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Macleod family

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The Clan MacLeod of Lewis claims its descent from Leod, who according to MacLeod tradition was a younger son of Olaf the Black, King of Mann (r.1229–1237). However, articles have been published in the Clan MacLeod magazine which suggest an alternate genealogy for Leod, one in which he was not son of Olaf, but a 3rd cousin (some removed) from Magnus the last King of Mann. In these alternate genealogies, using the genealogy of Christina MacLeod, great granddaughter of Leod, who married Hector Reaganach (McLean/McLaine) these articles suggest that the relationship to the Kings of Mann was through a female line, that of Helga of the beautiful hair. The dating of Christina's genealogy and the ability to line it up with known historical facts lend a great deal of authenticity to the claims of the authors.

1. Sir Roderick Macleod, 16th Chief of the Clan Macleod, died 1626, married 1598 to Isabel Macdonnell (d/o Donald, 8th of Glegarry), with issue.

1.1. John Macleod, 17th Chief of the Clan Macleod, died 1649, married with issue.

1.2. Sir Roderick Macleod of  Talisker, with issue.

1.3. Sir Norman Macleod of Bernera, with issue.

1.4. William Macleod of Hamer, with issue.

1.5. Donald Macleod, 1st of Grishernish, married (1) to N. Macdonald, (d/o of Donald, 12th of Clanranall), married (2) N. Fraser, with issue.

1.5.1. (First Mariage) Alastair/Alexander Macleod, 2nd of Grishernish, married with issue (s/p).

1.5.2. (Second Marriage) Norman Macleod, 3rd of Grishernish, married to Catherine Maclean, (d/o Lachlan, 9th of Coll), with issue. Alastair Macleod, married with issue. Donald Macleod, married with issue. Donald Macleod of Bogallan Scotland, (shoe maker and journeyman), married 15-08-1794 Knockbain to Margaret Fraser, with issue. John Macleod, a Tailor, (19-12-1797 Knockbain - 11-02-1879 Dingwall Scotland), John and his family, from at least 1841 – 1851, lived at Tore Wood, on the Kilcoy estate in the parish of Killearnan, and in 1861 were at Wellhouse, in the same estate. John wasn’t born in Killearnan, and neither was his wife, nor their first 2 children. The following gives a clue to why they arrived there, especially in light of the time period (the 1830’s)., married 8-01-1819 Knockbain to Catherine MacKay of Dysart, with issue. John Macleod, (1828-. Allan Macleod, (1829-. Alexander Macleod, (Journeyman Tailor), (27-12-1830 Knockbain - 12-06-1883 Dingwall)., married 26 November 1860 Tore, Scotland to Christina Urquhart, (died 26-12-1926 Dingwall), with issue. John Macleod, (31-05-1863 Linaig of Ferintosh -. Catherine Macleod, (04-05-1865 Linaig of Ferintosh -. Ann Macleod, (12-10-1867 Linaig of Ferintosh-. Alexander Macleod, (11-03-1870 Linaig of Ferintosh, Scotland - 20-12-1957 Munlochy Scotland), married (1) 12th December 1902 Drummondreach, Urquhart, Scotland to Janet MacDonald (died 28-07-1917 Tullich, Knockbain), married (2) 07-12-1923 Munlochy to Janet MacLeman (died at the age of 101 - 20-06-2004 Inverness), with issue. (First Marriage) Christina Macleod, (5-10-1903- Fettes, Killearnan - 10-07-2001 Fortrose), married 05-02-1932 Inverness to Matthew Fraser, with issue. Jessie Ann Macleod, (22-06-1906 Fettes, Killearnan, Scotland - 26-12-1976 Inverness), married 1-06-1932 Munlocky to William Mackay. Barbara Macleod, (2-12-1910 Garguston, Killearnan, Scotland -). (Second Marriage) Alexander Macleod, (5-11-1924 Tullich, Knockbain, Scotland - 20-05-1970 Inverness), married (1) (Div) to Winifred Smith, married (2) 10-11-1955 Urray East, Muir of Ord to Christina Elsie Fraser. Janet Macleod, (12-08-1929 Tullich, Knockbain, Scotland -). Christina Margaret Macleod, (12-03-1933 Tullich, Knockbain, Scotland -). Donald Macleod, (1835-. William Macleod, (1837-.


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