Marquess of Exeter and Salisbury, House of Cecil.


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1. William Cecil, the great Elizabethan statesman, was b.13 Sep 1521, and Burghley House 4 Aug 1598; he was cr 1571 Baron of Burghley; he m.1st 8 Aug 1541 Mary Cheke (d.Cambridge 22 Feb 1544); m.2nd 21 Dec 1545 Mildred Cooke (24 Aug 1524-Burghley House 5 Apr 1589); he had issue:
1.1. (First marriage)Thomas Cecil, cr 1605 Earl of Exeter (Cambridge 5 May 1542-London 8 Feb 1623); m.1st 27 Nov 1564 Hon. Dorothy Nevill (d.London 23 Mar 1609); m.2nd 1610 Frances, Lady Smith, née Hon. Frances Brydges (d.1663)
1.1.1. (First marriage) William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter (Burghley Jan 1566-Exeter House 6 Jul 1640); m.1st Jan 1589 Lady Elizabeth Manners, 15th Baroness Ros (ca Jan 1576-1 May 1591); m.2nd Elizabeth Drury (4 Jan 1579-Exeter House 26 Feb 1654) (First marriage) William Cecil, 16th Lord Ros (May 1590-Naples 27 Jun 1618); m.12 Feb 1616 Anne Lake (d.1630) (Second marriage) Elizabeth Cecil,(d.1672); m.26 May 1614 Thomas Howard, Earl of Berkshire (ca 1590-16 Jul 1669) Diana Cecil, (d.27 Apr 1654); m.1st 1 Jan 1624 Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford (24 Feb 1593-The Hague 1625); m.2nd 12 Nov 1629 Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin (Edinburgh 2 Dec 1599-Ampthill 21 Dec 1663) Anne Cecil; m.Henry Grey, Earl of Stamford (ca 1600-21 Aug 1673)
1.1.2. Sir Richard Cecil, (1570-4 Sep 1633); m.Elizabeth Cope David Cecil, 3rd Earl of Exeter (ca 1604-London 18 Apr 1643); m.Lady Elizabeth Egerton (d.1688) John Cecil, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628-Burghley House 1 Feb 1678); m.1st London 8 Dec 1646 Lady Frances Manners (Haddon 2 Dec 1630-2 Dec 1669); m.2nd Ashwell 24 Jan 1670 Lady Mary Palmer, née Fane (1639-1681) John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (ca 1648-Issy, nr Paris 29 Aug 1700); m.1670 Anne, Lady Rich, née Lady Anne Cavendish (d.18 Jun 1703) John Cecil, 6th Earl of Exeter (London 15 May 1674-31 Dec 1721); m.1st Harlington, Middlesex 9 Feb 1697 Hon. Annabella Bennet (d.30 Jul 1698); m.2nd Belton 19 Sep 1699 Elizabeth Brownlow (London 18 May 1681-28 Nov 1723) John Cecil, 7th Earl of Exeter (1700-9 Apr 1722) Brownlow Cecil, 8th Earl of Exeter (1701-3 Nov 1754); m.London 18 Jul 1724 Hannah Sophia Chambers (d.30 Apr 1765) Brownlow Cecil, 9th Earl of Exeter (21 Sep 1725-Burghley House 26 Dec 1793); m.1st 1748/9 Letitia Townshend (d.17 Apr 1756); m.2nd 23 Apr 1770 Anne Maria Cheatham Thomas Chambers Cecil, (d.14 Aug 1773); m.20 Feb 1751 Charlotte Garnier Henry Cecil, 10th Earl of Exeter, cr 1801 Marquess of Exeter; Elizabeth Cecil; m.24 Nov 1757 John Chaplin, of Blankney (d.1764) Elizabeth Cecil; m.William Aislabie, of Studley Charles Cecil, of Snape Hill (1683-1726) Elizabeth Cecil, (1687-London 12 Jun 1708); m.Burghley House 30 Mar 1706 Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery (28 Jul 1674-London 28 Aug 1731) Frances Cecil, (d.1694); m.1672 John Scudamore, 2nd Viscount Scudamore (ca 1650-1697) Thomas Cecil, (d.1641) Frances Cecil, (1633-31 Dec 1652); m.25 Apr 1650 Anthony Ashley Cooper [later, Earl of Shaftesbury] (Wimborne St.Giles 22 Jul 1621-Amsterdam 21 Jan 1683) Elizabeth Cecil; m.J Havers
1.1.3. Edward Cecil, cr 1625 Viscount Wimbledon and Lord Cecil of Putney (Burghley 29 Feb 1572-Wimbledon 16 Nov 1638); m.1st Brooke, Rutland 10 Jul 1691 Theodosia Noel (1584/5-Utrecht 1616); m.2nd 27 Feb 1617 Diana Drury (d.1631); m.3rd 1635 Sophia Zouche (d12 Nov 1691) (First marriage) Dorothy Cecil. Albinia Cecil; married to Sir Christopher Wray, with issue. Sir William Wray, created Baronet 1660, (d. 1669), married to Olympia Tufton, with issue. Sir Christopher Wray, 2nd Baronet of Ashby, inherited kinsman Baronetcy as 6th Baronet of Glentworth, (1652-1679), dunm. Edward Wray, dunm. Sir William Wray, 7th and 3rd Baronet, (d. 1686), dunm. Drury Wray, dunm. Margaret Wray, married to Rev Jeffries. Tufton Wray, married to Sir James Montague. Drury Wray, married to Sir William Sanderson, Baronet. N. Wray, married to N. Lewis. Edward Wray, (d. 1685), married to Dorothy Horsey, with issue. Sir Baptist Edward Wray, 8th Baronet, (d. 1710), dunm. Sir Drury Wray, 9th Baronet, (1633-1710), married to Anne Casey, with issue. Sir Christopher Wray, 10th Baronet, (d. 1710), dunm. William Wray, dunm. Sir Cecil Wray, 11th Baronet, (d. 1736), married 1721 to Mary Columbine Harrison, dsp.l. (illegitimate) Anne Casey, married 1736 to Lord Vere Bertie. Jane Wray, married to William Twigge, Archdeacon of Limerick. Anne Wray, married to Thomas Maunsell of Thorpe Malsor. Cecil Wray, married to N. Cressy, with issue. William Wray, married to Isabella Ullithorne, with issue. Sir John Wray, 12th Baronet, (1686-1752), married 1728 to Frances Norcliffe, with issue. Sir Cecil Wray, 13th Baronet, (1734-1805), married to Esther Summers, dsp. John Wray, d.inf. Mary Wray, (1730-1807), married 1769 to Sir James Innes, 6th Baronet, 5th Duke of Roxburgh. Isabella Wray, (d. 1780), married to John Dalton. Frances Wray, married to John Arthington. William Wray, dunm. Cecil Wray, married to Frances Holmes, with issue. Rev Sir William Wray, 14th Baronet, (1721-1808), married 1765 to Frances Bromley, with issue. Cecil Wray, (1768-1790), dunm. Sir William Wray, 15th and Last Baronet, (1771-1809), married and dsp. Lucy Wray, (1773-). Mary Ann Wray, married to Rev Morgan. Frances Wray. Isabella Wray. Elizabeth Wray. Theodosia Wray, married to General Rowland Laugharne., with issue. John Laugharne, (d. 1715), married to Anne Catherine Wogan, with issue. Catherine Laugharne, (travelled with Merchant family to the Mediterrean), married 1724 Zejtun, Malta to Giuseppe Mangion. Rowland Laugharne, (d. 1691), married with issue. Albinia Laugharne, married to Charles Phillipps of St Bride's Hill. Philippa Laugharne, married to Charles Phillipps of Sandy Haven. Anne Laugharne, married to David Allen of Fobston. Arthur Laugharne. Francis Laugharne. Tomas Laugharne. Letys Laugharne. Albina Wray, married to Richard Betenson. Frances Wray, married to Sir Henry Vane. Elizabeth Cecil, (d.1661); m.Francis Willoughby, 5th Lord Willoughby of Parham (1613/4-1666) Frances Cecil, (d.1684); m.1st James Fiennes, 2nd Viscount Saye and Sele (ca 1603-15 Mar 1674); m.2nd Rev. Joshua Sprigge (d.Highgate Jun 1684) (Second marriage) Algernon Cecil, (23 Dec 1636-1637)
1.1.4. Thomas Cecil, (1578- ); m.Anne Lee
1.1.5 Lucy Cecil, (Burghley 7 Mar 1568-Oct 1614); m.London 28 Feb 1587 William Paulet, 4th Marquess of Winchester (d.Hackwood 4 Feb 1629)
1.1.6. Mildred Cecil; m.1st Sir Thomas Read; m.2nd Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford
1.1.7. Elizabeth Cecil; m.Sir William Hatton; m.2nd Sir Edward Coke
1.1.8. Mary Cecil, (Burghley 15 Jul 1573-18 Mar 1638); m.1590/1 Edward Denny, cr 1625 Lord Denny, cr 1626 Earl of Norwich (Waltham 15 Aug 1569-24 Oct 1637)
1.1.9. Dorothy Cecil; m.Sir Giles Alington
1.1.10. Frances Cecil, (1581-Rainham 12 Jun 1653); m.Nicholas Tufton, cr 1626 Lord Tufton, cr 1628 Earl of Thanet (1578-Sapcote 1 Jul 1631)
1.2. Robert Cecil, cr 1603 Baron Cecil of Essendon, cr 1604 Viscount Cranborne, cr 1605 Earl of Salisbury (London 1 Jun 1563-St.Margaret’s Priory, Marlborough 24 May 1612); m.31 Aug 1589 Hon. Elizabeth Brooke (1 Jan 1563-24 Jan 1597)
1.2.1. William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (London 28 Mar 1591-3 Dec 1668); m.1 Dec 1608 Lady Catharine Howard (d.1673) James Cecil, Viscount Cranborne (Mar 1616-Oct 1616) Charles Cecil, Viscount Cranborne (1619-Dec 1660); m.London 2 Apr 1639 Lady Diana Maxwell (d.Jun 1675) James Cecil, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (d.May 1683); 1665 Lady Margaret Manners (d.Paris 1682) James Cecil, 4th Earl of Salisbury (1666-24 Oct 1694); m.London 13 Jul 1683 Frances Bennett (Calverton, Bucks 20 Oct 1670-Epsom 8 Jul 1713) James Cecil, 5th Earl of Salisbury (8 Jun 1691-9 Oct 1728); m.London 12 Feb 1709 Lady Anne Tufton (9 Aug 1693-22 Mar 1757) James Cecil, 6th Earl of Salisbury (Hatfield 20 Oct 1713-19 Sep 1780); m.Hatfield 28 Jan 1745 Elizabeth Keet (d.Kensington 3 Feb 1776) James Cecil, cr 1789 Marquess of Salisbury; Anne Cecil, (d.3 Jul 1752); m.William Strode, of Ponsbourne Hall Catharine Cecil, (6 Aug 1719-Charlton, Kent 16 Aug 1752); m.Kensington 15 Feb 1737 John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont (Westminster 24 Feb 1711-London 20 Dec 1770) Robert Cecil, (d.Feb 1716); m.Mrs Elizabeth Hale, née Meynell Charles Cecil, Bishop of Bangor. Margaret Cecil, (d.13 Feb 1782); m.Sir Robert Brown, Bt. (d.5 Oct 1760) William Cecil. Charles Cecil. George Cecil. Catharine Cecil, (d.13 Aug 1688); m.12 Jul 1683 Sir George Downing, 2nd Bt. (d.1711) Frances Cecil, (d.1698); m.1662 Sir William Halford, Bt. (d.1 Mar 1709) Mary Cecil, (d.29 Mar 1740); m.Sir William Forester Margaret Cecil, (d.21 Feb 1728); m.1st 1691 2nd Lord Stawel (d.30 Nov 1692); m.2nd 9 Jan 1696 Earl of Ranelagh (d.10 Jan 1712) Mildred Cecil, (d.18 Jan 1727); m.1st 14 Aug 1693 Sir Uvedale Corbet, 3rd Bt. (d.15 Oct 1701); m.2nd Sir Charles Hotham, 4th Bt. (d.8 Jan 1723) Catherine Cecil, ( 1683); m.William Hay, 4th Earl of Kinnoull (d.1677) Frances Cecil, (d.15 Jun 1723); m.24 Dec 1679 Sir William Bowyer, 2nd Bt. Robert Cecil; m.Catherine Hopton PhilipC ecil; m.Ursula Allen William Cecil; m.Elizabeth Lawley Algernon Cecil (d.Nov 1676); m.Dorothy Nevile Diana Cecil; m.John Turnor, of Stoke Rochford (d.1719) Edward Cecil. Anne Cecil (1612-Dorset House 6 Dec 1637); m.Algernon Percy, 10th Earl of Northumberland (Essex House 29 Sep 1602-13 Oct 1668) Elizabeth Cecil (d.19 Nov 1689); m.4 Mar 1639 William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire (10 Oct 1617-23 Nov 1684) Diana Cecil (1622-1633) Catherine Cecil (d.Northumberland House 18 Aug 1652); m.London 19 May 1645 Philip Sydney, 3rd Earl of Leicester (10 Jan 1619-Leicester House 6 Mar 1698) Mary Cecil (ca 1631- ); m.William Sandys, 6th Lord Sandys of the Vine (ca 1626-1668/9)
1.2.2. Frances Cecil (1593-York 14 Feb 1644); m.25 Jul 1610 Henry Clifford, 5th Earl of Cumberland (28 Feb 1592-York 11 Dec 1643)
1.2.3. Catherine Cecil.
1.3 Anne Cecil(5 Dec 1556-Greenwich 5 Jun 1588); m.19 Dec 1571 Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (Castle Hedingham 12 Apr 1550-King’s Hold, Hackney 24 Jun 1604)
1.4. Elizabeth Cecil (Cecil House 1 Jul 1564-Apr 1583); m.26 Feb 1582 Hon. William Wentworth (1555/6-Theobalds, Herts 7 Nov 1582)