Grimaldi of Genoa in Chios family

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1. Rabella Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa 1277-1310, with issue.

1.1. Dorino Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa 1333-1350, with issue.

1.1.1. Rabella Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa, 1360-1414, with issue. Oberto Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa, 1425, Governor of Thasos under Gattilusio, Chios, died 1451, married to Nobile Caterina Gentile, with issue. Grimalda Grimaldi, 1451-88, married to Luca Grimaldi. Bertina Grimaldi, 1451-70, married to Filippo Usodimare. Argenta Grimaldi, 1481. Obertino Grimaldi, 1477-88, with issue. Rabellino Grimaldi, 1488. Battina Grimaldi, 1477, married to Gregorio Centurione. Maria Grimaldi, 1481, married to Giovanni Squarciafico. Jacopo Grimaldi. Giovanni Grimaldi, living in Chios, with issue. Battista Grimaldi, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, 1634, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, living in Chios 1634-47. Bernardo Grimaldi, living in Chios 1634 -47, with issue. Giulio Grimaldi, 1647, migrated to London. Jacopo Grimaldi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, living in Andros 1560, with issue. Lucrezia Grimaldi. Antonio Grimaldi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi 1603-40, living in Naxos, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, 1603-63, married 1622 to Andrianetta Barozzi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, 1621-., Signore d'Evriakies, Chaladra, et Amelathiou 1652-70., married 1643 to Caterina Sommaripa, with issue. Domenico Grimaldi, with issue. Adriana Grimaldi, 1719-52, married 1738 to Germano Sommaripa. Filippo Grimaldi, 1744-49, married to Canciana de Modene, with issue. Violante Grimaldi, married 1768 to Francesco Sommaripa. Caterina Grimaldi. Basilio Grimaldi, 1747-48, d.inf. Giuseppe Grimaldi, d.inf. Jacopo Grimaldi, married 1763 to Caterina Coronello, with issue. Caterina Grimaldi 1794-1807. Filippo Pietro Grimaldi 1788-1809,. married (1) 1824 to Adriana Sommaripa, married (2) 1849 to Carolina Emilia Bayer, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Antonia Grimaldi, 1825-., d.inf Fiorenza Grimaldi, died 1861, married to Girolamo Barozzi. Antonio Grimaldi, dunm. Domenico Carlo Grimaldi, married 1769 to Comtesse Antonina de Rumpff, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, dunm. Caterina Grimaldi, died 1817. Jacopo Grimaldi. Geneveva Grimaldi, married 1669 to Giambattista Coronello. Fiorenza Grimaldi, married 1670 to Germano Sommaripa. Antonio Grimaldi, Signore di Lakos 1670, married with issue. Filippo Grimaldi. Margherita Grimaldi, 1678 - 1743.., dunm. Angelica Grimaldi, died 1748. Maria Grimaldi, dunm. Marietta Grimaldi, 1626-, married 1651 to Cruisino Coronello. Francesco Grimaldi, 1627-, d.inf. Lorenzo Grimaldi, 1629-., dinf Francesco Grimaldi, 1631-. Marina Grimaldi, 1633-. Jacopo Grimaldi, Signore di Fotodoti, Kermotti, et Xerocambos, 1643  -70, married (1) 1648 to Domenica Sforza, married (2) 1653 to Caterina Castri. Giovanni Antonio Grimaldi, Living in Naxos 1628, married 1623 Valletta to Giovanna Carbone. Mro Gabriele Grimaldi, settled in Malta c. 1530, married to Damna N, with issue. Geronimo Grimaldi, married 1549 Zebbug to Agata Bonanno, with issue. Paolina Grimaldi, married 1574 to Luca Mifsud. Mro Angelo Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1577 to Angelica Bonello, with issue (Grima of Gozo). Giacomo Grimaldi, married 1547 to Nobile Margherita Micallef.



Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869..



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