Umayyad Caliphs and Emirates of Cordova.

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Quasi ibn Kilab, (400-480), of the Quraysh tribe, married to Hubba bint Hulail, with issue.


1. Abd Manaf bin Quasi, married with issue.

1.1. Abd Shams bin Abd Manaf, married with issue.

1.1.1. Umayyah bin Abd Shams, married with issue. Abu al-As, married with issue. Prince Al-Hakam ibn Abi al-'As. Marwan ibn Al-Hakam ibn Abi al-As ibn Umayya ibn Abd Shams, (623 Arabia - 685 Damascus), 4th Caliph of the Umayyed Caliphate, (r. 684-685), married to Umm Hashim Fakhita, with issue. Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, 5th Umayyed Caliph (r. 685-705), married (1) to Walida bint Al-Abbas, married (2) to Princess Atikah bint Yazid, (See below), married (3) to Fatima bint Hisham, with issue. (First marriage) Al-Walid I, 6th Umayyed Caliph, (r. 705-715), married with issue. Prince Abd al-Aziz bin Al-Walid, (d. 728). Yazid III, (701-744), 12th Umayyed Caliph, (r. 744-). Ibrahim, 13th Umayyed Caliph, (r. 744-). Prince al-Abbas bin Al-Walid, (r. 750). (Third marriage) Hisham. 10th Omayyad Caliph, (691-743), (r. 724-743), married with issue. Princess Maslama ib Hisham. Prince Mu'airiya ib Hisham Umayyad, General, married to Ra'ha N, Berber concubine, with issue. Abd al-Rahman I, 1st Emir of Cordova (r. 756-788), married to Hulal N, with issue. Prince Sulayman of Cordova, (745-800), Governor of Toledo. Prince Omar of Cordova, (d. 758). Hisham I, 2nd Emir of Cordova (r. 788-796), married with issue. Al-Hakam I, 3nd Emir of Cordova (r. 796-822), married (1) to Zokhrouf N, married (2) to Ajab N, married (3) to Muta N, with issue. (First marriage) Abdar-Radman II, Emir of Cordova (r. 822-852), married with issue. Muhammad I, Emir of Cordova (r. 852-886), married with issue. El-Mundhr I, Emir of Cordova (r. 886-888). Abdullah, Emir of Cordova (r. 888-912), married to Princess Onneca Fortunez of Pamplonia, with issue. Princess Richilda of Cordova, married to Ali a Kalbi. Prince Muhammed of Cordova, (864-895), married to Muzna, a Frankish converted, with issue. Abd-ar-Rahman III, (889-961), Emir of Cordova 912-929, Caliph of Cordova (929-961), married (1) to Fatima N, married (2) to Marjan N, with issue. (First marriage) Al-Hakam II, 2nd Caliph of Cordova (961-976), married to Subh, a Basque concubune, with issue. Prince Abd-al-Aziz of Cordova. Prince Al-Asbagh of Cordova. Prince Ubayd-Allah of Cordova, married with issue. Prince Ubd al-Rahman of Cordova, married with issue. Muhammad III, 10th Caliph of Cordova (1024-1025). Prince Abd-al-Jabbar of Cordova, married with issue. Prince Hisham of Cordova, married with issue. Muhammad II, 4th Caliph of Cordova (1009-). Abd-al-Rahman V, 9th Caliph of Cordova (1023-1024), married with issue. Princess Fatimina of Cordova, married to General Hasan bin Ammad Kalbi. Prince Abd al-Malik of Cordova, married with issue. Prince Muhammad of Cordova, married with issue. Abd Al-Rahman IV, Caliph of Cordova (r. 1018-). Hisham III, Last Caliph of Cordova (r. 1027-1031). Prince Sulayman of Cordova, married with issue. Prince Al-Hakam of Cordova, married with issue. Suleyman, 5th Caliph of Cordova, (1009-, 1013-1016). Prince Al-Mundhir of Cordova. Prince Abdullah of Cordova. Prince Al-Mugira of Cordova. Marwan of Cordova. Prince al-Mutarrif of Cordova, (d. 891). Prince Aban of Cordova. Prince Al-Asi of Cordova, (executed 921). Prince Al-Mughira of Cordova. Prince Sa'id of Cordova. Prince Ummayya of Cordova. Prince Al-Walid of Cordova, General. (Second marriage) Abunbd of Cordova. Prince Adballah of Cordova. Prince Sa'id ibn Hisham. Prince Sulyaman ibn Hisham, (732), fled to India. Prince Abdallah bin Abd al-Malik, General and Governor of Egypt 705-709. Prince Sulayman bin Abd al-Malik, (674-717), 7th Umayyad Caliph, (r. 715-717). Prince Maslamad bin Abd al-Malik, Governor of Iraq and the Caucasus, (d. 738). Prince Yazid II bin Abd al-Malik, (687-724), 9th Umayyad Caliph, (r. 720-724), married to Umm al-Hajjaj bint Muhammad al-Thaqafi, with issue. Al-Walid II, (709-744), 11th Ummayyad Caliph (r. 743-744). Princess Fatima bin Abd al-Malik. Prince Sa'id bin Abd al-Malik. Prince Abd al-Aziz bin Marwan, (d. 705), Viceroy of Egypt 685-705, married with issue. Prince al-Asbagh bin Abd al-Aziz. Prince Umar II bin Abd al-Aziz, 8th Ummayyed Caliph, (r. 717-720). Prince Abd al-Rahman bin Marwan. Prince Bishr bin Marwan, Governor of Kufa 690-694, Basra 692-694. Prince Muhammad bin Marwan, (d. 719), General in the conquest of Armenia, married with issue. Marwan II, 14th and last Umayyed Caliph, (r. 744-750). Prince Umar bin Marwan. Prince Uthman bin Marwan. Prince Ubayd Allah bin Marwan. Jattab, married with issue. Abd Sufan, married to Hind bint Utbah, with issue. Mu'awiya I, 1st Umayyed Caliph, (r. 661-680), married to Maysun bint Bahdal al-Kalbiyya al-Nasrania, with issue. Yazid I, 2nd Umayyad Caliph, (r. 680-683), married with issue. Mu'awiya II, 3rd Umayyad Caliph (r. 683-684). Prince Khaled bin Yazid, (d. 704). Princess Atikah bin Yazid, married to Abd al-Malik bin Marwan, 5th Umayyed Caliph, (see above).

1.2. Hashim bin Abd Manaf, married to Salma bin Amr of the Banu Najjar clan, with issue.

1.2.1. Abd al-Muttalib, married with issue. Abd Allah, married to Aminah bin Wahb of the Bau Zuhrah clan of Quraysh tribe, with issue. Muhammad, the Apostle of God, Founder of Islam, (570-632). Hamza bin Abd al-Muttalib, Secretary of War of Medina, (570-624), married with issue. Abi Talib bin Abd al-Muttalib, (d. 619), married with issue. Az-Zubayr bin Abd al-Muttalib, married with issue. Al-Abbas bin Abd al-Muttalib, (568-653), married with issue. Abu Lahab bin Abd al-Muttalib, (d. 624).

1.3. Barra bin Abd Manaf.

1.4. Hala bin Abd Manaf.

1.5. Muttalib bin Abd Manaf.

2. Abd al-Dar bint Quasi, progenitor of the Banu Abd-al-dar.

3. Abd al-Uzza bint Quasi.




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