Rocca, Patricans of Genoa family

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1. Domenico Rocca 1346 -49, married with issue.

1.1. Lazarino Giustiniani Rocca , died 1383., married with issue.

1.1.1. Simone Rocca, 1352 - 91, married to Luchina N, with issue. Salvaggina Rocca. Giovanni Rocca. Pietro Rocca, 1391-1426, married with issue. Ambrogio Rocca, with issue. Primafliore Rocca 1423, married to Ambrogio Gamhara. Simone Rocca 1489 -1510, married Isolta de'Franchi Sacchi, with issue. Maria Rocca., married to Sebastiano Oliva. Ambrogio Rocca. Bernardo Rocca. Paolo Battista Rocca.

1.1.2. Lazarino Rocca, died 1394., married with issue. Prospero Rocca 1395 -98. Battista Rocca 1391 -1433, married to Maria Recanelli, with issue. Violanta Rocca, married 1416 to Boruello Negri. Magnico Giovanni Rocca, died 1488, married to Benedetta Campi, with issue. Domenico Rocca, died 1497, married to Brigida N, with issue. Pietro Rocca 1497-. Girolama Rocca, married to Giovanni Fornetto. Pier Stefano Rocca. Carenza Rocca, married to Vincenzo Longa. Giovannettino Rocca, 1507-46, married to Giacobina N, with issue. Carenza Rocca, married to Leonardo Giustiniani. Girolama Rocca, married to Nicolo Giustiniani. Luca Rocca, 1566, married to Peretta Campi, with issue. Girolama Rocca. Giovanni Rocca, 1566, with issue. Luca Rocca. Giorgio Rocca. Giorgio Rocca. Francesco Rocca. Vincenzo Rocca. Brigida Rocca., amrried to Cosmo Giustiniani. Domenico Rocca, died 1575., married Bianca Giustiniani, with issue. Luca Rocca, married with issue. Margherita Rocca, married to Tommaso de San Blasio. Ercole Rocca, married with issue. Giacobinetta Rocca. Domenico Rocco. Isabella Rocca, married to Barone Francesco Forreggiani. Maria Rocca. Giovanni Rocca. Emilia Rocca, married to Domenico Garibaldo. Battina Rocca, married Melchiorre Longo. Silvestro Rocca. Maria Rocca, married to Stefano Accelino Lercari. Battista Rocca 1476 - 83, married (1) Marietta Recanelli, married (2) Bianchina Sauli, with issue. (illegitimate) Ambrogio Rocca, married with issue. Martino Rocca., with issue. Giovanni Rocca. Giorgio Rocca. Alessandro Rocca, 1507 28, married to Peretta Giudice. Francesco Rocca, married with issue. Girolamo Rocca, married to Maria Cipollina, with issue. Cesare Rocca. Marietta Rocca, married to Battista Adorno. Battista Rocca, with issue. Domenico Rocca, with issue. Giovanni Rocca. Battista Rocca. Peretta Rocca. Tommaso Rocca, with issue. Francesco Rocca, with issue. Tommaso Rocca, with issue. Francesco Rocca. Giovanni Rocca., with issue. Margherita Rocca. Michele Rocca. Antonio Rocca, married to Despina Rocca, with issue. Benedetta Rocca, died 1644, married to Lorenzo Guiducci. Maria Rocca, married to Andrea Campi. Sobrana Rocca, married to Gasparo Longo. Alessandro Rocco, died 1500. Ambrogio Rocco, died 1506. Cesare Rocco, married to Teodorina Giustiniani. Antonio Rocco, 1495, married with issue. Leonardo Rocco 1528, married with issue. Vincenzo Rocco, with issue. Leonardo Rocco, with issue. Vincenzo Rocco. Catetta Rocco. Angelica Rocco. Peretta Rocco, married to Vincenzo Giustiniani. (illegitimate) Nicolo Rocca, with issue. Giovanni Agostino Rocca. Bartolomeo Rocco,  1521 -41, married to Maria Giustiniani, with issue. Despina Rocco, married to Antonio Rocco. Francesco Rocco. Antonio Rocco. Giovanni Rocco. Agostino Rocco. Bianca Rocco. Lazarino Rocco, died 1507, married with issue. Margherita Rocco, married to Francesco Longo. Silvestro Rocco, died 1586, married to Antonia N, with issue. Alessandro Rocco, 1515 -86, married to Nicoletta de Franchi Coccarelli, with issue. Fulvia Rocco, married to Stefano Canevaro. Maria Rocco, married Ermondono Negri. Andrea Rocco, 1528 -66, with issue. Leonardo Rocco, 1566., married with issue. Giovanni Girolamo Rocco. Stefano Rocco, married with issue. Leonardo Rocco 1598-1638. Giovan Domenico Rocco, Domenican Monk. Giovan Vincenzo Rocco, Capucin Monk. Andrea Rocco. Benedetto Rocco. Lazarino Rocco, married to Lionetta Negro, with issue. Leonardo Rocco, married to Despina Giustiniani, with issue. Lionetta Rocco, married (1) to Giuseppe Paterno., married (2) to Francesco Giustiniani. Bernardo Rocco, married to Giorgietta Giustiniani. Giambattista Rocco, married 1579 to Despina Garibaldo, with issue. Bianca Rocco, married to Brizio Giustiniani. Giovan Bernardo Rocco, 1582 -1605., with issue. Palma Rocco, married to Bernardo Grimaldi, with issue. Giulio Grimaldi, 'Priest'. Laura Marie Grimaldi, married to Giovanni Velasti, with issue. Bernardo Velasti, 1680. Andrea Velasti, married to Teodora Pitzipio, with issue. Giovanni Velasti, 1697., with issue. Antonio Velasti Antonio Velasti, with issue. Cesare Velasti, 'Priest'. Antonio Velasti, 1769 in Chios. Andrea Velasti. Pantaleo Velasti. Despina Velasti. Despina Rocco, married to Michele de Basilico. Giambattista Rocco, married with issue. Giambattista Rocco. Francesca Rocco, married to Brizio Fornetto. Maria Rocco, married to Giuseppe Giustiniani. Giogio Rocco, 'Domenican Monk'. Battina Rocco. Maria Rocco, married to Vincenzo Giustiniani. Bartolomeo Rocco, 1433 -94. Leonardo Rocco, d.inf.



Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869..



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