"Vivaldo e Vivaldi di Genoa"

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1. Robaldo Vivaldo, (c. 1190, 1210), with issue.

1.1. Enrico Vivaldo, (c. 1237, 1272), with issue.

1.1.1. Argenta Vivaldo, (c. 1272).

1.2. Guglielmo Vivaldi, (c. 1227, 1237, 1257), with issue.

1.2.1. Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1254, d. 1272), married to Margarita Cicala, dsp.

1.2.2. Vivaldo Vivaldi, (c 1254, 1274), married to Lionetta N, with issue. Andreolo Vivaldi, (c. 1287), married to Giachina N, with issue. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1315). Vivaldo Vivaldi (c. 1308, 1348), married to Ginevra de Mari, with issue. Andreolo Vivaldi, (c. 1343, 1377), married to Argenta Squarciafico, with issue. Gianotto Vivaldi, (c. 1377, 1398). Andreola Vivaldi, (c. 1414, 1429, 1433), married to Giuliano Malocello. Niccolosia Vivaldi, (c. 1423), married to Domenico de Mari. Andreolo Vivaldi, (c. 1412, 1433), married to Isolta Vivaldi, with issue. Napoleone Vivaldi, (c. 1449, 1479), married to Niccoletta Spinola, with issue. Isolta Vivaldi, (c. 1464, d. 1529)., married to Anfreone Spinola. Galeotto Vivaldi, (c. 1433, 1449), married to Franca Spinola, with issue. Vincenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1520). Violante Vivaldi, (c. 1484, 1506), married to Paolo Odone. Andrea Vivaldi, (c. 1489, d. 1514), married to Maria Calvi, with issue. Gio Gregorio Vivaldi, (c. 1514, 1518), 'Monk'. Isabella Vivaldi, (d. 1514). Galeotto Vivaldo, (c. 1482, 1520). Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1514), 'Nun'. Luchina Vivaldi, (c. 1484, 1516), married to Girolamo Francesco Bianchi. Domenico Vivaldi, (c. 1484, 1539), married to Giovanna Solaro, dsp. Lanfranco Vivaldi, (c. 1362, 1377), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Carlotto Vivaldi, (c. 1407, 1431). Anfreone Vivaldi, (c. 1383). Selvahia Vivaldi, (c. 1346, 1355), married to Cottardo Coccone. Federico Vivaldi, (c. 1377, 1386), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1390, d. 1431), married to Enrico Squarciafico. Ugolino Vivaldi, (c. 1411, d. 1430). Gabriele Vivaldi, (c. 1416, d. 1433), married to Maria Salvago, with issue. Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1429, 1437), married to Antonio Ardimento. Argenta Vivaldi, (c. 1431), married to Simone de Negro. Vivaldo Vivaldi, (c. 1404). Ginevra Vivaldi, married to Andreolo Gentile. Alaone Vivaldi, (c. 1338, 1343, d. 1357), married to Niccoletta N, dsp. Obertino Vivaldi, (c. 1308, 1343), with issue. Dominica Vivaldi, (c. 1343, 1377), married (1) to Paolo Usodimare, married (2) to Emaniele Doria. Lombardo Vivaldi, (c. 1343, 1377), with issue. Oberto Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1377), married to Arana Raistroppo, with issue. Moruele Vivaldi, (c. 1411, d. 1423). Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1431), married to Ginevra Vento, with issue. Oberto Vivaldi, (c. 1455, d. 1465). Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1465), married to Giacomo Voltaggio. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1377), married to Bartolomeo Ardomento. Alaone Vivaldi, (c. 1377, 1383), married to Cattarina de Maiore, with issue. Dominica Vivaldi, (c. 1431, 1444), married to Simone Erchero. Isabella Vivaldi, (c. 1431, 1444), married to Antonio Marcone. Antoniotto Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1398). Ettore Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1398). Gregorio Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1398). Lombardo Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1411). Guiscardo Vivaldi, (c. 1308). Guglielmo Vivaldi, (c. 1272, 1276), married to Andreolo Barbavaria, with issue./ Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1303, d. 1321), married to Alasia Saiffa, with issue. Antonino Vivaldi, (c. 1321, 1368). Cicalina Vivaldi, (c. 1343). Lanfranco Vivaldi, (c. 1321, 1343). Eliano Vivaldi, (c. 1321, 1343). Simone Vivaldi, (c. 1343). Galeazzo Vivaldi, (c. 1321, 1343). Emanuele Vivaldi, (c. 1321, 1343). Bonifacio Vivaldi, (c. 1254, 1263), married to Verdina N, with issue. Simone Vivaldi, (c. 1272, 1314, d. 1325), married to Giovanna Spinola, with issue. Giorgio Vivaldi, (c. 1297, 1341). Damiano Vivaldi, (c. 1314, d. 1329), married to Luchina Lalocello, with issue. Antoniotto Vivaldi, (c. 1329, 1332), with issue. Damiano Vivaldi, (c. 1377, 1435). Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1350, 1387), with issue. Luchina Vivaldi, (c. 1377, 1435), married to Tommaso Spinola. Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1274, 1284, 1312), married to Lionetta N, with issue. Manfredo Vivaldi, (c. 1314, 1350), married to Eliana Tavano, with issue. Teodora Vivaldi, married to Luchino Grimaldo. Pietrino Vivaldi, (c. 1345). Federico Vivaldi, (c. 1325, 1335), with issue. Paris Vivaldi, (c. 1345). Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1309, d. 1325), married to Diana Spinola, with issue. Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1350). Selvagia Vivaldi, (c. 1325, 1350). Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1335, 1350). Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1309, d. 1325), married to Alasia N, with issue. Odoardo Vivaldi, (c. 1325, 1350). Giovannino Vivaldi, (c. 1325, d. 1340), married to Selvagia N, with issue. Cattarina Vivaldi, (c. 1353). Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1297, 1335, 1340), married to Cicalina N, with issue. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1342). Domenico Vivaldi, (c. 1325, 1335, d. 1350), with issue. Bernabo Vivaldi, (c. 1350, 1353), with issue. Daniele Vivaldi, (c. 1383). Teodora Vivaldi, (c. 1356), married to Leonardo di Negro. Pietra Vivaldi, (c. 1384), married to Gianotto de Marini. Filppo Vivaldi, (c. 1276, 1330), with issue. Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1305, 1309). Costanza Vivaldi, (c. 1332), married to Guglielmo Lercari. Leonello Vivaldi, (c. 1309, 1369), married to Andreola Lomellini, with issue. Luchino Vivaldi, (c. 1344, 1353), maried to Maria N, with issue. Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1378, 1402, d. 1414), married to Corrardina Spinola, with issue. Giuliano Vivaldi, (c. 1414, 1455), married to Orietta Doria, with issue. Illario Vivaldi, (d. 1455), married to Eliana Negroni, with issue. Niccolosio Vivaldi,. (c. 1455, 1471). Niccolo Vivaldi, (d. 1455). Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1465, 1493), married to Caterina Cattaneo, with issue. Lorenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1518). Illario Vivaldi, (c. 1547), married to Maria de Varcio. Giuliano Vivaldi, (c. 1503). Argenta Vivaldi, married to Marco Gentile Pignolo. Chiara Vivaldi, (c. 1403), married to Cassano Doria. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1390, 1420, d. 1422), married to Selvagia de Marini, with issue. Ginevra Vivaldi, (c. 1422), married to Cattaneo Doria. Vincenzo Vivaldi, married to Brigida Vivaldi, dsp. Paris Vivaldi., (c. 1423). Silvestro Vivaldi, (c. 1423, 1430, d. 1441), married to Eliana Marabotto, dsp. Bartolomeo Vivaldi, (c. 1422). Taddeo Vivaldi, (c. 1433, 1442). Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1423, 1442). Goffredo Vivaldi, (c. 1423). Selvagia Vivaldi, (c. 1361, d. 1400), married to Illario Leccavello. Caterina Vivaldi, (c. 1390), married to Brancaleone Doria. Luchino Vivaldi, (c. 1384, 1420), with issue. Babilano Vivaldi, (c. 1412, d. 1426), married to Valentina Grillo, with issue. Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1426, 1474), married to Costantino Negrone. Bartolommeo Vivaldi, (c. 1412, 1426, d. 1431), married to Bianca Cattaneo, with issue. Luchino Vivaldi, (d. 1530), married to Maria Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. Niccoletta Vivaldi, (c. 1530, 1531), married to Cristofaro Malaspina, Marchese di Mulazzo. Benedetta Vivaldi, (c. 1530, 1531), married to Stefano Spinola. Battista Vivaldi, (d. 1426). Cosmo Vivaldi, (c. 1410, d. 1426), married to Argenta de Marini, with issue. Odoardo Vivaldi, (c. 1426, d. 1494). Urbano Vivaldi, (c. 1426, 1477), married (1) to Manfreda di Negro, married (2) to Violante Salvago, dsp. Benedetto Vivaldi, (c. 1390, 1400, d. 1414), married to Cattarina Gentile, with issue. Gherardo Vivaldi, (c. 1406, 1422). Benedetto Vivaldi, (c. 1406, 1452), married (1) to Maria Spinola, married (2) to Costanza Grimaldi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1467, d. 1469). Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1477, 1481), married to Pietro Pallavicino. Margherita Vivaldi, (c. 1467), married to Corrardo Imperiale. Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1467), married to Filippo Vivaldi (First Marriage) Gherardo Vivaldi, (c. 1461, 1481, d. 1492), married to Violante Salvago, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1492, 1502), married to Benedetto Doria. Benedetto Vivaldi, (c. 1492, 1539), married to Pellegra Lomellini, with issue. Tommasina Vivaldi, (c. 1505, 1539), married to Giovanni Noceti. Violante Vivaldi, (c. 1505, 1539, 1550), married to Francesco Noceti di Pontremoli. Cosmo Vivaldi, (c. 1481, 1492). (Second Marriage) Giacoba Vivaldi, (c. 1467), married to Benedetto Italiano. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1467), married to Girolamo Pallavicino. Teodora Vivaldi, (c. 1467, 1474), married (1) to Bartolomeo Squarciafico, married (2) to Lorenzo Presenda. Cattarina Vivaldi, (c. 1464). Argenta Vivaldi, (c. 1422), married to Anfreone Cattaneo. Margherita Vivaldi, (d. 1423), married to Giacomo Spinola Giorgio Vivaldi, (c. 1384, 1400, d. 1414), married to Violante Vivaldi, with issue. Brigida Vivaldi, (c. 1420, 1435), married to Vincenzo Vivaldi. Caterina Vivaldi, (c. 1443, 1453), married to Stefano Usodimare. Andrea Vivaldi, (d. 1442). Marchio Vivaldi, (c. 1416, 1468), married to Caterina Giustinini Campi, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1473), married to Giuliano de Marini. Giacoba Vivaldi, (c. 1468, 1473), married to  Aleramo Doria. Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1468, d. 1480), married to Bianca Spinola, with issue. Gironimia Vivaldi, (c. 1480), married to Tommaso Ngerone. Giorgio Vivaldi, (c. 1480, 1530, d. 1537), married (1) to Teodora Negroni, married (2) to Niccoletta Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1530, d. 1544). (Second Marriage) Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1545, d. 1557). (First Marriage) Teodora Vivaldi, (c. 1545, 1575), married to Ambrogio Vivaldo. Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1545, 1567), married to N. Imperiale. Margherita Vivaldi, (c. 1530) Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1480). Cipriano Vivaldi, (c. 1462). Illaria Vivaldi, (c. 1468). Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1450), married to Battista Cicala. Simone Vivaldi, (c. 1435, 1454). Limbania Vivaldi, (c. 1425)., married 91) to Zaccaria Negrone, married (2) to Alerame Salvago. Chiara Vivaldi, (c. 1443), married to Pagano de Marini. Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1390) , married to Bigotta Vivaldi, with issue. Gaspare Vivaldi, (c. 1419, 1455), married to Battina Lomellini, with issue. Bartolommea Vivaldi, (c. 1444), married to Gio Antonio Dentuto. Girolamo Vivaldi, (c. 1462, 1496), married to Luchetta Centurione, with issue. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1497), married to Benedetto Dollera. Adamo Vivaldi, (c. 1524). Percivale Vivaldi, (c. 1496, 1497). Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1513), married to Battina Grimaldi, with issue. Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1548, 1559), married to Tommasina N, with issue. Giulio Vivaldi, (c. 1559). Ippolita Vivaldi, (c. 1590), married (1) to Francesco Stella., married (2) to Gio Batta Bertollo. Isabella Vivaldi, (c. 1590), married to Gio Tommaso Giustiniani. Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1548). Girolamo Vivaldi, (c. 1513, 1548), Doge of Genoa, (r -), married to Niccoletta Salinero, with issue. Anna Vivaldi, (c. 1579), married to Gio Batta de Castello. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1579, 1606), married to Ottaviano Vivaldi. Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1597), married to Gironima Lomellini, with issue. Claudia Vivaldi, (c. 1579), 'Nun'. Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1590). Girolamo Vivaldi, (c. 1579, 1600), married to Emilia Giustiniani. Gironima Vivaldi, (c. 1579). Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1579), married to Lorenzo Marchese delle Cassine. Battina Vivaldi, (c . 1579), married (1) to Gio Batta Vivaldo, married (2) to Niccolo Salvago. Maddalena Vivaldi, (c 1579), married to Giacomo de Castello. Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1524), married to Antonio Doria. Adamo Vivaldi, (c. 1452, 1455), married to Ginevra Spinola. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1412, 1419), married (1) to Ugolino Vivaldo, married to Martino Negrone. Raffaele Vivaldi, (c. 1378, 1398, d. 1414), married (1) to Orietta Spinola, married (2) to Maria Spinola, with issue. (Second Marriage) Selvagia Vivaldi, (d. 1471), married to Simone Gentile. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1458), married to Idetto Lercaro. Raffaele Vivaldi, (c. 1414, 1429). (First Marriage) Baldassare Vivaldi, (c. 1414, d. 1431), married to Corradina Lomellini, with issue. Mariola Vivaldi, (c. 1448). Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1450), married to Gregorio Lomellino. Raffaele Vivaldi, (c. 1431, 1487), married (1) to Brigida Giustiniani, married (2) to Selvagia Lomellini, with issue. (First Marriage) Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1467). (Second Marriage) Cristiano Vivaldi, (c. 1532, d. 1535), married to Maria Fieschi, with issue. Luigia Vivaldi, (c. 1527). Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1527). Raffaele Vivaldi, (c. 1527, 1571), married (1) to Niccoletta Spinola, married (2) to Gironima Pinelli, with issue. Livia Vivaldi, (c. 1582). Marietta Vivaldi, (c. 1558, 1578). Carlo Vivaldi, (c. 1582, 1600). Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1582, 1600), married to Placidia Lercari, with issue. Raffaele Vivaldi, (d. 1609). Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1600), 'Jesuite'. Cecilia Vivaldi, (c. 1600), married to Paolo Salvago. (First Marriage) Baldassare Vivaldi. (Second Marriage) Luciano Vivaldi, (c. 1509), married to Niccoletta Imperiale, with issue. Pellina Vivaldi, (c. 1528). Luca Vivaldi, (c. 1528). Maria Vivaldi, 9c. 1472, 1499), married to Giovanni N. Brigida Vivaldi, (c. 1450), married to Ilario Squarciafico. Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1450), married to Alberto Spinola. (Second Marriage) Cattarina Vivaldi, (c. 1455, 1471), married to Leonello Vivaldo. Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1409, 1435), married to Violante Lercari, with issue. Domenico Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1493), married to Selvagia Spinola, with issue. Brigida Vivaldi, (c. 1497). Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1487, d. 1493), married to Maddalena Italiano, with issue. Domenico Vivaldi, (c. 1495, d. 1522). Petrino Vivaldi, (c. 1495, 1538), married to Cattarina Gentile. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1495), married to Lorenzo Grillo. Opizio Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1477), married to Ginevra Spinola, with issue. Lodisio Vivaldi, (c. 1501, 1512), with issue. Luchesina Vivaldi, (c. 1529), married to Benedetto de Terdona. Opizio Vivaldi, (c. 1499, 1501), married to Marta Vivaldi, with issue. Ginevra Vivaldi, (c. 1520). Eliana Vivaldi, (c. 1500), married to Gaspare Lercaro. Cipriano Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1477), married to Giacobo Vivaldi, with issue. Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1488). Luchino Vivaldi, (c. 1484, 1514), married to Benedetta Cicala, with issue. Giacoba Vivaldi, (c. 1514, 1563), married to Stefano Spinola. Leonardo Vivaldi, (c. 1452, 1477), married to Bianca Salvago, with issue. Teramo Vivaldi, (c. 1489, 1497), married to Pellegra Gentile, with issue. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1499). Argenta Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1456), married to Alessandro Vivaldi. Aleramo Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1477, d. 1481), married (1) to Pomella Squarciafico, married (2) to Battina Spinola, with issue. (First mariage) Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1505, d. 1512), married to Maria Piccamiglio, with issue. Mariola Vivaldi, (c. 1502, 1523). Pomella Vivaldi, (c. 1505, 1523). (Second Marriage ) Gio Ambrogio Vivaldi, (c.1515), married to Maria Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1576), married to Filippo Caffarotto. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1520). Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1520, 1576), married to Paola Berico. Violante Vivaldi, (c. 1520, d. 1551). Oberto Vivaldi, (c. 1494, 1506). (First Marriage) Gregorio Vivaldi, (c. 1481, d. 1486), married to Anastasia Spinola, dsp. Domenico Vivaldi, (c. 1414, d. 1444), married to Cattarina N. Niccolo Vivaldi, (c. 1343, 1344), married to Petrina Ghisolfi, with issue. Lino Vivaldi, (c. 1344), married to Antonio Grillo. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1344), married to Domenico Lercaro. Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1344, 1378, d. 1390), married to Margherita Spinola, with isue. Marco Vivaldi, (c. 1390, 1402), married to Pietro Spinola, with issue. Anastasia Vivaldi, (c. 1463), married to Pietro Spinola. Ottaviano Vivaldi, (c. 1426, 1463), married to Cattarina Doria, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1460, 1491), married (1) to Filippo Doria, married (2) to Paolo Doria. Simona Vivaldi, (c. 1363). Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1385, d. 1402), , married to Pietro Lomellini, with issue. Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1451), married to Pietra Grimaldi, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1505), married to Andrea Doria. Isolta Vivaldi, (c. 1502, d. 1520), married to Giovanni Spinola. Battista Vivaldi, (c. 1485, 1520), married to Bianca di Negro, with issue. Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1520, 1525), married to Lazzaro Spinola. Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1524, 1563), married to Battina de Marini, with issue. Battista Vivaldi, (c. 1573), married to Francisca Cattaneo, with issue. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1593), 'Nun'. Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1502). Luca Vivaldi, (c. 1424, 1451, d. 1470), married (1) to Maria Lercari, married (2) to Cattarina Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Gianettino Vivaldi, (c. 1455). Bartolommea Vivaldi, (c. 1479, 1499), married (1) to Galeotto Cicala., married (2) to Egidio Lomellino. Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1470, d. 1493), married to Domenico Lomellini. Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1470, d. 1493), married to Violante Lomellini, with issue. Selvagia Vivaldi, (c. 1494), married to Bernardo de Magiana. Marco Vivaldi, (c. 1526). Luca Vivaldi, (c. 1512, 1526), married to Tobietta Lomellini, with issue. Peretta Vivaldi, (c. 1541, 1561), married to Gio Batta Spinola. Luca Vivaldi, (c. 1531, 1541). Bernardo Vivaldi, (c. 1531, 1541), married to Simone Navone. Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1531, 1541), married to Battina Vivaldi. Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1531, 1541). Ottaviano Vivaldi. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1470, 1479), married to Filippo Lomellini. Peretta Vivaldi, (c. 1470, 1494), married to Onorasco Lomellini. Gio Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1457), with issue. Mariola Vivaldi, (c. 1506) married to Gio Pellegrini di Nove. Pomella Vivaldi, (c. 1435). Nicolosia Vivaldi, (c. 1457), married to Simone de Marini. Girolamo Vivaldi, (c. 1428, 1433, d. 1451), married to Alaona Vento, with issue. Pellegro Vivaldi, (c. 1451, 1511), with issue. Ambrogio Vivaldi, (c. 1508, d. 1513). Cattaneo Vivaldi, (c. 1384, 1402), married (1) to Luchina Spinola, married (2) to Cattarina de Marini, with issue. Costanza Vivaldi, married to Adamo Spinola. Dario Vivaldi, (c. 1437, 1480), married (1) to Maria N, married (2) to Eliana Negroni, with issue. (First Marriage) Pier Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1482, d. 1492), married to Argenta Pinelli, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1502, 1509), married to Vincenzo Fiesco. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1502). Stefano Vivaldi, (c. 1508, 1517). Peretta Vivaldi, (c. 1502, 1517), married to Stefano Vivaldo, married (2) to Giovanni Cattaneo. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1508, 1510), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1555, d. 1587), married to Gironima Pinelli, with issue. Cattaneo Vivaldi, (c. 1565, 1575). Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1565, 1585), married to Fausta Lomellini., with issue. Vittoria Vivaldi, (c. 1610). Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1610). Giacomo Vivaldi, (c. 1565, 1585). Agostino Vivaldi. Gironima Vivaldi, (c. 1478), married to Pietro Gentile. Mariola Vivaldi, (d. 1465), married to Oberto Spinola. (First Marriage) Pier Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1492, 1517), with issue. Dario Vivaldi, (c. 1517, 1520), married to Giacoba Centurione, with issue. Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1569, 1571), married to Oberto Squarciafico. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1483), married to Melchior Negroni. Pellegra Vivaldi, (c. 1481). Alessandro Vivaldi, (c. 1482, d. 1492), married to Luchina Lercari, with issue. Pometta Vivaldi, (c. 1492, d. 1502), married to Benedetto Giovanni Pinello. Marta Vivaldi, (c. 1528), married to Emanuele Fiesco. Niccolosia Vivaldi, (c. 1502, 1528), married to Meliaduce Cicala. Violante Vivaldi, (c. 1502), married to Antonio de Marini. Isolta Vivaldi, married to Andreola Vivaldo. Lazzaro Vivaldi, (c. 1431, d. 1459), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Clemente Vivaldi, (c. 1467, 1479, d. 1492), married to Francesca Pallavicini, with issue. Brigida Vivaldi, (c. 1478). Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1478, 1530), married to Francesco Grimaldo. Lazzaro Vivaldi, (c. 1496, d. 1503). Maddalena Vivaldi, married to Giovanni Girolamo Usodimare. Chiara Vivaldi. (Second Marriage) Filippo Vivaldi, (c. 1465, 1506), married (1) to Pellgra Vivaldi, married (2) to Battina Piccamiglio, with issue. (Second Marriage) Cattaneo Vivaldi, married to Niccoletta Salvago, with issue. Bernardo Vivaldi, (c. 1517). Margherita Vivaldi, (c. 1534, 1549), married to Martino della Crota. Margherita Vivaldi.. Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1500, 1522), married to Niccoletta Sauli, with issue. Alessandro Vivaldi, (c. 1523). Selvagio Vivaldi,. (c. 1523). Barbara Vivaldi, (c. 1534, 1541), married to Agostino Lomellino. (First Marriage) Gio Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1501). (Second Marriage) Ottaviano Vivaldi, married to Cattarina Grimaldi, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, married (1) to Francesco Gentile, married (2) to Acellino Spinola. Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1555), married to Battista Levanto. (First Marriage) Teodora Vivaldi, married to Meroaldo Grimaldo. Luchina Vivaldi, married to Giorgio Doria. Moisia Vivaldi, married to Gio Francisca Spinola. Selvagio Vivaldi, (c. 1479, d. 1492), married to Teodora Spinola. Alessandro Vivaldi, (c. 1437). Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1437). Cattarina Vivaldi, (d. 1480), married to Leonardo Doria. Carlo Vivaldi, (c. 1378, 1415), married to N. Cicala, with issue. Valerano Vivaldi, (c. 1433, 1461, d. 1478), married to Bianca Gentile, dsp. Roberto Vivaldi, (c. 1479). Pier Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1434, d. 1461), married to Cattarina Spinola, with issue. Gio Andrea Vivaldi, (c. 1461, 1466), married to Maria Cicala, with issue. Catetta Vivaldi, (c. 1478, 1552), married to Gregorio Spinola. Gironima Vivaldi., (c. 1478, 1491). Giustianiano Vivaldi, (d. 1415). Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1433, d. 1461), with issue. Luigia Vivaldi, (c. 1461, 1490). Simona Vivaldi,. (c. 1463). Leonello Vivaldi, (c. 1393, d. 1402), married to Leona Gentile, with issue. Barnaba Vivaldi, (c. 1402, 1457), married to Pomella Fieschi, with issue. Acellino Vivaldi, (c. 1470, d. 1508), with issue. Tommaso Battista Vivaldi, (c. 1519), 'Monk'. Luchino Vivaldi, (c. 1519). Lodovico Vivaldi, (c. 1519). Anna Vivaldi, (c. 1519). Isabella Vivaldi, (c. 1519). Gio Lodisio Vivaldi, (d. 1522). Giacoba Vivaldi, married to Cipriano Vivaldo. Gio Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1457, 1503), married to Isolta Grimaldi., with issue. Paolo Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1508, d. 1516), married to Francisca Centurione, with issue. Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1508, 1522), married to Lodisio Italiano. Dionisio Vivaldi, (c. 1508). Barnaba Vivaldi, (c. 1515), 'Monk'. Ambrosio Vivaldi, (c. 1519, d. 1522). Cattarina Vivaldi, (c. 1498). Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1508), 'Nun'. Andrea Vivaldi, (c. 1498, 1506). Pomella Vivaldi, married to Francesco Spinola. Bianca Vivaldi, (c 1512, 1542), married (1) to Taddeo Spinola, married (2) to Gio Pietro Spinola. Stefano Vivaldi, (c. 1508, d. 1516), married to Peretta Vivaldi, dsp. Francesco Vivaldi, (c. 1508, 1543), married to Chiara de Marini, with issue. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1533). Catetta Vivaldi,. (c. 1520, d. 1542). Silvestro Vivaldi, ( c. 1542, d. 1550). Benedetto Vivaldi, (c. 1520), 'Monk'. Leonello Vivaldi, (c. 1512, 1542, d. 1550), with issue. Orazio Vivaldi, (c. 1555). Gio Tommaso Vivaldi, (d. 1533). Stefano Vivaldi, (c. 1539, 1555). Bartolomeo Vivaldi, (c. 1520, 1542). Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1539, 1542). Pelotta Vivaldi, (d. 1576), married to Giacomo Gentile. Lorenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1508, 1533)., married to Pellegra Pallavicini, with issue. Catetta Vivaldi, (c. 1548), married to Gio Francesco Gandolfo. Gio Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1515, 1573), married to Giulia Pallavicini., with issue. Laura Vivaldi, married to Ippolito Vivaia. Lorenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1595, 1624), married to Battina Valdettaro, with issue. Gio Andrea Vivaldi., (c. 1622). Gio Vincenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1621), with issue. Gio Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1641), with issue. Gio Agostino Vivaldi, (c. 1666). Gio Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1621). Gio Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1621). Stefano Vivaldi, (c. 1515). Giulia Vivaldi, (c. 1548). Andrea Vivaldi, (c. 1548, 1584), married to Maria Negroni, with issue. Alessandro Vivaldi, (c. 1624)., married to Girinoma Cattaneo. Lorenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1559). Pomella Vivaldi, (c. 1530), married to Luca de Marini. Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1469), married to Simone Cicala. Leonello Vivaldi, (c. 1455, 1488), married to Cattarina Vivaldi, with issue. Francisca Vivaldi, (c. 1488, d. 1508). Antonio Vivaldi. Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1528), married (1) to Bernardo Falamerio, married (2) to Aspasio Spinola, married (3) to Antonio de Napoli. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1378, 1391). Filippo Vivaldi, (c. 1370, 1390), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Filippo Vivaldi, (c. 1398, 1429, d. 1431), married to Innocenza Lomellini, with issue. Percivale Vivaldi, (c. 1444, 1447), married to Niccolosia N, with issue. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1447), married to Isabella Spinola, with issue. Enrico Vivaldi, (d. 1547), married to Isabella Lascaris di Ventimiglia, with issue. Giuliano Vivaldi, (d. 1572), married to Pietra Lingueglia, with sisue. Enrico Vivaldi, (c. 1572, d. 1605), married to Maria N, with issue. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1605). Giuliano Vivaldi, (c. 1605), 'Priest'. Benedetto Vivaldi, 9c. 1572, 1605). Paolo Vivaldi, (c. 1572, 1594), married to Chiara de Franchi, with issue. Pellina Vivaldi, (c. 1582). Giuliano Vivaldi, (c. 1583). Battista Vivaldi, (c. 1572). Gio Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1572, d. 1588), with issue. Margherita Vivaldi, (c. 1588), married to Antonio Garello. Marc'Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1572, 1605). Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1547, d. 1559), married to Gironoma del Bene, with sisue. Lodovico Vivaldi, (c. 1559, 1560), married (1) to Giulia Costa, married (2) to N. de Caneto, with issue. Domenico Vivaldi., (c. 1594, 1595). Gio Batta Vivaldi, (c. 1594, 1617), married to Eliana Visconte, with issue. Eliana Vivaldi, (c. 1617). Vittoria Vivaldi, married to Giovanni Ardizzone. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1594, 1595). Isabella Vivaldi, married to Lorenzo Miglia. Cattarina Vivaldi, married to Pier Gio Carlo. Vincenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1559, d. 1578), married toi Bartolomea Reghezza, with issue. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1578), married to Maria Carlo, with issue. Gironima Vivaldi, married to Gio Giacomo Pasqua. Girolamo Vivaldi, married to Maria Francisca Canevaro, with issue. Fulvia Vivaldi, married to Stefano Spada. Marianna Vivaldi, married to Curzio Franciotti. Giovanni Vivaldi, married to Maria Settimia Pasqua, with issue. Carlo Girolamo Vivaldi Pasqua. Giuseppe Maria Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Angela Cutis, with issue. Pier Giuseppe Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Francisca Castelvi, with issue. Settima Vivaldi Pasqua. Gironima Vivaldi Pasqua. Giuseppe Maria Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Maria Vincenza Zutrillas, with sisue. Pietro Vivaldo Pasqua, married to Enrica Chabot, with issue. Vincenza Vivaldi Pasqua, amrried to Giuseppe Amat. Giuseppe Vivaldi Pasqua, (c. 1825). Pietro Vivaldi Pasqua, (c. 1825), married to Maria Laura Spinola. Cattarina Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Giuseppe Pes. Francisca Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Effisio Zapatta. Chiara Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Giuseppe San Giusto. Girolamo Vivaldi Pasqua. Giuseppa Vivaldi Pasqua, married to Francesco Zapatta. Pier Maria Vivaldi Pasqua. Gio Filippo Vivaldi. Gio Stefano Vivaldi. Gironoma Vivaldi, married to Bartolomeo Cenami. Vincenzo Vivaldi. Pietro Maria Vivaldi. Vincenza Vivaldi, married to Gio Batta Pastorello. Bianca Vivaldi, married to Lodovico Bergonzo. Agostina Vivaldi, married to Luca Maschio. Maria Vivaldi, married to Domenico Asdente. Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1309. Goffredo Vivaldi, (c. 1309, d. 1328), with issue. Matteo Vivaldi, (c. 1328, 1332, d. 1348), married to Violante N, with issue. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1348). Goffredo Vivaldi, (c. 1350, 1374, d. 1400), married to Caterina Malcello, with issue. Luciano Vivaldi, (d. 1418), married to Tommasina Grillo, with issue. Luciano Vivaldi, (c. 1426, 1460), with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1460), married to Giacomo Zerega di Rapallo. Vinciguerra Vivaldi, (c. 1465, d. 1488), married to Pellegra Cattaneo, with issue. Franca Vivaldi, (c. 1487, 1538), married to Gio Paolo de Gradi. Peretta Vivaldi, (c. 1487, 1518), married to Gio Antonio Promontorio. Simone Vivaldi, (c. 1488). Luciano Vivaldi, (c. 1488, 1505), married to Niccoletta Imperiale, with issue. Luchetto Vivaldi, (c. 1528). Lodisio Vivaldi, (c. 1455, 1465), married to Battina Cattaneo, with sisue. Gironima Vivaldi, (c. 1487). Franca Vivaldi, (c. 1400), married to Giuliano Cattaneo. Ginevra Vivaldi, (c. 1397, 1400), married to Gaspare de Marini. Pietra Vivaldi, married to Antonio Spinola. Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1431), married to Pietro Vivaldi. Violante Vivaldi, (c. 1443), married to Giorgio Vivaldi. Emanuele Vivaldi, (c. 1398, 1442), married (1) to Battina Grillo, married (2) to Bianca de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Luchina Vivaldi, (d. 1455). Imperiale Vivaldi, (c. 1433, d. 1455). Franchino Vivaldi, (d. 1455). Bernardo Vivaldi, (c. 1455), married to Novella Nocello, dsp. Demetrio Vivaldi, (c. 1433, 1455), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Margherita Vivaldi, (c. 1459, 1488), married to Leonardo Bargaglj. Bernardo Vivaldi, (c. 1456, d. 1459). Battina Vivaldi, (c. 1459, 1488), married to Ambrogio Ciceri. Argenta Vivaldi,. (d. 1455). Goffredo Vivaldi, (c. 1455). Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1427), married to Odone dei Marchesi d'Incisa. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1427), married to Giorgio dei Marchesi d'Incisa. Selvagia Vivaldi, (c. 1421), married to Paolo Lercaro. Antonio Vivaldi, (c. 1348). Obertino Vivaldi, (c. 1272, 1274), with issue. Percivale Vivaldi, (c. 1308, 1321), with issue. Prospero Vivaldi, (c. 1377, d. 1379), married to Benedetta N, with issue. Bigotta Vivaldi, (c. 1414, 1417), married (1) to Francesco Vivaldi, married (2) to Gregorio Cicala. Percivale Vivaldi, (c. 1374, 1414, d. 1415), married to Franca Lomellini, with issue. Giano Vivaldi, (c. 1421, 1428). Gaspare Vivaldi, (c. 1421). Teodora Vivaldi, married to Odoardo Cicala. Raffo Vivaldi, (d. 1308), married to Andreola N, with issue. Galeotto Vivaldi, (c. 1345). Bartolomeo Vivaldi, (c. 1308, 1353), with issue. Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1379, 1397). Lanfranco Vivaldi, (c. 1308, 1345), with issue. Anfreone Vivaldi, (c. 1343), married to Lina Cybo, with issue. Isolta Vivaldi, (c. 1414), married to Galeotto Lercaro. N. Vivaldi, married to Roberto Cybo. Anfreone Vivaldi, (c. 1308, d. 1358), with issue. Luca Vivaldi, (c. 1353). Daniele Vivaldi, (c. 1267, 1314), married to Beatrice Bufferio, with issue. Cristiano Vivaldi, (c. 1308). Ottobono Vivaldi, married to Margherita N, with issue. Luchina Vivaldi, (c. 1343, d. 1397), married to Gelio Spinola. Amiceto Vivaldi, (c. 1263, 1272, 1277), married (1) to Giovanna Zaccaria, married (2) to Sibilla N, with issue. (First Marriage) Corrardo Vivaldi, (c. 1282), with issue. N. Vivaldi, (c. 1301). Benedetto Vivaldi, (c. 1301). Dabadino Vivaldi, (c. 1291, d. 1321). Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1302, 1316)., married to Cattarina N. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1293), married to Maria N, with issue. Meroaldo Vivaldi, (c. 1353). Lodisio Vivaldi, (c. 1353), married (1) to Violante de Lazari, married (2) to Cattarina N, with issue. (Second Marriage) Cristofaro Vivaldi, (c. 1404, d. 1438), married to Marta N, with issue. Andalone Vivaldi, (d. 1452). Torpete Vivaldi, (c. 1427, 1452). Stefano Vivaldi, (c. 1427, d. 1441). Franchino Vivaldi, (c. 1427, 1457, d. 1461), married to Battina Italiano, with issue. Margheritta Vivaldi, (c. 1467, 1526), married to Raffaele Vivaldo, married (2) to Cattaneo Cattaneo. Cristofaro Vivaldi, (c. 1480, 1514, d. 1521), married to Peretta de Marini, with issue. Maria Vivaldi, (c. 1509). Marta Vivaldi, (c. 1509, 1521). Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1468, d. 1481). Lorenzo Vivaldi, (c. 1427, 1438). Costantino Vivaldi, (c. 1427). Meroaldo Vivaldi, (c. 1427). Maria Vivaldi, (d. 1438), married to Napoleone Spinola. Teodora Vivaldi, (c. 1438), married to Benedetto Fiesco. Pietro Vivaldi, (1378, 1404). Teramo Vivaldi, (c. 1390, 1404), with issue. Angelo Vivaldi, (c. 1421, 1423). Pietro Vivaldi, (c. 1385). Caracosa Vivaldi, (d. 1430), married to Lanfranco Carmandino. Giovanni Vivaldi, (c. 1368, 1423), married to Selvagia Lomellini, with issue. Teramo Vivaldi, (c. 1431, 1450), married to Selvagia de Marini, with issue. Orietta Vivaldi, (c. 1438, 1450). Beatrice Vivaldi, (c. 1392). Bianca Vivaldi, (c. 1414), married to Gabriele Camilla. Maddalena Vivaldi, (c. 1414), married to Andreola Fiesco. Ugolino Vivaldi, (c. 1282), with issue. Sorleone Vivaldi, (c. 1302). Bonifacio Vivaldi, (c. 1276), married to Andreola N. Gabriele Vivaldi, (c. 1272, 1292), with issue. Luchina Vivaldi, (c. 1329, 1333), married to Demelode Odizzone. Babilano Vivaldi, (c. 1333). Matteo Vivaldi, (d. 1272), married to Giovanna N, with issue. Gianotto Vivaldi, (c. 1314).

1.3. Vivaldo Vivaldi, (c. 1210, 1217), married to Galetta Galetta.

1.4. Tommaso Vivaldi, (c. 1227, 1263), with issue.

1.4.1. Maria Vivaldi, married to Francesco Lavaggi.






Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.




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