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Mackay Family of Cromarty

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The Mackays are believed to descend from the Picts, ancient tribes that lived in Scotland. However the name is also found from ancient times in Holland, and the Mackays became noted for their many branches there; each of which acquired a status and influence that was envied by the princes of the region. The name Mackay is also found in Ireland from ancient times, when several tribes from the northern area of Ireland, which was once part of an ancient Scottish kingdom known as Dál Riata, moved across the sea to Scotland. The Mackays in Scotland were based in Strathnaver in modern Sutherland. Although the exact origin of Clan Mackay is unknown, it is generally accepted that they belonged to the early Celtic population of Scotland, although, given their geographical proximity to the Norse immigrants, it is likely that the two races later intermarried.
The most popular and accepted theory as to the origins of the chieftenship of the Clan Mackay is that the chief was descended from the Pictish royal house of MacEth. They settled in the province of Moray but were dispersed principally northward to Strathnaver by order of King Malcolm IV of Scotland after the king's victory in 1160 over Malcolm MacEth, Earl of Ross, whose daughter Gormflaith married the Norse Harold, Earl of Orkney which then also included Caithness. Their son was called MacHeth and he was raised to the chieftainship of his Clan Mackay in 1250


1. Angus II Mackay, comanded 4,000 men in 1427, married 8 Oct 1415 to Hon Elizabeth Macdonald, sister to Donald, Lord of the Isles, with issue.

1.1. Neil Mackay, (c.1437), married N. Munro (daughter of George Munro of Foulis), with issue.

1.1.1. Angus III Mackay, (killed 1486), married to N. Macdonald of Kintail, with issue. Iye II Roy Mackay, granted lands in Caithness and Sutherland 1499, 1504 and 1511, died 1517, married with issue. John Mackay of Strathnaver, with issue. Donald  III Mackay of Strathnaver, (d. 1550), married to Helen Sinclair of Dunbeath and Stemster, with issue. Iye III du Mackay, involved in quarrels with 11th Earl of Sutherland to whom he surrendered 1556 being imprisoned for a while in Edinburgh Castle, got back his father lands in 1571., married to Christian Sinclair of Dun, with issue. Hugh du Mackay of Farr, Tongue and Strathnaver (d. 1614),  married (1) to Lady Elizabeth Sinclair, married (2) 1589 to Lady Jane Gordon, daughter of 12th Earl of Sutherland, with issue. Sir Donald IV Mackay Kt, (1590-1649 in Denmark). Cr: Baronet 18 may 1627 with remainders to heirs male whatsoever and 1st Lord Reay created 20 June 1628 with remainder to his heirs male for ever bearing the name and arms of Mackay. A further patent creating him Earl of Strathnaver was never completed owing to the Civil war., Fought under Christian IV of Denmark's Thirty year War against Germany Also under Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden 1629-30; Royalist Civil war. Married (1) 1610 to Barbara, sister of 1st Earl of Seaforth, married (2) 1631 (Annulled) to Rachel Winterfield, married (3) 1631 to Elizabeth Thomson, married (4) to Marjorie Sinclair of Stirkoke, and also held a mistress, Lady Mary Lindsay, daughter of 11th Earl of Crawford. (First Marriage) Iye Mackay, (1611.  Hon John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay, (1612 - 1680), married (1)  1636 to Lady Isabella, daughter of 5th Earl of Caithness, married (2) to (Cousin) Barbara Mackay of Scourie, with issue. (First Marriage) Hon George Mackay, (d. 1656), dunm. Hon Jane Mackay, married (1) 1665 to Hon Robert Gordon s/o of 15th Earl of Sutherland, married (2) Hugh Mackay of Strathy (Second Marriage) Hon Donald Mackay, (1658-1680), Master of Reay, married 1677 to Anne Munro, with issue. George Mackay, (1678-1748), 3rd Lord Reay, married (1) 1702 at Bommel Netherlands to Margaret Mackay of Scourie, married (2) to Janet Sinclair of Ulbster, married (3) 1713 to Mary Dowell of Thuster, with issue. (First Marriage) Donald Mackay, (d. 1761), 4th Lord Reay, married (1) 1732 to Marion Dalrymple, married (2) 1741 to Christian Sutherland, with issue. (First Marriage) George Mackay, (1734-1768), 5th Lord Reay, married (1) 1758 to (Cousin) Marion Mackay, married (2) 1760 to Elizabeth Fairley, dsp. Hon Huigh Mackay, (d.1797), 6th Lord Reay, dunm. (Second Marriage) Hon Mary Mackay, married to Major Thomas Edgar. (Second Marriage) Hon Hugh Mackay (d. 1770), married (1) 1728 to Margaret Mackay of Bighouse, with issue. Janet Mackay, married to Colin Campbell of Glenure. Marion Mackay, married (Cousin) 1758 to George Mackay, 4th Lord Reay. Hon Anne Mackay, married 1728 to John Watson of Muir Ho. (Third Marriage) Hon George Mackay of Skibo, MP, (d. 1782), married 1766 to Anne Sutherland, with issue. George Mackay, (d. 1790  in East Indies), dunm. Eric Mackay, (1773-1847), 7th Lord Reay, dunm. Hon Alexander Mackay, (1775-1863), 8th Lord Reay, married 1809 to Marion Gall, with issue. Eric Mackay, (1813-1875), 9th Lord Reay, dunm. Hon Sophia Mackay, married to Charles Arthur Aylmer. Hon Donald Hugh Mackay, (1780-1850), married 1848 to Helen Martha Twinning, dsp. Elizabeth Mackay, (d. 1788), dunm. Hon Mary Mackay, (d. 1843), dunm. Hon Anne Mackay, (d. 1849), dunm. Hon Alexander Mackay, (d. 1789), MP, married 1770 to Margaret Carr, dsp. Hon Christian Mackay, (d. 1810), married 1746 to Rev John Erskine DD. Hon Aeneas Mackay, (d. 1697), Brig-General Mackay Scottish Regt in service of Netherlands, married 1692 to Margaret Puchler, with issue. Donald Mackay, (1696 -1745 Killed at the Siege of Tournai), married to Arnola Margaret van der Steen, with issue Aeneas Mackay, married to Baroness Ursulina Philippina van Haeften van Wadenoyen, with issue. Barthold Johan Christiaan Mackay, created 4 June 1822 Baron Mackay van Ophemert in the Kingdom of Netherlands, married to Baroness Anna Magdalea van Renesse, with issue. (This line are the present LORDS OF REAY, Barons Mackay van Ophemert).. Hon Hugh Mackay.. Hon Angus Mackay Lt-Col in Danish Army, married 1659 to Catherine Gunn, with issue. (Mackay of Melness). Hon Jane Mackay. Hon Mary Mackay, married to Sir Roderick MacLeod of Talisker. (Third Marriage) Hon Anne Mackay, married to Alexander Macdonald. (Fourth Marriage) Hon William Mackay, of Kinloch, married to Ann Mackay, with issue. Hon Charles Mackay, of Sandwood, married to Elizabeth Mackay, with issue. Hon Rupert Mackay. Hon Margaret Mackay, (d. 1720), dunm. Hon Christina Mackay, married to Alexander Gunn of Killearnan. (illegitimate with Lady Mary Lindsay) Donald Mackay of Dysart, (1620 - 1659 Dysart), married  1640 to Isobel Ramsay, (illegitimate daughter of William Ramsay, 1st Earl of Dalhousie d. 1672), with issue. Capt James Mackay of Dysart, (1642 - 1678), Army, married 1671 to Marion Stewart, with issue. Donald Mackay of Dysart, (1673-1715), Served in the Army, married 1708 to Annie Macleod, with issue. James Mackay of Dysart, (1710-1726), died in Service of the Royal Army, married 1724 to (Cousin) Sarah Mackay, dsp. Ella Mackay, (1713-., married 1731 to John Munroe. Thomas Mackay of Dysart, (1715-63), Tacksman, married 1735 to (Cousin) Sarah Mackay, with issue. James Mackay of Dysart, (1737-1785), married to (Cousin) Anne Mackay of Lochcarron, with issue. Catherine Mackay of Dysart, married to John Macleod. Anne Mackay, (1738-., married to N. Mackenzie. Sophia Mackay, (1741-., married to N. Stewart. Christian Mackay, (1743-., married to N. Munroe. Louisa Mackay, (1746-., married 1768 to Donald Mackay of Lochcarron. Alexander Mackay, (1675-1727) Tacksman, married 1700 (Cousin) to Isobel Mackay, with issue. Sarah Mackay, (1704-., married (1) 1724 to James Mackay of Dysart, married (2) 1735 to Thomas Mackay of Dysart. Marion Mackay, (1707-., married to Angus Macdonald. Anthea Mackay, (1677-., married (Cousin) 1694 to Duncan Mackay of Dysart. Col. Alastair Mackay of Dysart, (1645 -1676), married 1685 to Sarah Mackay of Sandwood, with issue. Duncan Mackay of Dysart, (1672-., married (Cousin) 1694 to Anthea Mackay of Dysart, with issue. Isobel Mackay, (1675-., married 1700 to Alexander Mackay of Dysart. Murdoch Mackay, (1678-., married 1702 to (Cousin) Claire Mackay, with issue. Isobel Mackay, (1704-., married to N. Munroe. Anne Mackay, (1705-., married to N. Macleod. Mary Mackay, (1708-., married 1725 to Christian Macdonald, with issue (other issue). Jane Macdonald, (1726-., married 1740 to Angus Mackay of Lochcarron. Helene Mackay, (1711-., married to Simon Fraser of Lovat, with issue. Claire Fraser, (1750-., married to Murdoch Mackay. Eliza Mackay, (1679-., married (Cousin) 1702 to Donald Mackay of Blairnone.. Murdoch Mackay of Dysart, Tacksman in Dysart, (1651-1695), married 1685 to Sarah Mackay of Skerray (See below), with issue. Hugh Mackay of Cromarty, Tacksman, (1687-, married 1710 to Anne Munro, with issue. Angus Mackay of Lochcarron, Farmer/Tenant, (1712-., married 1740 to Jane Macdonald of the Isles (See Above), with issue. Anne Mackay, (1742-, married to James Mackay of Dysart. Charlotte Mackay, (1744-. Donald Mackay of Lochcarron, Farmer/Tenant, (1745-., married  1768 to Louisa Mackay of Dysart, with issue. Mary Mackay, (1768-, married to Robert Murdoch. Duncan Mackay of Lochcarron, Sloughman, (1771-., married to Mary Mackay of Lochcarron, with issue. John Mackay of Lochcarron, Tacksman, (1802-, married to Anne Mackay, with issue. Donald Mackay, (*2), (1804 Lochcarron - 18-01-1882 at Shore Street, Cromarty), married 3-06-1825 Lochcarron to Anne Brown (born 1811 at Stratherrick -1878), with issue. John Mackay, (1-11-1833 Lochcarron - 17-04-1899), married 4-01-1863 Kirkhill to Margaret Gordon of Inverness (1837-1894), daughter of James Gordon, a Farmer and Maria Mackenzie, with issue. Murdoch Mackay, (1875-), married 24-06-1904 Kiltearn to Helen MacGregor, daughter of John MacGregor a Crofter and Margaret McIntosh, with issue. William Mackay, (1908 Udall, Cromarty - 1990 Inverness)., married 1-06-1932 Munlocky to Jessie Anne Macleod, daughter of Alexander Macleod of Tulloch, Knockbain and Jessie Macdonald, with issue. Murdoch Mackay, (30-07-1932- 2001 Raigmore Hospital Inverness), married 1960 The Stags Head Hotel, Golspie to Wilma Ann Gunn. William Mackay, (22-05-1934-. Alexander Mackay, (27-08-1936-. John Macgregor MacDonald Mackay, (21-09-1939-, married 1972 Registrars Office Dingwall to Mary Patricia Ross, with issue. Elspeth Ann Mackay, (1961-. William Mackay, (1962-. Mary Mackay, (1964-. Alexander Mackay, (1967-. Murdo Mackay, (1969-. Barry Mackay, (9-09-1942-, married 1962 to Mary Dolores Schembri, with issue. Alan Mackay, married (Div) to Jacqueline Saliba, with issue. Zach Mackay, (1996-. William Mackay, married to Marthese N, with issue. Mersia Mackay. Wesley Mackay. Warren Mackay. Rita Anne Mackay, married 1995 to Count Stephen Sant Fournier, 9th Count Fournier, and Sant, 9th Barone de Pausier, Hereditary Count Sant of the Austrian Empire, etc.. Matthew Mackay, (23-06-1945-. Jessie Mackay, (13-02-1949-. Peter Mackay, (24-02-1950-, married 1968 Registrars Office Inverness to Frances Harvey Durdle. Donald Mackay, (1862-. James Mackay, (1863-. Annie Mackay, (1865-. John Mackay, (1873-. Hugh Mackay, (1880-. Maria Mackay, (1868-., married to N. Lewis, with issue. Henry Lewis, (1891-. Mary Mackay, (1844-. Alexander Mackay, (1846-. Ann Mackay, (1851-., married to N. Mackenzie, with issue. Donald Mackenzie, (1864-. Henry Mackenzie, (1871-. Donald Mackay, (1864-. Henry Mackay, (1871-. Murdoch Mackay, (1840-. Angus Mackay, (1849-. James Mackay of Arbroath, Forfarshire, (d. 1864), married to Deborah Lyle, with issue. Sir James Lyle Mackay GCSI, KCSI, GCMG, KCMG, KCIE, CIE., (1852-1932), cr: 1911 - Baron Inchcape of Strathnavern, cr: 1924 - Viscount Inchcape, cr: 1929 -Viscount Glenapp, Earl of Inchcape. (*1), married 1883 to Jean Paterson Shanks, with issue. Kenneth Mackay, (1887-1939), 2nd Earl of Inchcape, married (1) 1915 (Div 1931) to Joan Moriarty, daughter of the Lord Justice Appeal of Ireland, married (2) 1933 to Leonora Margaret Brooke of Sarawak, with issue. (First Marriage) Kenneth James William Mackay, (1917-1994), 3rd Earl of Inchcape, married (1) 1941 (Div 1954) to Aline Thorn Pease, married (2) 1965 to Caroline Harrison, with issue. (First Marriage) Kenneth Peter Lyle Mackay, (1943-., 4th Earl of Inchcape, married 1966 to Georgina Nisbet, with issue. Fergus James Kenneth Mackay, (1979-., Viscount Glenapp. Lady Elspeth Mackay, (1972-., married 2001 to James Horden, with issue. Tobias Peter Mackay, (2003-. Lady Ailsa Fiona Mackay, (1977-. Hon James Jonathan Mackay, (1947-., married 1970 to Mary Caroline Joyce, with issue. Aiden James Turner Mackay, (1978-. Sophie Mackay, (1974-. Lady Lucinda Louisa Mackay, (1941-., married 1983 (Div 1987) to David Boggie. (Second Marriage) Hon Shane Lyle Mackay, (1973-., married 2003 to Lucinda Bryant. Hon Ivan Cholmeley Mackay, (1976-. Hon Anthony Kenneth Mackay, (1967-. Hon Alan John Francis Mackay, (1919-1999), married (1) 1945 (Div 1946) to Janet Mary Wallis, married (2) 1948 (Div 1953) to Sonia Cecilia Tylden, married (3) 1955 to Countess Lucie Catinka Haugwitz-Hardenberg-Reventlow of Denmark, with issue. (Second Marriage) Siobhan Amanda Mackay, (1949-., married 1973 to Christopher O.B. Carver. Kristina Mary Mackay, (1951-., married 1975 to Simon M.F Lamb. Hon James Lyle Mackay, (1923 -1941), dunm. Lady Patricia Margery Kathleen Mackay, (1916-1973), married (1) 1938 (Div 1949) to Major Hugh Washington Hibbert, married (2) 1951 to Major Reginald Fairweather, RA. (Second Marriage) Hon Simon Brooke Mackay, (1934-., cr: 1971- Life Peerage - Baron Tanlaw, married (1) 1959 to Joanna Susan Hirsch, married (2) 1976 to Rina Siew Yong, with issue. (First Marriage) Hon James Brooke Mackay, (1961-, married to Anne-Marie Barrett. Hon Joshua Alexander Brooke Mackay, (1964-1967), d.inf. Hon Iona Heloise Mackay, (1960-., married 1978 (Div 1988) to Stephenm P. Hudson. Hon Rebecca Alexandra Mackay, (1967-., married 1995 to Mark Ayre-Smith. (Second Marriage) Hon Asia Brooke Mackay, (1980-. Hon Brooke Brooke Mackay, (1982-. Lady Rosemary Mackay, (1936-., married 1957 to Francis Martin French, with issue. Ewan Alexander French, (1959-1982), dunm. Anna-Louise French, (1961-., married 1994 to Rupert Bruce. Nicola Catherine French, (1967-., married 1993 to Lawrence Charles Reintjes. Kirsty Elizabeth French, (1970-., married 2003 to Damien Caldwell. Lady Margaret Cargill Mackay, (d. 1958), married 1913 to Alexander Shaw, 2nd Baron Craigmyle, with issue. (other issue) Thomas Donald Mackay Shaw, (1923-1998), 3rd Baron Craigmyle, married 1955 to Anthea Esther Rich, with issue. (other issue). Thomas Columba Shaw, (1960-., 4th Baron Craigmyle, married 1987 to Katherine Alice Floyd, with issue. Hon Alexander Francis Shaw, (1988-. Hon Finnian Donald Shaw, (1990-. Hon Calum Edward Shaw, (1993-. Hon Joseph Thomas Shaw, (1996-. Lady Janet Lyle Mackay CStJ, (d.1972), married 1908 to Lt-Col Frederick George Bailey RA., with issue. (other issue). Felicity Anne Bailey, (d.1984), married 1937 (Div 1974) to Sir Horace Anthony Claude Rumbold, KCMG, CMG, KCVO, 10th Baronet of Woodhall, with issue. Sir Henry John Rumbold, ( 1947-., 11th Baronet of Woodhall, married 1978 to Frances Anne Holly Hawkes. Camilla Charlotte Rumbold, (1943-, married (1) 1962 (Div 1970) to Hon Christopher Lionel Baliol Brett, 5th Viscount Esher, married (2) 1972 (Div 1983) to Giles Oliver Swayne, with issue. Hon Matthew Christopher Brett, (1963-., married 1992 to Hon Emma Denison-Pender, with issue. Jack Alexander Brett, (1996-. Eleanor Brett, (1994-. Alice Brett, (1999-. Lady Elsie Mackay, married 1917 (Annulled 1922) to Dennis Wyndham, dsp. Lady Effie Mackay, married 1920 to Sir Eugen John Vanderstegen Millington-Drake, KCMG, with issue. Marie Millington-Drake, (1924-1973), married 1960 to Don Getano Paterno Castello, 12th Duca di Carcaci, with issue Don Alessandro Paterno Castello, 13th Duca di Carcaci, (1961-., married 1990 to Lady Charlotte Legge, with issue. Don Tancredi Paterno Castello. Donna Miranda Paterno Castello. Donna Chiara Paterno Castello. Donna Diana Paterno Castello. Anne Mackay, (1809-, married to N. Maclean. Angus Mackay, of Lochcarron, farmer., married to Jane Bannerman, with issue. James Mackay of Arbroath, Fisherman, married Anne Sutherland, with issue. Malcom Mackay of Lochcarron, (1748-, married to Eliza Mackay of Blairmore, with issue. Murdoch Mackay of Lochcarron, Farmer/tenant, (1751-., married  to Claire Fraser (See Above), with issue. Mary Mackay, (1773-., married to (Cousin) Duncan Mackay. Janet Mackay, (1754-., married to (Cousin) Donald Mackay of Blairmore, Sutherland, with issue. Donald Mackay, (1790 -1863 Wallendibby, NSW Australia), married to (Cousin) Louisa Mackay (d/o Hugh Mackay), with issue. Alexander Mackay, (d. 1877 Nimmitabel NSW), married 1857 to Louisa Atkins, with issue. William Mackay, (1818 -1894 Delegate NSW), married 1869 to Caroline Baddeley, with issue. Hugh Mackay, (1832 -1871 Delegate NSW), dunm. Duncan Mackay, (1716-., tacksman, married to Marion Stewart, with issue. Christina Mackay, (1719-, married to Anthony Douglas. Alice Mackay, (1714-, married to Malcolm Thompson. Anthea Mackay, (1690-, married 1703 to Andrew Campbell. Aloisea Mackay, (1693-, married 1708 to John Kerr. Donald Mackay of Blairmore,  (1652-., Tacksman, married 1674 to Mary Lindsay, with issue. Donald Mackay of Blairmore, (1678-., married (Cousin) 1670 to Eliza Mackay of Dysart, with issue. Donald Mackay of Blairmore, (1705-, married 1731 to Eliza Innes (grand daughter of Mary Mackay), with issue. Donald Mackay of Blairmore, (1743-., married to Janet Mackay of Lochcarron, with issue (See Above). Eliza Mackay, (1745-., married to Malcolm Mackay of Lochcarron. Claire Mackay, (1681-., married 1702 to Murdoch Mackay. Andrew Mackay, (1685-1736), Minister at Blairmore, dunm. Christian Mackay, (1655-, married 1674 to N. Munroe. Mary Mackay, (1649-, married 1677 to Antony Innes. John Mackay of Dirlot and Strathy, (1592-1645), married 1618 to Agnese Sinclair (d/o James of Murkle), with issue. Hugh Mackay of Strathy, married 1676 to Hon Jane Mackay, with issue John Mackay of Skerray, (1622-1710), married to Margaret Munro (d/o Hector of Erribol and Elizabeth Fraser), with issue. Donald Mackay of Kinniset, (1658- 1708), married to Margaret Munro., with issue. Sarah Mackay, married 1685 to Murdoch Mackay of Dysart (See Above). Daughter Mackay. Daughter Mackay. Daughter Mackay.




* 1:  James Lyle Mackay, first Earl of Inchcape, 79, British banking & shipping tycoon, board chairman of famed Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., vice president of Suez Canal Co.; after a general breakdown; aboard his yacht Rover, off Monte Carlo. His family withheld the news of his death until the London Stock Exchange closed. A poor Scottish boy, he rose to wealth & power in Indian trading firms. Branching out into Far Eastern shipping, Lord Inchcape became an authority on Oriental trade, negotiated Britain's basic commercial treaty with China in 1902. His daughter Elsie was lost in 1928 when she attempted to fly the Atlantic with Capt. W. G. R. Hinchliffe.

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* 2 :

The grave stone of Donald Mackay and Anne Brown.



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