"Grimaldi di Genoa"

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Otto Canella, Consul of Genoa 1162, 1170, 1184,

1. Grimaldo Grimaldi (c. 1162, 1184), Consul of Genoa, with issue.

1.1. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1188, 1210, d. 1232), married to Corrardina Spinola, d/o Oberto, with issue.

1.1.1. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1235, 1258),  married to Sibilla N, with issue. Dominica Grimaldi, (c. 1251). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1253). Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1257, 1277, 1288), married (1) to Simona Fieschi, married (2) to Gioffredina Becchignone, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1264, 1292), married to Aidela N, with issue. Roberto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1312). Margherita Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Conte di Verrina. Simona Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Raffo Lercari. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1293), married to Leonardo de Vedereto. Obertino Grimaldi,. (c. 1287, 1310), married to Clarisa N, with issue. Baldoino Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1355). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1355), married to Teodora Lercari, with issue. Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1407), married to Franca Grimaldi, d/o Francesco. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350), married to Giovanni Vento. Brancaleone Grimaldi, (c. 1316). Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1330), Signore di Gattieres, Conte di Nizza. Saraceno Grimaldi, (c. 1322, 1333), married to Clarissa Perrone, with issue. Clarisia Grimaldi, (c. 1348). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1379), married to Eliana N, with issue. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1405), married to Benedetto Grimaldi s/o Francesco. Niccolosia Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1412), married to Simone Malocello. Cristofaro Grimaldi, (c. 1395). Pometta Grimaldi, (c. 1398), amrried to Ambaldo Lomellino. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1379), married to Francesco Cattaneo. Alaona Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1400), married to Luca de Carli. Isabella Grimaldi, married to Niccolo II de la Porte. Grimalda Grimaldi, (c. 1343), married to Benedetto Anfosso. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1308), married to Aiguina N, with issue. Francoilina Grimaldi, (c. 1348), married to Domenico Rocca. Barbara Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1308), married to Andrea Raistroppo. N. Grimaldi, 'Nun', (c. 1348). Alda Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1348), married to Palamede Salvago. Sobrana Grimaldi, (c. 1348). Agnese Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1306), married to Simone Malocello. Pambello Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1313), married (1) to Damiana de Cassine, married (2) to Cara N,. with issue. (First Marriage) Ambrogio Grimaldi, (c. 1331, 1351), married (1) to Cattarina N, married (2) to Pietra Grimaldi d/o Cristano., with issue. (First marriage) Carlotto Grimaldi, (c. 1352), married to Teodora Pansano, with issue. Franca alim Teodora Grimaldi, married to Paolo Grillo. Pietrino Grimaldi, (c. 1352). Dario Grimaldi, (c. 1352). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1313). Dario Grimaldi, (c. 1308), with issue. Pambello Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Segurano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Filippone Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1322). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1272), married to Giacomo Vento. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1257).

1.1.2. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1210, 1257), married with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (d. 1259), with issue. Guglielmo Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1272), married to Giaobina N, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1293, 1302). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1268). Lucchetto Grimaldi, (c. 1250, 1263), with issue. Verdina Grimaldi, (c. 1255, married to Manfredo Marchese di Gavi. Borgognino Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1232, 1306), married to Giacoba N, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1308), with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1329). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1329), married to Pietra N, with issue. Richerio Grimaldi, (c. 1330, 1333, 1352), with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1371), married to Antonio Cattaneo. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1328, 1333), married to Clarisia Squarcia, with issue. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1348), married to Francesco Grimaldi, s/o Ansaldo. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1351), 'Nun'. Zaccaria Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Borgognino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1340, 1346), married to Aiguina Becchignone. Guglielmo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Canuto Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1350). Abramo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Alerame Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1346, 1348). Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1352), married to Corrardo di Negro. Margherita Grimaldi, (c. 1259), married to Francesco Nepitelli. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1279, 1306), married to Pietro Fiesco, married (2) to Giuseppe, Marchese di Ceva. Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1269). Pietrino Grimaldi, (c. 1253, 1263). Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1288, 1316), married to Tiburgia N, with issue. Bartolommeo Grimaldi, (c. 1358). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1332, 1358). Mileto Grimaldi, (c. 1306), with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Margarita Grimaldi, (c. 1358). Montano alom Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1332), with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Andalo Grimaldi, married to Astruga di Boglio, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1354), Signore di Boglio. Guglielmo olim Guirestagio Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1358). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1270). Lanfranco Grimaldi, (c. 1253, d. 1291)., married to Aurelia del Carretto, with issue. Bertone Grimaldi, (c. 1293), married to Filippa N, with issue. Bertone Grimaldi, (c. 1326, 1253), married to Bigottas Camilla. Guigno Grimaldi, (c. 1316), with issue. Greppo Grimaldi, (d. 1333), with issue. Teramo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lanzarotto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lombardo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lorenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Martino Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1395), married to Bianca N, with issue. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1367), married to Giuliano Grimaldo, s/o Giuliano. Martino Grimaldi, (c. 1367, 1382, 1395), married to Bianca Perrone, with issue. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1395, 1402), married to Battista Ricci Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1374). Goffredo Grimaldi, (c. 1374, 1384, 1400). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1361, 1374, 1385), married to Lotto Gambacorta di Pisa, married (2) to Brasco Salvago. Agamennone Grimaldi, (c. 1333)., married with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1345), married to Lucano Gentile. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Iglesia N, with issue. Gherardo Grimaldi, (c. 1378, 1383, 1398), married to Fiamenga N, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1394). Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1382). Costanza Grimaldi, (c. 1382). Gianotto Grimaldi, (c. 1440). Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1383), married to Gio Grimaldi, Signore di Boglio. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1382), married to Tommaso Falletto. Perrone Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1397), married to Isabella Cybo, dsp. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1392), married to Selvaggia Usodimare, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1448), married to Prospero Ravaschiero. Demetrio Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1448, 1488), married to Bianca Grimaldi d/o Francesco, with issue. Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1462), married to Lodisio Spinola. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1485, 1499), marired to Tommasina Doria, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1554). Demetrio Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1522, 1554), married to N. Ausilia di Savona., with issue.. (Descendants in Cineo in Piemonte). Bianca Grimaldi. Ginevra Grimaldi,  'nun'. Agostino Grimaldi, 'Priest'. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1485). Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1485). Novella Grimaldi, (c. 1420). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1420). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Colombo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Borgognina Grimaldi, (c. 1259), married to Andreolo Malocello. Christino Grimaldi, (c. 1250). Sorleone Grimaldi, (c. 1257, 1282, 1285), married (1) NN, married (2) to Giacoba N, with issue. (First Marriage) Valentino Grimaldi, (c. 1310), married to Ginevra Frandina. Christiano Grimaldi, (c. 1310, 1330, 1333), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1377). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1377). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1358). Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1352), married to Ambrogio Grimaldi s/o Pambello. Leona Grimaldi, (d. 1330), married to Dr Gabriele di Sori. Cugino Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1293), with issue. Galvano Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1293), married to Francolina Embrianco. Rainero I Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1291), Signore di Monaco, married (1) to Salvatica del Carretto, married (2) to Andriola Grillo, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo I Grimaldi, (c. 1306, d. 1363), Signore di Monaco, married to Lucchina Spinola, with issue. Carlo Grimaldi, Signore di Mention, (Descendants in Sicily). Rainero II Grimaldi, (c. 1378, d. 1407),  Signore di Monaco, married (1) to Maria del Caretto, married (2) to Isabella Asinari, with issue. Ambrogio Grimaldi, (d. 1421), Signore di Monaco, (1419-1427), dunm. Giovanni I Grimaldi, (c. 1424, 1448, d. 1458), Signore di Monaco, married to Pomellina Fregoso, with issue. Catalan Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco, married to Blanche del Carretto, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, d.inf. Claudia Grimaldi, Signora di Monaco, (1457-1458), married to Lamberto Grimaldi s/o Niccolo. Giovanni Grimaldi, d.inf. Grifetta Grimaldi, (c. 1421), married to Lodivico Lascaris dei Conti di Ventimiglia. Giacomo Grimaldi. Giovanna Grimaldi. Gaspare Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Enrico Grimaldi. Antoine Grimaldi, (d. 1427), Signore di Monaco, (1419-1427). Louis Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco, 1395-1402. Gabriele Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco 1352-1357. Francesco Grimaldi. Lancelot Grimaldi. Ruffo Grimaldi. Anastasia Grimaldi. Vinciguerra Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Costanza Ruffo, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1336), married to Andreola Grillo with issue. (Grimaldi's sives Grima's of Malta). Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1336), Ancestor of the Grimaldi's of Chios, Greece. Salvaggia Grimaldi, married to Gabriele Vento. Luca Grimaldi, Signori di Villafranche, married (1) to Tedise Cybo, married (2) to Caterina Caracciolo, with issue. Sorleone Grimaldi, (c. 1256, 1263, 1284), married (1) to Cattarina Marcone, married (2) to Alasia N, with issue. (First Marriage) Alaone Grimaldi, (c. 1291), married to Manfreda N, with issue. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1298, 1323), married to Galeotto Spinola. (Second Marriage) Simone Grimaldiu, (c. 1292, 1318), with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1306), married to Percivale de Orto. Antonia Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1318), married to Beltrame Ferrario.

1.1.3. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1250, 1257, d. 1258), married to Barbara N., with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1269), with issue. Leonardo Grimaldi, (d. 1308), with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1308), dunm. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1270). Salado Grimaldi, (d. 1333), with issue. Giano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1264). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1255, 1277), married to Giacoba de Volta, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (d. 1277), dunm. Bonifacio Grimaldi, (c. 1251, 1258, d. 1264), with issue. Franchino Grimaldi, (c. 1281, 1326), see No 5. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1292, 1333), married to Moisia N, with issue. Meliano Grimaldi, (d. 1326), with issue. Ettore Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1364). Lodisio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Argone Grimaldi, (c. 1329, 1333, 1353), married to Maria N, with issue. Limbania Grimaldi, (c. 1371), married to Meliano Vento. Carlotto Grimaldi, (c. 1371, 1398). Carlotto Grimaldi, (d. 1326). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1297), married to Bertolina Embriaco, dsp. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1250). Giovanna Grimaldi, (c. 1258), married to Giuliano Rossi. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1276). Beatrice Grimaldi, (c. 1253), married to Bonfacio Pevere. Magnone Grimaldi, (c. 1295, 1312), married to Alasia N, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1300), married to Gabriele Cybo. N. Grimaldi, (c. 1331), 'Nun'. Adriano Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1333, 1346), (d. in Nizza), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1326), dunm. Olivierio Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1318), with issue. Brasco Grimaldi, (c. 1344). Bonifacio Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1316), with issue. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1323, 1333). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1317), See No 4.

1.1.4. Ingone Grimaldi, (c. 1210, 1225, 1235), with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c 1234, 1255, 1263), with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1271, 1270, 1277), with issue. Aimerio Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1323), married to Duchessa N, with issue. Inghetto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Eliano Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1344, 1351), married to Ginevra de Mari, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Bartolomeo Imperiale Tartaro. Eliano Grimaldi, (c. 1343). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1398). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1364, 1385), married to Bianca Imperiale Mongiovacche. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1400). Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1363). Manfreda Grimaldi, (c. 1344), married to Emmanuele Busso. Giacoba Grimaldi, (d. 1340), married to Giacomo Calvi. Simone Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1332), married (1) to Agnese Ghisolfi, married (2) to Spagnuola de Gualtieri., with issue. (First Marriage) Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1380), married (1) to N. De Loco, married (2) to Bianca Vento, with issue. (First Marriage) Simone Grimaldi, married to Franca Oltramarini. Andalo Grimaldi, (c. 1372, 1406), married to Chiara Scotti, with issue. Cobradina Grimaldi, (c. 1421), married to Vincigerra Lercari. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1398, 1405), married to Franca de Carli, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1447), married to Federico Xabba. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1443), married to Urbano di Negro. Isolta Grimaldi, (c. 1389), married to Eliano Cattaneo de Volta. (Second Marriage) Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356). Brancaleone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343), with issue. Luccino Grimaldi, (c. 1416, 1421), married to Argenta Vivaldi., with issue. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Giovanni Sauli. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Violante Fieschi, with issue. Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1433). Lucano Grimaldi, (c. 1433). Pomella Grimaldi, (c. 1434), married to Marco Calvi. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1406, 1432), married to Anndreolo Fiesco. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1416), married to Bianca di Negro, with issue. Brancaleone Grimaldi, (d. 1442). Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1442), 'Nun'. Pietra Grimaldi, (c. 1430, 1442), married to Lucano di Negro. Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1429, 1440), married (1) to Niccolo de Diano, married (2) to Bartolomeo di Benedetti di Alenga. Briabante Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Giacoba Grimaldi, (d. 1308). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1269, 1271), married to Cattarina Zaccaria, with issue. Riccardo Grimaldi, (c. 1282, 1319), married to Argenta N, with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1354), married (1) to Dominica David, married (2) to Luchina N. Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1319, 1333), with issue. Cattaneo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350). Angela Grimaldi, (c. 1344, d. 1350), married (1) to Ottobono Scotto, married (2) to Federico Ghizolfi. Quilico Grimaldi, (c. 1333)., married to Manfreda di Negro. Meliaduce Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356), married to Orietta Oltramarini, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1345). Riccardo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1352), married to Teodora N, with issue. Damiano Grimaldi, (c. 1367). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1319). Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1319). Moruele Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1284), married to Simona Lercari, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1309., 1316), married Isabella de Mari, with issue. Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1346), with issue. Pietra Grimaldi, (c. 1396), married Eliano Ghizofi. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1309),  with issue. Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1333, 1346, d. 1352), married to Cattarina N., with issue. Aimone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1352, 1274), married (1) to Teodora di Negro, married (2) to Aiguina Doria. (First Marriage) Aitone alias Grimaldi, (c. 1364), with issue. Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1410). Andrea Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Pietra Scotti, with issue. Teramo Grimaldi, (c. 1399). Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1399). (Second Marriage) Percivale Grimaldi, (c 1402), married to Pietra Pellegrini, with issue. Aimone Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1434, 1457), with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1457), married to Moisa Spinola, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1499), married to Pier Antonio Fabiani di San Remo. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1393), married to Ansaldo Grimaldi s/o Luca. Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1468, 1478), married (1) to Teodora N, married (2) Selvaggia de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1468, d. 1475), married to Teodora Vivaldo, with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1528), married to Battina Centurione Becchignone, with issue. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Gaspare Bracelli. Francisca Grimaldi, (d. 1524), married to Batta Spinola. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1525, 1569), married to Giulia Cybo, with issue. Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1569), married to Sinibaldo Doria. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1535, 1569), married (1) Eliana Cybo, married (2) to Isabella Frangipani de'Duchi della Tolfa, with issue. Anna Maria Grimaldi, 'Nun', (c. 1647). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1639), dunm. Orsola Grimaldi, (c. 1647), 'Nun'. Polissena Grimaldi, (c. 1585), married to Filippo Spinola. Lucrezia Grimaldi, (c. 1595), married to Antoiniotto Pallavicino. Aurelia Grimaldi, (c. 1579), married to Niccolo Doria. Lazzaro Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1548), married (1) to Raffaele Giustiniani, married (2) to Niccolo Salvago. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1486), married to Agostino Giustiniani. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1486), married to Paolo Spinola. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1476). Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1495). Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1480, d. 1486). Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1478, d. 1486). Lazzaro Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1525), with issue. Michele Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1522), married to Griolamo Interiano. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1394, 1399), married to Bartolomeo Lercari. Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1408), with issue. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1434, 1478), married to Giacomo Vivaldo. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1413), dunm. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1328, 1332, 1352), married to Argenta Malaspina, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1375). Zaccaria Grimaldi, married to Aiguina Usodimare, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1380, 1408), married to Cattarina Lercari, with issue. Goffredo Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, d. 1420). Gregorio Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, d. 1420). Pietro Grimaldi, (d. 1425). Zaccaria Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, 1420), married to Maria lomellini, dsp. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1385), married (1) to Leonardo Doria, married (2) to Antonio Grimaldo. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1371, 1383), married to Cattarina  N, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1410, 1413), married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1449), married to Grimalda Grimaldi d/o Oberto, with issue. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1514), married to Ansaldo Grimaldi s/o Gio Batta. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1449). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1398, 1402), married to Violante Spinola, with issue. Lucchina Grimaldi, (d. 1436). Giovanni Grimaldi, (d. 1436). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1436, 1438),  married to Franca Cicala, with issue. Gianettino Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1452), with issue. Lodovico Grimaldi, (c. 1489). Livia Grimaldi, (c. 1489). Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Agostino Grimaldi, sives Angelo, (c. 1452), with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Ambrogio Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1419, 1430, 1434), married to Margherita Lercari, dsp. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1419, 1430, 1434), married to Sescarina Doria, with issue. Lamberto Grimaldi, (c. 1463, d. 1493), Signore di Monaco, married to Claudia Grimaldi d/o Catalano., Signora di Monaco., with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, married to Onorato de Villeneuve de la Tourette. Isabella Grimaldi, married to Carlo di Chateauneuf Randon. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1516), married to Luca Doria. Caracosa Grimaldi, married to Carlo, Marchese di Ceva e di Garessio. Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1506, d. 1523), Signore di Monaco, married to Anna di Pontdeveze., with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, d.inf. Onorato I Grimaldi, (c. 1520, 1545), Signore di Monaco, married to Isabella Grimaldi d/o Gio Batta., with issue. Ippolita Grimaldi, d.inf. Claudia Grimaldi, d.inf Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1594), married to Stefano Grillo. Ercole Grimaldi, (c. 1595, d. 1614), Signore di Monaco, married to Maria Landi dei principi di Valdettaro, with issue. Devota Grimaldi, (d. 1631). 'Nun'. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1647), 'Nun'. Onorato II Grimaldi, (c. 1601, 1641, 1647), Principe di Monaco, married to Ippolita Trivulzi, with issue. Ercole Grimaldi, (c. 1642, d. 1643), Marchese di Baux, married to Maria Aurelia Spinola, with issue. Carlo II Luca Grimaldi, (d. 1651), Principe di Monaco. Giovanna Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1642), married (1) to Andrea Imperiale, Marchese di Francavilla, married (2) to Ambrogio Doria. Ippolita Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Lodovico I Grimaldi, (c. 1642, 1662, d. 1701), Principe di Monaco, married to Cattarina Carlotta de Grammot, with issue. Anna Ippolita Grimaldi, (c. 1696), married to Gio Carlo di Crussol. Giovanna Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1728), 'Nun'. Antonio I Grimaldi, Principe di Monaco, (c. 1683, 1728), married to Maria di Lorrena Armagnac, with issue. Maria Devota Grimaldi, d.inf. Elisabetta Grimaldi, (c. 1698), d.inf. Luigia Ippolita Grimaldi, (c. 1697, 1715, 1728), Principessa di Monaco, married to Giacomo Francesco di Goyon Matignon. Caterina Carlotta Grimaldi, (c. 1690, d. 1696), d.inf. Maria Camilla Grimaldi, (c. 1700, 1720), marired to Lodovico de Gande, Principe d'Isenghien. Aurela Grimaldi, (c. 1728). Onorato Grimaldi, (c. 1669, 1728), Archbishop of Besanzone. Devota Grimaldi, (c. 1646), 'Nun'. Eleonora Grimaldi, married to Carlo Emmanuele di Simiana. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1648, 1671), married to Sigismondo d'Este, Marchese di S. Martino. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1647), 'Nun'. Giovanna Grimaldi, (d. 1620), married to Teodoro Trivulzi, Later Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Virginia Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Orazio Grimaldi, (c. 1523, d. 1524), with issue. Onorato Grimaldi, (c. 1623, d. 1639). Aurelia Grimaldi, married to Agostino de Franchi. Francesco Grimaldi, (d. 1587). Gio Batta Grimaldi, d.inf. Fabrizio Grimaldi, d.inf. Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1589, d. 1589), dunm. Rainero Grimaldi, d.inf. Lamberto Grimaldi, d.inf. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1529), Bishop of Grasse, Regent of Monaco. Carlo Grimaldi, (d. 1504), 'Priest'. Filiberto Grimaldi, 'Prevosto in Nizza'. Lodovico Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1500), married to Antonia di Savoja, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1505), married to Rinaldo di Villeneuve. Gaspare Grimaldi, Signore di Antibo e di Corbons, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1419), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Costanza Grimaldi, (c. 1434), married (1) to Antonio del Caretto, married (2) to Benedetto Vivaldi. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Francesco Doria. Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1377), with issue. Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1385, 1408), married to Nicoleta Dardella, with issue. Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1402). Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1392), married to Antonio Camilla. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1381), married to Ceva Doria. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1391). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1333, 1356), married to Giacoba Ghizolfi, with issue. Margherita Grimaldi, 9c. 1317, 1348), married to Matteo Ghizolfi. Gianotto Grimaldi, (c. 1317), with issue. N. Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Antonio Gentile Pignolo. Agnese Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Stefano Mallone. Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1317), married to Lucchino Malocello. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1324, 1333), married to Damina Goano, with issue. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1338, 1352, 1366), married to Argenta Grimaldi d/o Rainero. Valerano Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1333). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1317). Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1333, 1352), married to Margherita N, with issue. Ugolino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1348). Marchione Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1370, 1380), married to Imperiale Embriaco, with issue. Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1380, 1401). Raffaele Grimaldi, with issue. (Descendants of the Grimaldi of Bologna). Primafiore Grimaldi, (c. 1344), married to Benedetto Gentile Avogario. Ugolino Grimaldi, (c. 1308), married to Aiguina N, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Lucano Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1323), married to Federico Clavesana. Enrico Grimaldi, (c. 1268, 1277, 1289), married to Simona Spinola, with issue. Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1319), married to Sorleone Piccamiglio. Rainaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1292, 1319), married (1) to Benedetta Ghizolfi, married (2) to Cattarina de Mari, married (3) to Lina di Negro, with issue. (First Marriage) Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1321), married to Giovanni Gentile Avogario. (Second Marriage) Manfredo Grimaldi, (c. 1319, 1350), married to Teodora N. (Third Marriage) Orietta Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1319). Rabella elim Bonifcio Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1310), married to Lina Doria, with issue. Lionetta Grimaldi, (c. 1347), married to Antonio Lomellino. Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1321). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1347). Dorino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343, 1350), married (1) to Aiguina Oltramarini, married (2) to Eliana Fieschi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1360, 1405), married (1) to Margherita Adorno, married (2) to Chiara Cicala, with issue. (First Marriage) Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1434, 1451), married to Cattarina Gentile, with issue. Grimalda Grimaldi, (c. 1451, 1488), married to Luca Grimaldi s/o Pietro. Bertina Grimaldi, (c. 1451, 1470), married to Filippo Usodimare. Obertino Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1488), with issue. Rabellino Grimaldi, (c. 1488). Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1417), married to Gregorio Centurione. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1481), married to Giovanni Francesco Squarciafico. Angelo Grimaldi, (c. 1431, 1452), married (1) to Rabella N, married (2) to Eliana Garre, with issue. (First Marriage) Teramo Grimaldi, (d. 1477), dunm. Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1488), married (1) to Isabella Grimaldi, married (2) to Isabella Fieschi, married (3) to Lucchina Gentile, with issue. (First Marriage) Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1531), married (1) to Niccolo Spinola, married (2) to Lodovico Spinola. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1535), married to Bartolomeo di Negro. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1518, 1531, 1534), married to Maddalena Pallavicini, with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1579), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1587), married to Gio Vincenzo Imperiale. Maria Grimaldi, married to Francesco Spinola. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1581), married to Niccolo Giustiniani. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1576, 1587), married to Leila Pallavicini, with issue. Gironima Grimaldi, married to Silvestro Grimaldo s/o Alessandro. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1630), married to Gio Batta Cattaneo. Gio Agostino Grimaldi. Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1609, 1633), married to Dorotea Pallavicini, with issue. Veronica Grimaldi. Lelia Grimaldi. Ignazio Grimaldi. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1665, 1674), married to Gironima Cuniquez, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Filippo Cattaneo. Tommaso Grimaldi, d.inf. Francesco Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1694), married to Giovanna Pallavicini, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1730), married (1) to Maria Clavesana, married (2) to Maria Rosolea Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanna Grimaldi, married to Doge Gio Carlo Pallavicini. (Second Marriage) Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1769), married to Laura Spinola, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Alessandro Pallavicini. Maria Rosa Grimaldi, d.inf. Anna Grimaldi, married to Gio Lanfranco Grimaldi Ceva s/o Niccolo. Girolamo Grimaldi, Create Duca. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1676), 'Nun'. Girolamo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1694). Gio Batta Grimaldi. Domenico Grimaldi. Francesco Grimaldi. Filippo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1665). Maria Grimaldi, married to Gio Antonio Sauli. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1609). Livia Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Anna Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1545), married to Onorato Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1598), maried to Gironima de Mari, with issue. Gianettino Grimaldi, (c. 1630), married to Niccoletta Rapallo, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1556), married to Fabrizio Imperiale Tartaro. Veronica Grimaldi, married to Niccolo Doria. Angelo Grimaldi, 'Priest'. Giulio Cesare Grimaldi, (c. 1645). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1645). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1596). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1596). Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1596, 1633, 1637), married to Paola de Franchi, with issue. Giovanna Grimaldi. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1633). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1596, 1637), married to Maddelana Spinola, with issue. Battina Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Carlo Grimaldi, 'Knight of St John of Malta'. Domenico Grimaldi, 'Priest'. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1639)., Veronica Grimaldi. Cecilia Grimaldi. Violante Grimaldi, married to Carlo Francesco Panigarola. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1639), married to Pietro da Dieci. Settinima Grimaldi, 'Nun'. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1594). Giovanna Grimaldi, (c. 1594), married to Stefano de Marini. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1594, 1635), married to Paola Spinola, with issue. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Angelo Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1635), married to Marcello Raimondo. Gio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1635), with issue. Giulia Grimaldi, married to Marchese Landolina di Cattania. Franco Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Giulio Grimaldi, 'Jesuite'. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1594), married to Luca Pallavicino. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1594, 1627), married to Gio Batta Doria. Giovanna Grimaldi, married to Torello Daste. Veronica Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Stefan de Mari. Paola Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Stefano Lercari. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1577). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1577, 1581), married to Gironima Centurione, with issue. Peretta Grimaldi. Battista Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Stefano Grimaldi, (d. 1561). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1505, 1534), married to Gironima Cattaneo, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Adamo Salvago. Aloisea Grimaldi, married to Federico Cuzkeri, Barone di Frigenuini. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1452), married to Orietta Grimaldi d/o Corrado, with issue. Novella Grimaldi, (c. 1470), married to Clement Ghizolfi. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1470, 1490, 1515), married (1) to Ginevra di Negro, married (2) to Luigia Negrone, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1515), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1525), dunm. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1515), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1540), married to Anna N, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1560). Orietta Grimaldi, married to Adamo Centurione Oltramarino. (Second Marriage) Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1515, 1536, 1568), married (1) to Margherita Cattaneo, married 920 to Battina di Negro, with issue. (First Marriage) Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1533). (Second Marriage) Virginia Grimaldi, (c. 1568). Giulia Grimaldi, (c. 1568). Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1509), married to Luca Spinola. Galeotto Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1454), married to Teodora Oliva, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1446), married to Paolo Serra. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1479), married to Francisca Grimaldi d/o Luca, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1518, 1526), married (1) to Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, married (2) to Paride Gentile. Niccolosia Grimaldi, 9c. 1517, 1526), married to Stefano Salinero. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1505), dunm, Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1505). Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1508), 'Nun'. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1499). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1405), married to Perretta Spinola. Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1451). (Second Marriage) Dorino Grimaldi, (c. 1415, 1444), married to Maddalena Leccavello, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1486), married to Girolamo Grimaldi Oliva. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Morvello Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Raffo Grimaldi, (c. 1436). (First Marriage) Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1454), married to Francesco Grimaldi s/o Odoardo. (First Marriage) Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1432), married to Giacoba N, with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1460), married to Argenta Spinola, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1473). Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1473). Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1462), married to Demetrio Grimaldi s/o Matteo. Giannone Grimaldi, (c. 1322). Gregorio Grimaldi, (c. 1322). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1322, 1333, 1347), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Gentile Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1396), married to Ginevra de Draperi, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1397). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1396, 1400, 1434), married (1) to Cattarina de Marini, married (2) to Lucchina Adorno, with issue. (First Marriage) Gentile Grimaldi, (d. 1418), married to Violante Cebu, dsp. Olivierio Grimaldi, (c. 1418), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1498), married to Benedetto Doria. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1478), married to Franco Cybo. (Second Marriage) Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1478), married to Matteo de Marini, dsp. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1397, 1400), married to Isabella Lercari, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1413, d. 1447), dunm. Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Gentile Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Babilano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Teodora Usodimare, dsp. Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1278), with issue. Sobrana Grimaldi, (c. 1308). Giannone Grimaldi, (c. 1308). Beatrice Grimaldi, (c. 1310), married to Anfreone di Negro. Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1319), 'Priest'. Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1319), with issue. Galeotto Grimaldi, (c. 1323). Babilano Grimaldi, (c. 1312, 1321, d. 1323), with issue. Moruele Grimaldi, (c. 1323, 1359). Marcoaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1277), with issue. Stellino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1334), married (1) to Benedetta N, married (2) to Cattarina Cybo, with issue. (First Marriage) Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1356, 1376, 1389). Ire Grimaldi, (c. 1333). (Second Marriage) Visconte Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350), married to Ginevra Cybo, dsp. Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1346), married to Teodora Lomellini, with issue. Visconte Grimaldi, (c. 1397). Andreola Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1397), married to Bianca Salvago, with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1499), married to Battina Usodimare, with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1530), 'Nun'. Bernardo Grimaldi, (c. 1530), married to Bernarda Doria, with issue. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1530), married to Francesco Spinola. Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1530, 1539). Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1535), married to Girolamo Doria. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1530, 1551), married to Chiara Centurione, with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1551), married to Niccolo Spinola. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1551), married to Battista Spinola. Catterina Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Lucchina Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Lodisio Grimaldi, (c. 1335). Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1346, 1349). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1346). Acellino Grimaldi, (d. 1330). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1312, 1333, 1343), married to Eliana N, with issue. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1347, 1357), married to Cattarina N. Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1347, 1380), married to Colombo Bestagno. Doriotto Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1347, 1353), married to Chiara Marabotto, with issue. Ettore Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1433), married to Francesco Ermerigo di Albenga. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1379), amrried to Manfredo Cybo. Paride Grimaldi, (c. 1356, 1374), married to Selvaggia di Negro, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1433), married to Francesco Ermerigo di Albenga. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1420), married to Dario Ardimenti. Bartolomeo Grimaldi, (c. 1356). Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356). Carante Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Corradina Usodimare. Alasia Grimaldi, (c. 1253), married to Pasqualotto Usodimare. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1221, 1223, 1263). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1263, 1277). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1278). Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1249, 1260), married to Agnese N, with issue. Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1306, d. 1324), with issue. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1324), dunm. Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1327, d. 1343), married to Ginevra Salvago, with  issue. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1327, 1343, 1364), Signore di Stella, married to Isabella Doria, with issue. Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Andreola Doria, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1412, 1420, 1431), married to Ginevra Gentile, with issue. Pellegro Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1448), married to Ginevra Doria, with issue. Giovanni  Grimaldi, 'Abbott', (c. 1445). Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1445). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1438). Luigia Grimaldi, (d. 1438), married to Pietro Lomellino. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Corrardo Grimaldi s/o Filippo. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1438, 1448, 1470), married to Eliana Grimaldi d/o Rabella, with issue. Bartolomeo Grimaldi, (c. 1470), married to Bartolomea Patero, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1498). Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1498). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1498, 1512, 1536), married to Tommasina Cattaneo, with issue. Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1588), with issue. Gio Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Pasquale Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1546, d. 1558), with issue. Antoniotto Grimaldi, (c. 1558). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1558). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1558), with issue. Gio Lorenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Lelio Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1573), (Descendants in Spain). Laura Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Scipione Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1536). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1536). Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1546), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1558, 1564, 1573), dunm. Virginia Grimaldi, (c. 1558), married to Paolo Antonio, Marchese di Clavesana. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1558, 1564, 1570). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1498, d. 1512). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1498, 1512). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1507, d. 1512). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1372, 1388), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Imperiale Grimaldi, (c. 1398), with issue. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1479), married to Violante Cicala, with issue. Vincenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Imperiale Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Giorgietta Grimaldi, (c. 1479), married (1) to N. Grimaldi, married (2) to Meliaduce Spinola. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1400). Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1417), married to Isabella Grimaldi, d/o Giano., with issue. Bartolomea Grimaldi, (c. 1442, 1462), married to Raffaele Negroni. Cristofaro Grimaldi, (c. 1442). Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1442, 1467), married to Teodora Giustiniani, with issue. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Lina Leccavello, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1511, 1522, 1536), amrried to Moisia Centurione, with issue. Ottaviano Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1522, 1547), married to Gio Antonio Lomellino. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1484), married to Giorgio Grimaldi. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Cattarina Gentile, with issue. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1534), married to Simona de Marini, with issue. Giacomo Grimaldi, (d. 1534), dunm. Pometta Grimaldi, (d. 1442), married to Dr Antonio de Dragoni. Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1442), married to Antonia Ghizolfi, dsp. Sisto Grimaldi, (c. 1398). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1373, 1409), married to Argenta Grimaldi d/o Percivale, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1439)., married to Agostino Scotti. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1458), married to Saracina N, with issue. Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1487, 1508), married to Clarisia Promontorio, with issue. Susanna Grimaldi, (c. 1508). Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1508), married to Onorata Grimaldi d/o Ingo, with issue. Alessandra Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Bartolomeo Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1518), married to Francesco Imperiale. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1438), married (1) to Lucrezia Italiano Lavaggi, married (2) to Isabella Salvago, with issue. (First Marriage) Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1475), married to Francisca Cicala, with issue. Lodovico Grimaldi, (c. 1518). Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1513), married to Agostino Vivaldo. (Second Marriage) Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1475), amrried to Francesco Centurione. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1468), married to Aleramo Salvago. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1526), married to Agostino Grimaldi s/o Girolamo. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1514), married (1) to Pellegra Pinelli, married (2) to Pellegra N, with issue. (First Marriage) Settimia Grimaldi, married to Negrone di Negro. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1514, 1539), married to Benedetta Grimaldi, d/o Luca, with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (d. 1520), dunm. Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1539), married toi Giuliano Centurione Cantelli. Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Tommasoi Salvago. Lucchesia Grimaldi, (c. 1518), married to Leonardo Doria. Benedetto Grimaldi, married to Pellegra Sauli, with issue. Bendinelli Grimaldi, (c. 1505, d. 1518). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1505, d. 1514). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1505, 1518), later Cardinial of the Roman Catholic Church, married to Francisca Cattaneo, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1563, 1599), married to Maria Negroni, with issue. Settimia Grimaldi, married to Felice Pallavicino. Lavinia Grimaldi, (c. 1553). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1533, 1599), married to Elena Silvia Citarella, with issue. Emilia Grimaldi, (c. 1607, 1631), married to Imperiale Doria di Dolceacqua. Gio Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1607), married 1627 Valletta to Maria Coleiro. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1603, 1607), married to Placidia Grimaldi Ceba d/o Antonio, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1598, 1612),. married to Carlo Doria dei Signori di Dolceacqua. Lavinia Grimaldi, (c. 1601, 1619), married to Gio Batta Franco di Napoli. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1591), married to Settimia Grimaldi d/o Silvestro, with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1664). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1666), married to Teresa Cattaneo, with issue. Settimia Grimaldi, married to Carlo Spinola. Camilla Grimaldi, married to Carlo Lomellino. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1666). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1666), married to Teresa Mignanelli, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, married to Ginevra Centurione Oltramarini, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1748, 1793), married to Gironima Doria, dsp. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1748), married to Isabella Morello, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, dsp. Luigi Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Laura Olivelli, with issue. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Ottavio Lomellino. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Niccolo Giuseppe Spinola. Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1666). Gio Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1665). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1598). Gio Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1598), d.inf. Ansaldo Grimaldi, d.inf. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1553, 1561), married to Stefano Pallavicino. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1553). Veronica Grimaldi, (c. 1567, 1616), 'Nun'. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1567, 1616), 'Nun'. Alessandro Grimaldi, (d. 1597), married to Maria Cattaneo, with issue. Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1599), married to Gironima Grimaldi d/o Francesco, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta. Ansaldo Grimaldi. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1651, 1682),. married to Isabella Spinola, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1682). Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1682), married to Anna Sauli, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (1725), Knight of St John of Malta. Ansaldo Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta.  Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1719), married to Cattarina Doria, with issue. Gironima Grimaldi, married (1) to Carlo Pallavicino, married (2) to Luca Giustiniani. Anna Grimaldi, married to Carlo Lomellino. Agostino Giovanni Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1706), married 1673 Valletta to Maria Anna Fiore, with issue. Mro Michele Angelo Grimaldi, married 1726 Cospicua to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Angelica Grimaldi, married 1752 Cospicua to Michele Cutajar. Salvatore Grimaldi, married 1753 Cospicua to Anna Grima. Margherita Grimaldi, married 1762 Cospicua to Angelo Bonello, with issue. Rosa Bonello, married 1812 Senglea to Sig Gio Battista Nesso of Venice. Gio Antonio Grimaldi, married 1757 Tarxiem to Maria Barbara. Paolo Grimaldi, married 1760 Cospicua to Teodora Galea. Anna Grimaldi, married 1756 Cospicua to Giovanni Barbara. Gio Battista Grimaldi, married 1752 Cospicua to Rosa Casanova. Florinda Grimaldi, married 1735 Cospicua to Giacinto Machinuc. Francesca Grimaldi, married (1) 1743 Cospicua to Salvatore Battaglia, married (2) 1756 Cospicua to Simone Guaruccio. Gio Batta Vincenzo Grimaldi, married to Anna N, with issue. Ubaldesca Grimaldi, married 1711 Cospicua to Carlo Curmi. Elizabetta Grimaldi, married 1715 Cospicua to Gio Battista Belin. Domitilla Grimaldi, married 1717 Cospicua to Baldassare Cassia, with issue. Teresa Cassia, married 1737 Cospicua to Giovanni Schembri. Elena Cassia, married 1741 Valletta to Pietro Mamo. Paola Cassia, married 1744 Cospicua to Mario Attard. Settimo Grimaldi, married to Francesco Grimaldi s/o Agostino. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1590), married to Vincenzo Centurione Oltramarino. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1599), married to Maddalena Serra. Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1599, 1616), married to Aurelia Lomellini, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, married to Michele Imperiale. Alessandro Grimaldi, Doge of Genoa, (c. 1659, 1671), married (1) to Silvia Lomellini, married (2) to Maddalena Grillo di Signori di Francavilla, with issue. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1659), married to Giovanna Sauli, with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1675, 1697), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1727, 1756), Doge of Genoa. Silvia Grimaldi, married to Carlo Spinola. Gio Batta Grimaldi. Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1659, 1662), married to Maddalena Imperiale, with issue. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1698). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1698, 1752), Doge of Genoa, married to Angela Lomellini, with issue. Franco Grimaldi, (c. 1735). Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1735), Doge of Genoa, married to Giulia Durazzo, with issue. Lilla Grimaldi, (c. 1751), married to Giorgio Doria. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1760), married to Ciclia Durazzo, dsp. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1752), married to Lilla Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Cesare Gentile. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married (1) to Gio Batta Lomellini, married (2) to Gio Carlo Serra. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Paolo Girolamo Pallavicino. Angela Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Marchese Ferdinando Landi di Piacenza. Teresa Grimaldi, married (1) to Giacomo Spinola, married (2) to Cavaliere Falconieri di Firenze. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1725), married to Girolamo Serra. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1684), married to Ciela Centurione, dsp. Camilla Grimaldi, married to Filippo Lomellino. Silvia Grimaldi, (c. 1648), 'Nun'. Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Paolo Doria. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1524). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1548, 1579, d. 1580), Created Marchese Grimaldi, 1554., married to Pellina Spinola, Signorina di Beaufort, with issue. Vittoria Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Gio Batta Pallavicino. Teresa Anna Grimaldi, married to Principe Pietro Sayd. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1579, 1599, 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Pellegra Imperiale, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Bianca Rapello, with issue. Marc'Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Maddalena di Negro, with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, married to Girolamo Chiavari. Girolamo Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi. Gio Pietro Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Pier Andrea Sauli. Francesco Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Settimia Carmagnola. Luigi Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1662), Marchese Grimaldi. Giulio Maria Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi. Antonio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1647), 'Monk'. Gio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Battina Calvi, with issue. Maria Pellina Grimaldi, married to Andrea Sauli. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1599, 1613, d. 1643), Marchese Grimaldi,married to Battina Lomellini, with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1648, d. 1634), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Francisca Clerque, with issue. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1640, d. 1683), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Artemisia Spinola, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1650), married to Gio Lanfranco Grimaldi  Ceva, s/o Niccolo. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1697, d. 1732), Marchese Grimaldi, (Migrated to England), married (1) to Selvaggia Lomellini, married (2) 1705 to Dorcas Anderson,with issue. Giuseppe Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, d.inf. Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1706-), married to N. Carter. Alexander Grimaldi, (1707 -1708), Marchese Grimaldi, d.inf. Arabella Grimaldi, (1709-), married to Thomas Worlidge Mary Grimaldi, (1710 -1711), d.inf. John Grimaldi, (1713-1714), d.inf. Alexander Grimaldi, (1714 - 1800), Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) to Mary Barton, married (2) to Esther Barton, with issue. (First Marriage) Anne Grimaldi, (1738-1811), married to John Earl Swift. John Grimaldi, (1740-1788), Marchese Grimaldi. Sarah Grimaldi, (1741 -). Alexander Grimaldi, (1742 - 1780), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Ward, with issue. George Grimaldi, (1771 - 1841), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Cordelia Elizabeth Hodge, with issue. Frederick Grimaldi, (1804-1862), Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. Alfred Grimaldi, (1833-1885), Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. George Frederick Grimaldi, (1857-, Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. Ernest George Grimaldi, (1885-, Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. George Frederick Grimaldi, (1908-, Marchese Grimaldi. Henry Grimaldi, (1795 - 1796), Marchese Grimaldi. Mary Grimaldi, (1795-1796). William Henry Grimaldi, (1802 -), d.inf Frederick Grimaldi, (1804 - 1862), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Cobcroft, married (2) to Mary Ann Bissmire, dsp. Joseph Grimaldi, (1806 - 1874), Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) to Sarah Twyman, married (2) to Eliza Amelia Lawrence, dsp. Philip Grimaldi, 1807 -), d.inf. Mary Grimaldi, (1773-). Esther Grimaldi, (1775-), d.inf. Sophia Martha Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1776 - 1824). Alexander Grimaldi, (1778 - 1824) Marchese Grimaldi. Charles Barton Grimaldi, (1780 -1793), Marchese Grimaldi. Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1744 - 1821), married to John Goodridge. (Second Marriage) Esther Grimaldi, (1746 -), d.inf. Charles Grimaldi, (1746 -), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Anne Collicultt. Esther Grimaldi, (1747 - 1823), married to Thomas Dainton. Letitia Grimaldi, (1749 - 1825), married to John Hodsdon. William Grimaldi, (1751 - 1830), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Frances Barker, with issue. Louisa Frances Grimaldi, (1785 - 1873), married to Rev. John Edmeads. William Grimaldi, (1786 - 1835), Marchese Grimaldi. Stacey Grimaldi, (1790 - 1863), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Mary Ann Knapp, with issue. Stacey Beaufort Grimaldi, (1826 - 1866 Otago, NZ), Marchese Grimaldi William Beaufort Grimaldi, (1828 - 1900 Nice, France), Marchese Grimaldi. Mary Beaufort Grimaldi, (1830 - 1902). Henry Beaufort Grimaldi, (1831 - 1907 Devon, England), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Sarah Sophia Rogers, with issue. Mary Beaufort Grimaldi, (1865-1962). Louisa Janet Grimaldi, (1866-1951). Henry Wynford Grimaldi, (1870 -1907), Marchese Grimaldi. Gertude Frances Grimaldi, (1874-1961), married 1912 to Oliver Eaton. Rev Ernest Craven Grimaldi, (1876-1947), Marchese Grimaldi, married 1911 to Evelyn Lauder Dyke, with issue. Philip Ranier Beaufort Grimaldi, (1912-1983), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Phyllis Anne Twigg, with issue. Dr Peter Martin Gort Beaufort Grimaldi, FFCS, Marchese Grimaldi, Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight 2007-, (1944-, married 1978 to Sylvia Davina Gay Wilkinson, with issue. Alicia Grimaldi, (1979-. Carina Grimaldi, (1981-. Sophia Grimaldi, (1987-. Christopher Beaufort Grimaldi, (1916-. Antony Beaufort Grimaldi, (1918-. Martin Cyril Beaufort Grimaldi, (1920-1943), dunm Killed in Action during WWII.. Arthur James Grimaldi, (1877-), Marchese Grimaldi. Doria Grimaldi, (1879-). Wynford Beaufort Grimaldi, (1832 -1922). Marchese Grimaldi, married 1881 to Louisa Kolle Soames. Louisa Beaufort Grimaldi, (1834 -1914). Blanche Beaufort Grimaldi, (1835 -1931). Charles Beaufort Grimaldi, (1837 -1925), .Marchese Grimaldi, married 1874 to Fiora Longley. Alexander Beaufort Grimaldi, (1839-1925), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Alice Brown. Henry Grimaldi, (1792 - 1807), Marchese Grimaldi. Priscilla Grimaldi, (1753 - 1802). Phoebe Grimaldi, (1754 -), married to Thomas Worlidge. Martha Grimaldi, (1755 -), married to William Stewart. Thomas Grimaldi, (1758 - 1822), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Ord, with issue. Thomas Isaac Ord Grimaldi, (1807 - 1873), married to Clarissa Baker, with issue. Thomas William Edwin Grimaldi, (1836-, Marchese Grimaldi, married to a Eliza N. Walter Henry Oscar Grimaldi, (1840 -, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Mary Chapman. Oscar Henry Pearce Grimaldi, (1853 -.Marchese Grimaldi. George Grimaldi, (1760 -1763), Marchese Grimaldi. Susanna Grimaldi, (1762 - 1854), married to Ralph Walker. Charles Grimaldi, (1716-). Marchese Grimaldi. Anna Grimaldi, married to Antonio Negroni. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Battina Grimaldi. Gironima Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1627, 1648), amrried to Benedetto Centurione Oltramarino. Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1646), Marchese Grimaldi. Eugenia Grimaldi, (c. 1648), married to Gio Batta Pichenotti. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1627, 1648), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Battina de Marini, with issue. Emilia Grimaldi. Giovanna Grimaldi. Francesco Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1648, 1663), Marchese Grimaldi. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1648), dunm. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1613), married to Leonardo Lomellino. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1611), married to Goffredo Spinola. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Doge of Genoa, married (1) to Maria Spinola, married (2) to Teodora Giustiniani, with issue. (First Marriage) Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi, married 1652 Messina, Sicily to Evangelista Sayd, with issue. Bernardo Giovanni Maria Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married 1691 Senglea to Franceschitta Anna Maria Attard, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, married 1722 Cospicua to Gioacchino Giacomo Camilleri, with issue. Giovanni Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1742 Valletta to Felicita Lafaccia, with issue. Vincenzo Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1761 Naxxar to Caterina Bezzina, with issue. Giovanni Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1790 Valletta to Giacobina Attard. (Second Marriage) Placidia Grimaldi, (c. 1632), married to Girolamo de Marini. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Leila Sanvitali, with issue. Lucrezia Grimaldi, (c. 1688), married to Cesare de Franchi. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1695, 1728), Doge of Genoa, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Lilla Grimaldi, married to Marc'Antonio Doria. Giacomo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1695), Marchese Grimaldi. (First Marriage) Vittoria Grimaldi, (c. 1632). Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1606), married to Benedetta de Pastine, with issue. Aurelia Grimaldi, (c 1606), married to Giuseppe Arnaldi di Finale. Delia Grimaldi, (c. 1606), married to Pier Batta Levanto. Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1605, 1635), married to Livia Grimaldi d/o Agostino, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, d.inf. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1635), married to Beatrice Doria, dsp. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1598). Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1500), married to Selvaggio Negroni. (Second Marriage) Battina Grimaldi, married to Vincenzo Sauli. (First Marriage) Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1524) married to Francesco Pallavicino. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1539), married to Battista Spinola. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1525), married to Girolamo Centurione. Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1525), married to Bartolomeo Giustiniani. Niccolo Grimaldi. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1475), married to Giorgio Cicala. Bernardo Grimaldi, (c. 1473, 1486), married to Violante Cicala, with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1480), dunm. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1537), married to Girolamo Gentile. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1528), married to Girolamo Grimaldi Oliva. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1499). Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1480). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1455), married to Antonio Bianchi. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1384), 'Priest'. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Moisia Cattaneo, with issue. Stefano Grimaldi, (d. 1420), married to Ginevra Centurione, with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1437), married to Boruele Grimaldi s/o Ingo. Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1437). Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1262), married to N. de Castro. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1290). Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1271), married to Cattarina Fieschi, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1280). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1283, 1302), married to Isabella Grimaldi, with issue. Agamennone Grimaldi, (c. 1302). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Lina Spinola. Caracosa Grimaldi, (c. 1284, 1346), married to Sorleone Cicala.

1.2. Ingo Grimaldi.

1.3. Oberto Grimaldi.

1.4. Nicolas Grimaldi.




Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.





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