) Lady Mary Henrietta Powlett, married 1772 to 5th Earl of Sandwich. (Second Marriage) Lady Katherine Powlett, married 1787 to 5th Baron Barnard. Lady Amelia Powlett, dunm. Lady Henrietta Powlett, (d.1753), married 1741 to Robert Colebrooke. Lady Catherine Powlett, (d.1775), married (1) to William Ashe, married (2) 1734 to Adam Drummond of Megginch. Lady Mary Powlett. (Third Marriage) Lord Nassau Powlett, (d. 1741), married to Isabella Tufton., with issue. Isabella Powlett, (d. 1821), married 1765 to John Perceval, 3rd Earl of Egmont. Lord William Powlett, (d. 1729), married (1) to Louisa de la Force, married (2) 1699 to Anne Egerton, with issue. (First Marriage) William Powlett, married 1721 to Lady Annabella Bennett, with issue. Annabella Powlett, married to Rev Richard Smyth. Sir Charles Armand Powlett (d.1751), married 1738 to Elizabeth Lewes, dsp. Mary Powlett, married 1714 to 1st Earl of Rosse. Jane Powlett, dunm. (Second Marriage) Henrietta Powlett, married 1725 to Hon William Townshend. Lady Jane Powlett, married 1673 to 3rd Earl of Bridgewater. Lord Henry Paulett, (d. 1672), married to Lucy Philpot, with issue. Francis Paulett, (1645-1695), married 1674 to Elizabeth Norton, with issue. Norton Paulett, (1679-1741), married to Jane Morley, with issue. Norton Paulett, (1705-1759)., married to Anne N, with issue. Thomas Norton Paulett, dunm. Henry Paulett, (d. 1743), dunm. John Paulett, (d. 1750), dunm. Charles Paulett, (d.1762), dunm. William Paulett, (d.1772), dunm. Herbert Paulett, (d.1746), dunm. Francis Paulett, (d.1742), dunm. George Paulett, (1722-1800) , succ in 1794 as 12th Marquess of Winchester., married 1762 to Martha Ingoldsby, with issue. Charles Ingoldsby Burroughs-Powlett, (1764-1843), 13th Marquess of Winchester., married 1800 to Anne Andrews, with issue. John Paulet, (1801-1887), 14th Marquess of Winchester, married 1855 to Hon Mary Montagu, with issue. Augustus John Henry Paulet, (1858-1899), 15th Marquess of Winchester, dunm. Lord Henry William Paulet, (1862-1962), 16th Marquess of Winchester, married (1) 1892 to Charlotte Josephine Howard, married (2) 1925 to Caroline Hoffnung, married (3) 1952 to Babsy Pavry, dsp. Lady Lilian Mary Paulet, (1859-1952), married 1884 (Div 1898) to Randolph Gordon Erskine-Wemyss. Lord Rev Charles Paulet, (1802-1870), married (1) 1831 to Caroline Margaret Ramsden, married (2) 1850 to Joan Frederica Granville, with issue. (First Marriage) Charles William Paulet, (1832-1897), married (1) 1863 to Susan Amelia Standish Standish, married (2) 1890 to Mary Mildmay Clerk, with issue. (First Marriage) Charles Standish Paulet, (1873-1953), MVO, married 1901 to Liliian Jane Fosbery, with issue. Richard Charles Paulet, (1905-1968), succeeded 1962 as 17th Marquess of Winchester, dunm. Lady Pamela Paulet, (1909-1991), married to Hans Nieter O'Leary, dsp. Lady Eileen Cecil Paulet, married (1) to Harry Evan Martin, married (2) 1949 to Joseph Fitton. Cecil Henry Paulet, (1875-1916), married 1898 to Ethel Frances Cowen, with issue. George Cecil Paulet, (1905-1961), married 1937 to Hazel Margaret Wheeler, with issue. Nigel George Paulet, (1941-., succeed 1968 as 18th Marquess of Winchester., married 1967 to Rosemary Anne Hilton, with issue. Christopher John Hilton Paulet, (1969-., Earl of Wilshire., married 1992 to Christine Town. Lord Richard George Paulet, (1971-. Lady Susan Paulet, (1976-. Lord Timothy Guy Paulet, (1944-., married 1973 to Gillian Margaret Preacher, with issue. Timothy Guy Paulet, (1975-. Michael Raoul Paulet, (1976-. John Valetine Paulet, (1909-1970), married 1945 to Mira Elisabeth Smith, with issue. Michael John Paulet, (1945-., married 1967 to Gail Lisbeth Blackwood Ward., dsp. Pamela Elisabeth Paulet, (1947-. Violet Susan Paulet, (1903-. Frederick John Paulet, (1830-1846), dunm. Cecil Henry Paulet, (1841-1864), dunm. (Second Marriage) Ernest Ingoldsby Paulet, (1851-1853), d.inf. Adela Paulet, (1854-1893), married 1886 to Frederick La Coque Thorne MD. Eleanor Mary Paulet, married (1) 1889 to Lt-Gen Sir Edward Thomas Hutton KCB, KCMG. Lord George Paulet CB, (1803-1879), married 1835 to Georgiana Wood, with issue. George Paulet, (1836-1891), dunm. St John Claude Paulet, (1839-1908), dunm. Lord Sir William Paulet GCB, (1804-1893), dunm. Lord Frederick Paulet CB, (1810-1871), dunm. Lady Annabella Paulet, married 1827 to R-Adml William Ramsden. Lady Cecilia Paulet, married to Sir Charles des Voeux, 2nd Baronet. Lord Henry Powlett KCB, (1767-1832), married 1813 to Anna Maria Ravenscroft, with issue. Sir Henry Charles Paulet, (1814-1886) cr 1836 Baronet, dunm. Edward Poulet, (1825-1838), d.inf. Anna Maria Poulet, married 1845 to Rev Wellesly Pole Pigott. Urania Elizabeth Poulet, married 1844 to Hon Sir Edward Butler. Lady Urania Anne Poulet, (1767-1843), married (1) 1785 Ist Marquess of Clanricarde, married (2) 1799 to Col. Peter Kington, married (3) 1813 to V-Adml Sir Joseph Sidney Yorke KCB. Lord Charles Paulett, with issue. (illegitimate) Jane Paulett, married to Sir John Huband, 1st Baronet. Lady Anne Paulett, married to Sir Thomas Dennis. Lady Katherine Paulett, married to Sir Giles Wroughton. Lady Elizabeth Paulett, married to Sir Edward Holey. (illegitimate from Jane Lambert) Sir William Paulet Kt, (d.1628), married with issue. Elizabeth Paulet, married to 4th Viscount Hereford. (illegitimate from Jane Lambert) Sir John Powlett. (illegitimate from Jane Lambert) Sir Hercules Powlett. (illegitimate from Jane Lambert) Hector Powlett. (illegitimate from Jane Lambert) Susanna Poulet.
1.1.2. Lady Mary Paulett, (1542-1592), married to Henry Crowwell, 3rd Baron Cromwell.
1.1.3. Lord George Paulett, (d. 1608), Governor of Londonderry.
1.1.4. Lord Thomas Paulett.
1.1.5. Lord Richard Paulett.
1.1.6. Lady Elizabeth Paulett.
1.2. Hon Thomas Paulett.
1.3. Lord Chediok Paulett, Governor of Southampton.
1.4. Lord Thomas Paulett of Cossington, Somerset, with issue.
1.5. Lord Giles Paulett of Cockels, Wilts, with issue.
1.6. Lady Elizabeth Paulett, married to Sir Edward Hoby Kt., dsp.
1.7. Lady Margaret Paulett., married to Sir William Berkeley.
1.8. Lady Margerie Paulett., married to Sir Richard Waller.
1.9. Lady Eleanore Paulett, married to Sir Richard Pecksail Kt.
1.10. Lady Anne Paulett, married to to Richard Stawell.
2. Thomas Paulett, dsp.
3. Sir George Paulett of Crondall Hants, married with issue.
4. Richard Paulett, married with issue.
5. Eleanore Paulett, married to Sir William Gifford of Itchell.
6. Katherine Paulett, married to Sir William Fermor.

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