Counts de Salis of the Holy Roman Empire, (1748).


last updated 7-10-2014.



1. Anton de Salis of Soglio, (1649-1724), married Perpetua a Planta, with issue.
1.1. Peter de Salis, Seigneur of Oberaich and Engishhofen, created Count of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Franz I 12 March 1748., married to Margarita de Salis-Soglio, with issue.
1.1.1. Jeronme de Salis, 2nd Count de Salis, (1709-1794), married 1735 to Hon Mary Fane, with issue. Count Charles de Salis, (1736-1784), dunm. Count Peter de Salis, (1738-1807), 3rd Count de Salis, married (1) to Elisabeth de Salis, (d. 1764), married (2) to Anna de Salis, (d. 1767), married (3) to Anna de Salis, (d. 1830), with issue. (Third Marriage) Count Jerome de Salis, (1771-1836), 4th Count de Salis, 1809 granted royal License to use title in England, married (1) 1797 to Sophia Drake, married (2) 1806 to Penelope Freeman, married (3) 1810 to Henrietta Foster, with issue. (First Marriage) Peter John de Salis, (1799-1870), 5th Count de Salis, married (1) 1821 to Henrietta Charlotte de Sennarclens, married (2) 1824 to Cecilia Henrietta Margaret Bourgeois, with issue. John Francis William de Salis., (1825-1871), 6th Count de Salis, married 1862 to Amelia Frances Tower, with issue. Sir John Francis Charles Fane de Salis., (1864-1939), 7th Count de Salis, KCMG, CVO, married 1890 to Comtesse Helene Marie de Riquet, with issue. John Eugene de Salis, (1891-1949), 8th Count de Salis, married 1947 to Mary Camilla Presti, with issue. John Bernard Philip Humbert de Salis, (1947-, 9th Count de Salis, married 1973 to Contessa Samaritana di Serego della Scala. Count Anthony de Salis, (1897-1952), married 1925 to Francoise de la Panouse, with issue. Count Charles de Salis, (1930-, married 1960 to Carolyn Mary Constable Maxwell, with issue. Countess Isobel Oriane Clare de Salis, (1961-. Countess Frances Mary de Salis, (1963-. Countess Julia de Salis, (1968-. Countess Theresa de Salis, (1970-. Count Francis Michael de Salis, (1933-, married to Bridget Carola Bernard. Countess Helen Clare de Salis, (1926-, married 1952 to Col. Archibald Ian Souglas Fletcher, OBE. Countess Joan Mary de Salis, (1928-, married 1950 to Gerald Armstrong Payn. Count Peter Francis de Salis, (1902-, married 1934 to 1934 to Winifred Alice d'Anyers Willis, with issue. Count Richard John de Salis, (1935-, married 1959 to Susan Elizabeth Thompson, with issue. Count Peter John Francis de Salis, (1963-. Countess Elizabeth Mary de Salis, (1961-. Countess Jane Sarah de Salis, (1962-. Countess Anne Frances de Salis, (1970-. Count Bernard Peter de Salis, (1936-, married 1967 to Monica Juanita Tatton Bower dei Conti della Catena, with issue. Count Nicholas George de Salis, (1938-, married 1964 to Norma Christine Dennis,. with issue. Count Alexander de Salis, (1969-. Count Christian Henry de Salis, (1973-. Count Thomas Peter de Salis, (1950-. Count Henry Rodolph de Salis, (1866-1936), amice, married 1893 to Alice Mary Lambert., dsp. Countess Catherine Sophia de Salis, (1863-1915), married 1895 to Thomas George Hare. Count Peter de Salis, (1827-1919), married (1) 1868 to Adele L'Huillier, married (2) 1874 to Agnes Louisa La Trobe, with issue. (Second Marriage) Countess Elisabeth Sophie de Salis, (1880-), married 1901 to Godefroy, Barone de Blonay. Count George Aloys de Salis, (1829-1866), dunm. Count Robert John Drake de Salis, (1837-1911), married 1870 to Elisabeth de Tscharner, with issue. Countess Anna Sophia Elizabeth de Salis, (1832-1916), married 1858 to Gaudenz, Baron de Salis-Seewis. (Second Marriage) Countess Sophia Juliana Penelope de Salis, (1807-1886), married 1831 to William Filgate, JP. (Third Marriage) Count Lt-Gen Rudollph Leslie de Salis, (1811-1880), CB., married 1875 to Augusta Letitia Derville, dsp. Count William Andrew de Salis, (1812-1896), married 1859 to Emily Harriette Mayne, dsp. Count Hon. Leopold Fabius de Salis, MLA, NSW, Australia, (1816-1898), married 1844 to Charlotte Macdonald, with issue. Count John Henru Anthony de Salis, (1819-1894), married 1848 to Julia Stanley Palmer, with issue. Count Henry Jerome Richard de Salis, (1851-1890), dunm. Count Arthur Leopold Shum de Salis, (1853-1854), d.inf. Countess Georgiana Henrietta de Salis, 91849-1926), married 1867 to Lt-Col John Arthur Garratt. Countess Eva Letitia Mary de Salis, (1857-1948), dunm. Count Charles Lewis de Salis, (1821-1845), Page to Queen Charlotte 1835., dunm. Count Rev Henry Jerome Augustine de Salis, (1828-1915), married 1853 to Grace Elizabeth Henley, with issue. Countess Catherina Barbara de Salis, (1814-1869), married 1832 to 2nd Baron de Tabley. Countess Henrietta Emma de Salis, (1824-1863), married 1859 to Col Thomas Chaloner Bisse Challoner, dsp. Count Johannes de Salis, (1776-1855), Count de Salis-Soglio-Bondo, married 1832 to Countess Elisabeth de Salis-Zizers, dsp. Countess Maria de Salis, d.inf. Count William de Salis, (1739-1750), dunm. Count Rev Henry Jerome de Salis, (1740-1810), married 1777 to Julia Blosset, dsp.



1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.