"Invrea di Genoa"

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1. Pietro Invrea, (d. 1430), with issue.

1.1. Antonio Invrea, (c. 1430, 1455), married to Dominica N, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Invrea, (c. 1433, 1452, 1467), married to Susanna Cavalorto, married (2) to Orsola de Cavo, with issue. (First Marriage) Susanna Invrea, (c. 1467). Agostino Invrea, (c. 1467). Bartolomeo Invrea, (c. 1501, 1517), married to Peretta Navone, with issue. Bianca Invrea, (c. 1480), married to Francesco Borlasca. Francesco Invrea, (c. 1529, 1596), married to Ginetta de Franchi, with issue. Gio Batta Invrea, (c. 1596), married to Pellegra Sauli, with issue. Antoniotto Invrea, (1661), Doge of Genea, married to Cattarina de Franchi Tonso, with issue. Pellegra Invrea, married to Gianettino Odone. Ottavio Invrea, (c. 1658), married to Sofonisba Raggi, with issue. Tommaso Invrea. Antoiniotto Invrea, (c. 1596). Francesco Invrea, (1662), Doge of Genoa. Isabella Invrea, married to Rodolfo Brignole. Bernardo Invrea. Pellina Invrea, (c. 1626), married to Vincenzo Zoagli. Stefano Invrea, (c. 1596), married to Emilia Giustiniani Longhi, with issue. Benedetta Invrea, (c. 1596), 'Nun'. Lelia Invrea, (c. 1595). Luca Invrea, (c. 1596). Luca Invrea, (c. 1596). Bartolomeo Invrea, (c. 1586, 1596), married to Maddalena Giustiniani, with issue. Cattarina Invrea, (c. 1595). Niccolo Invrea, (c. 1596), married to Isabella Giustiniani, with issue. Gio Paolo Invrea, (c. 1607), married to Anna Maria Sauli, with issue. Tommasina Invrea, married to Giacinto Spinola. Carlo Invrea, (c. 1640). Francesco Maria Invrea, (c. 1640), married to Giovanna Giovo, with issue. Pellina Invrea, married to Giacinto Giustiniani Negro. Gio Paolo Invrea, (c. 1690), married (1) to Antonia Gherardi, married (2) to Maddalena Lomellini, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanna Invrea, married to Francesco Carli di Pietra Santa. Francesco Maria Invrea, (c. 1732). (Second Marriage) Domenico Invrea, (c. 1737), married to Porzia Torriglia, with issue. Girolamo Invrea, (d. in Alemagna). Alessandro Invrea, (c. 1818). Giovanna Invrea, married to Conte Manzoli di Modena. Davide Invrea, (c. 1786, 1818), married to Teresa Calcamuggi di Alessandria. Paolo Invrea, (c. 1784, 1818), married to Antonia Fossati di Miliano. Teresa Invrea, married to Conte Demofilo Paveri di Parma. Isabella Invrea, married to Carlo Giuseppe Doria. Niccoletta Invrea, married to Gio Bernardo Grasso. Niccolo Invrea, (c. 1640). Gio Batta Invrea, (c. 1636, 1640), married to Maria Sauli. Perretta Invrea, (c. 1595), married to Gio Francesco Giustiniani Longhi. Cristofaro Invrea, (c. 1596, 1620), married to Brigida Pallavicini, with issue. Bartolomeo Invrea, (c. 1610). Pompeo Invrea, (c. 1610). Claudia Invrea, (c. 1610). Camillo Invrea, (c. 1610). Ettore Invrea, (c. 1610). Girolamo Invrea, (c. 1610). Prassede Invrea, (c. 1608), 'Nun'. Benedetta Invrea, (c. 1580). Antonio Invrea, (c. 1556). Antonio Invrea, (c. 1522), 'Monk'. Franca Invrea, (c. 1467). Pier Batta Invrea, (c. 1480, 1531), married to Bianca Meriasino, with issue. Agostino Invrea, (c. 1528), married to Tommasina Raggi, with issue. Benedetto Invrea, (c. 1556, 1576), married to Pellegra N, with issue. Vittoria Invrea, (c. 1576), 'Nun'. Giacomo Invrea, (c. 1529, 1556), married to Giroma Maggiolo, with issue. Andrea Invrea, (c. 1556, 1592). Pier Batta Invrea, (c. 1556, 1590). Antonio Invrea, (c. 1556, 1568, 1590), married to Cecilia Passaggi, with issue. Marc'Antonio Invrea, (c. 1589), married to Livia Merello., with issue. Gio Tommaso Invrea, (c. 1618). Gio Batta Invrea, (d. 1615). Benedetta Invrea, (c. 1615, 1618). Benedetta Invrea, (c. 1572), married to Giovanni Benedetto Fazio. Alessandro Invrea, (c. 1572,. 1615), married to Lavinia Silvano, with issue. Invrea Invrea, (c. 1610). Gio Andrea Invrea, (c. 1610). Gio Antonio Invrea, (c. 1610), married to Orietta Malfante, with issue. Girolamo Invrea, (c. 1651). Alessandro Invrea, (c. 1651), married (1) to Chiara Maria Boasi, married (2) to Maria Cecilia Cevasco, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Antonio Invrea, (c. 1692), married to Barbara Maria Salvago, with issue. Maria Chiara Invrea, (d. 1770), married to Stefano Giustiniani Negro. Annibale Invrea, 'Priest'. Annibale Invrea, (c. 1651). Pier Batta Invrea, (c. 1610). Annibale Invrea, (c. 1610, 1615). Bianca Invrea, (c. 1556), married to Gio Batta Compiano. Agostino Invrea, (c. 1550, 1592), married to Pellina Brignole, with issue. Andrea Invrea. Giacomo Invrea, (c. 1621), married to Lavinia Airoli, dsp. Tommaso Invrea, (c. 1501, 1517), married to Novella Riccobono, with issue. Niccolo Invrea. Barnaba Invrea, (c. 1486, 1494), married (1) to Giacoba Cabella, married (2) to Bernarda Squarciafico, with issue. (First Marriage) Girolamo Invrea, (c. 1488). Simone Invrea, (c. 1499). Battina Invrea, (c. 1499). Bernardo Invrea, (c. 1499, 1519), 'Priest'. Paolo Invrea, (c. 1501, 1529), married to Cattarina de Salvo, dsp. Benedetta Invrea, (c. 1467), married to Battista de Riccardi di Laulla. Girolamo Invrea, (c. 1517), with issue. Benedetto Invrea, (d. 1517), married to Giacoba Pernice, with issue. Francesco Invrea, (c. 1517, 1529), married (1) to Pellegra Chiavari, married (2) to Chiara Rebuffo, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Benedetto Invrea, (c. 1595). Minetta Invrea, (c. 1555), married to Pietro Chiesa. Francisca Invrea, (c. 1555), married to Angelo Campomenoxio. Monica Invrea, (c. 1555),  'Nun'. Niccoletta Invrea, (c. 1584), married (1) to Luca de Fornari, married (2) to Battista Rapallo. Vittoria Invrea, (c. 1584). Gianettino Invrea, (c. 1517). Silvestro Invrea, (c. 1480, 1522), married (1) to Gironima Mandello, married (2) to Isabella Navone, with issue. (First Marriage) Bernardo Invrea, (c. 1522, 1529), married to Maria Giustiniani Longi, with issue. Gironima Invrea, (c. 1568), married to Antonio Casella. Pellina Invrea, (c. 1564), married to Gio Batta Torre. Vincenzo Invrea, (c. 1551). Battina Invrea, (c. 1564). Chiara Invrea, (c.1564). Gio Paolo Invrea, (c. 1572), married to Maddalena de Franchi Tonso, with issue. Lelio Invrea, (c. 1591, 1632), married to Giuseppa Spinola di Zupetis, with issue. Anna Invrea, married to Francesco Giustiniani Arangi. Eugenia Invrea, married to Gio Giacomo Spinola. Maddalena Invrea, married to Gio Francesco Balbi. Antonia Invrea, married to Alessandro Pallavicino. Gio Paolo Invrea, (c. 1612). Battina Invrea, (c. 1595, 1601). Gio Batta Invrea, (c. 1601, 1632), married to Cornelia de Peirinis, with issue. Cornelia Invrea, married to Agostino Saluzzo. Maddalena Invrea, (c. 1632), married to Stefano de Franchi Tonso. Maria Invrea, (c. 1601). Niccolo Invrea, (c. 1595, 1601)., with issue. Ersilia Invrea, (c. 1632). Felicita Invrea, (c. 1632). Felice Mario Invrea, (c. 1632). Tommasina Invrea, married to Antonio Spinola. Gio Tommaso Invrea, (c. 1601, 1632), with issue. Francica Invrea, married to Marcello Invrea s/o Ippolito. Livio Invrea, (c. 1601, 1632)., with issue. Maria Costanza Invrea, ( in Flanders). Gio Carlo Invrea, (c. 1601), 'Monk'. Gio Stefano Invrea, (c. 1601, 1632), married to Appolonia Saluzzo, with issue. Teresa Invrea. Paola Invrea. Maddalena Invrea, married to Conte di Rivers. Antonio Invrea. Giovanni Invrea.  Silvestro Invrea, (c. 1556, 1572), Doge of Genoa, married to Laura Giudice, with issue. Clelia Invrea, (c. 1603), married to Stefano Bali. Lepido Invrea, (c. 1603, 1638), married to Ippolita Pavese, with issue. Francesco Maria Invrea, (c. 1647). Ippolito Invrea, (c. 1647), married to Vittoria Doria, with issue. Lepido Invrea, (c. 1700, d.1781), dunm. Silvestro Invrea, (c. 1700), 'Priest'. Ignazio Invrea, (c. 1700). Francesco Maria Invrea, (c. 1700)., 'Priest'. Gio Batta Invrea, (c. 1700). Niccolo Invrea, (c. 1647). Lelio Invrea, (c. 1647). Settimia Invrea, (c. 1603), married to Paolo Giustiniani. Leandro Invrea, (c. 1595). Tommasina Invrea, married to Pietro de Franchi Sacco. Marcello Invrea, (c. 1595, 1601). Ippolito Invrea, (c. 1595, 1601), married to Battina Balbi, with issue. Paolo Emilio Invrea, (c. 1647). Giovanna Invrea, married to Gio Batta Baggio. Settimio Invrea, (c. 1647). Marcello Invrea, (c. 1647), married to Francisca Invrea d/o Gio Tommaso., with issue. Barbara Invrea, 'Nun'. Ippolito Invrea, (c. 1681), married to Maria Giustiniani Garibaldi, with issue. Silvestro Invrea, (c. 1703). Antonio Francesco Invrea, (c. 1703), married to Maria Francisca Doria, with issue. Maria Invrea, married to Niccolo Gavotto. Ippolito Invrea, (c. 1743), married to Maria Balbi, dsp. Giulia Invrea, married to Luigi Imperiale. Battina Invrea. Gio Tommaso Invrea, (c. 1729). Tommasina Invrea, married to Carlo Balbi. Camillo Invrea. Silvestro Invrea, (c. 1647). Girolamo Invrea, (c. 1647, 1650). Mario Invrea. Niccoletta Invrea, (c. 1577), married to Gregorio de Franchi. Giovanni Invrea, (c. 1572), married to Livia Sauli, with issue. Gio Giacomo Invrea, (c. 1588). Pier Francesco Invrea, (c. 1588). Francisca Invrea, (c. 1500). Tommasina Invrea, (c. 1500). (Second Marriage) Antonio Invrea, (c. 1529, 1572), married to Maria Rebuffo, with issue. Bianca Invrea, (c. 1568, 1607), married to Francesco Sauli. Lorenzo Invrea, (c. 1586, d. 1593), married to Ottavia Giustiniani, with issue. Paola Invrea, married to Agostino Saluzzo. Antonia Invrea, married to Leonardo Torre. Tommaso Invrea, (c. 1611), married to Paola Maria Raggi, with issue. Antonio Invrea, (c. 1645). Luca Invrea, (c. 1645, 1681), Doge of Genea, married to Gironima Casella, with issue. Paola Invrea, married to Agostino Adorno. Lorenzo Invrea, (d. 1704), 'Priest'. Violante Invrea, married to Stefano Saluzzo. Bernardo Invrea, (c. 1611). Francesco Invrea, (c. 1612), 'Priest'. Isabella Invrea, (c. 1568, 1605), married to Gregorio Garbarino. Maddalena Invrea, (c. 1568), married to Stefano Giustiniani. Bernardina Invrea, (c. 1522). Maria Invrea, (c. 1500). Lorenzo Invrea, (c. 1522).

1.1.2. Pietro Invrea, (c. 1430), married to Chiara de S. Stefano, with issue. Battista Invrea, (c. 1452, 1458), married (1) to Maria Truchetto, married to Maria Rebuffo, with issue. (First Marriage) Bernardo Invrea, (c. 1484). Pellegra Invrea, (c. 1496), married to Lazzaro de Terdona. (Second Marriage) Luigia Invrea, (c. 1486), married to Girolamo Bottaro. Quilico Invrea, (c. 1481).

1.2. Bartolomeo Invrea, (c. 1455), married to brigida Granara, with issue.

1.2.1. Battestina Invrea, (c. 1480).

1.2.2. Pier Andrea Invrea, (c. 1478, d. 1480), with issue. Battina Invrea, (c. 1478). Gio Batta Invrea, (c. 1480).




Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.





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