Bessan family

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1. Adam Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married Gisele de Nablus, with issue.

1.1. Gremont I Bessan of Tiberias, Lord of Bethsan, 1161., married to Marguerite d'Ibelin of Beirut., with issue.

1.1.1. Adam Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, 1179, married to Helvis de Milly, with issue. Gremont II Bessan, Lord of Bethsan 1198., married (1) Julienne de Soisson, married (2) Agnese Embriaco, with issue. (First Marriage) Baudouin Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married to Marie Visconti, with issue. Gauthier Bessan, Lord of Bethsan d. 1315., married (1) Marguerite Babin, married (2) Alix d'Ibelin, with issue. (First marriage) Thibaut Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married (1) Nicola d'Ibelin, married (2) Alix Montolivo. Ague Bessan, Lieutenant of Cyprus 1309., married (1) 1306 to Alix de Mandelee, married (2) 1345 to Alisie de Dampierre, with issue. (First Marriage) Baudouin Bessan, Lord of Bethsan, married 1325 to Marie d'Ibelin, with issue. Agne Bessan. Agnese Bessan, married to Alfonso d'Aragona, Barone di Avola. Gremont Bessan. Amaury Bessan. "Daughter" Bessan, married to Jean de Brie. (Second Marriage) Marie Bessan. Philippa Bessan, married 1306 to Jean d'Ibelin. Philippe Bessan, married to Eschiva N. Amaury Bessan, dunm. Eschiva Bessan,  married Nicolas Boule. Thibaut Bessan, killed 1289 in battle., married to Isabella de Mandelee., with issue. Baudouin Bessan, killed 1289 in battle. Gauthier Bessan. (Second Marriage) Helvis Bessan, married 1245 to Rolando de Lucca.

1.1.2. Gauthier Bessan, married (1) Div. Douce Porcelet., married 1180 to Princess Theodora Comnene, with issue. (First Marriage) Amaury Bessan, Signor of Tricario, Royal Councillor in Sicily 1247, married to N, Signora di Tricario., with issue. Agremont Bessan, Signor of Tricario 1280. Philippa de Beisan, married to Noble Giovanni de Vassallo. Eschiva Bessan, married to Jean of Antioch, Marshall of Cyprus. Stephanie Bessan, married to Guy de Soissons. (Second Marriage) Alix Bessan, married 1230 to Baudouin d'Ibelin. Femie Bessan, married to Guy de Morpho.

1.1.3. Amaury Bessan, dunm 1195.

1.1.4. Philippe Bessan, dunm 1196.

1.1.5. Richilde Bessan, married 1155 to Baudouin d'Ibelin.

1.1.6. Isabella Bessan, married to Guy de Arsuf, Signore di Arsuf.

1.1.7. Stephanie Bessan, married to Philippe Rufus., with issue. Isabella Rufus, married to Renaud Barlais, married (2) to Bertrand Porcelet.

1.2. Maria Bessan, married to Guy Brisebarre, Signore di Beirut.

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