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The List:

1. House of Said (Male descendants only). added 24-10-2012.

2. Volume 548 of the Archives of the Order;

3.Malta and Gibraltar illustrated 1915 edition on the Maltese nobility;

4. Table showing grantees of various titles of Nobility in Malta, prior to the year 1798, indicating the descent of various claimants during the Royal Commission 1877-1878;

5. PDF file of Notice sur l’Occupation de Malte en 1798 par l’armee Francaise - reponse a une assertion par M. de Conny dans son Histoire de la Revolution Francaise (1843).;

6. PDF File of G. Mitrovich, "Indirizzo ai Maltese", 1835.;

7. PDF File of G. Mitrovich, "The claims of the Maltese; founded upon the principles of justice", 1835;

8. The Ancient and Noble House of Vassallo (Including Teuma); added 27-10-2012.

9. The Maltese Nobility by Marchese Crispo Barbaro 1870 ; added 22-12-2012.

10: Court case with much of the Nobility lasting from 1931 till 2013; added 14-07-2013.

11. a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on a property issue going back many years, a newspaper reported the Government of Malta describes the claims of Agnes Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq.added 04-09-2013.

12. The Vassallo Paleologo concessions, history and linkage to Byzantine; added 18-04-2014.

13. PDF file research from George Said-Zammit, called Nicolao Sayt - an honourable gentleman; added 19-04-2014.




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