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Chev. Major Raphael J. Camilleri Parlato, KCN.

Raphael J Camilleri is married to Virginia Maria Camilleri and they have two children, Nicholas and Francesca and two grandson Maximilian Alexander Cremona, and Damien Camilleri.
* Damien Camilleri's material ancestry-Press Here.

Few recent interesting pictures, late 2006.

Family Photographs 1.

Family Photographs 2.

Raphael's 80th Birthday Celebrations 2009.

Family Paintings

Grand sons: Maximilian Alexander Cremona, and Damien Camilleri

The Russian Connection - New -

He and his wife are both descendants from the early Patricians families of Notabile (Mdina) before the advent of the order of St John and during their rule, many of these Patricians held important posts, both active and ceremonial, such as the following: Major Camilleri was commissioned at the Military Acedamy, Sandhurst, into the Royal Malta Artillery and served overseas with the British Army in Brunei, Singapore, and Germany.

* Raimondo Abela-Capitano della Verga, 1390.

* Michele Falzon., Vice-Admiral and Capitano della Verga in 1525, who hosted the Grand Master de L'Isle Adam for 10 days at his Palace, Palazzo Falzon, when the Grand Master came to Notabile in May 1530, to swear to uphold the privileges granted to the Maltese by successive Kings of Aragon, Spain and Austria.

* Magn. Antonio Manduca.. Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, who was 10 times Capitiano della Verga and many times Giuato of the island's Consiglio Populare.

* Mariano Testaferrata., one of the Patricians who greeted Grand Master de L'Ise Adam.

* Giacomo Cumbo., one of the Patricians who greeted Grand Master de L'Ise Adam. Giurato, 1575, 1585, 1589, 1602.

* Demetrio Cassia., one of the Patricians who greeted Grand Master de L'Ise Adam.

* Bartolomeo Xara., one of the Patricians who greeted Grand Master de L'Ise Adam. Father of Judge Antonio Manduca's first wife, Aloisea.

* Count Ignazio Wizzini Paleologo, Roman Patrician, Knight of the Equestrian Military Order of St Benedict of Avis of Portugal and the Holy Sword. Lieutenant of the "Reggimento di Fanteria di Notabile", Lieutenant in the Magisterial Household cavalry, Commissioner of Malta's Hospital in joint office with the Grand Prior of Germany from 1730 until his death in 1744.

* Count Gio' Antonio Ciantar, Count Wizzini's son in-law, the poet and historian, who made one of the 38 members of the "Academic Literaire de Belles Lettres de Paris" by King Louis XV of France.

* Giuseppe Ciantar., father of the above poet-who was "Depositario" of the Holy Inquisition.

* Matteo Vassallo, Uditore to Grand Master Garzes.

* Giovanni Tomaso Testaferrata., husband of Elena de Robertis, Ambassador in Sicily 1619-1630.

* Giacomo de Robertis, from Bologna, Italy-Captain of Malta's Artillery, whose mother Camilla Aldobrandini was a relative of Pope Clement VIII.

On his paternal side, Chev. Camilleri is descendant from Sir Agostino Portelli (1780-1854), a famous philanthropist and active in most legislative and administrative affairs of Malta, during the early British rule. He also founded the Chamber of Commerce, and was its first President. HM. Queen Victoria honoured him with a KCMG.


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