Libro d'Oro della Nobility di Mediterranean

de Barlais family

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1. Renaud de Barlais, Bailly of Jaffa 1197, married to Isabelle de Bethsan, with issue.

1.1. Aimery Barlaid, (d. 1253), Bally of Cyprus 1229, married to Agnese of Marqab, with issue.

1.1.1. Amaury Barlais.

1.1.2. Guillaume Barlais.

1.1.3. Renaud Barlais.

1.1.4. Jean Barlais.

1.1.5. Aimery Barlais.

1.1.6. Philippa Barlais, married 1240 to Guy d'Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus.

2. Guillaume Barlais, (d. 1305), married 1277 to Isabella d'Ibelin, Lady of Beirut., married (2) N.

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