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1. Eudes, Comte de Cambrai, married to Odile de Bois-Ferrand, with issue.

1.1. Engelbert I, (880-968), created 1004 1st Comte de Brienne, married (1) to Wanadalmoodis de Salins, married (2) to Alix de Sens, with issue.

1.1.1. (First marriage) Engelbert II, (d. 980), Comte de Brienne, married 1020 to Peronelle de Joigny, with issue. Gautier I de Brienne, (1045-1089), Comte de Brienne et de Bar, married 1072 to Eustachie de Tonnerre, with issue. Engelbert de Brienne, (d. 1082), Seigneir de Conflans Moine a Molesme. Erard I de Brienne, (1070-1114), Comte de Brienne, Seigneur de Ramerupt, married 1108 to Alix de Roucy-Ramerupt, with issue. Gautier II de Brienne, (1145-1161), Comte de Brienne, Seigneur de Ramerupt, married (1) 1130 to Adelaide de Baudement, married (2) to N. de Soissons, married (3) 1137 to Humbeline de Troyes, married (4) 1146 to Adelais N, with issue. (First marriage) Agnes de Brienne, (1125-1191), married (1) 1138 to Jacques de Chacenay, married (2) to Jean de Mont-Saint-Jean, Seigneur de Salmaise. (Second marriage) Guy de Brienne, (d. 1143), dunm. Eustache de Brienne, Seigneur de Conflans, dunm. Erard II de Brienne, (1130-1191), Comte de Brienne, married 1155 to Agnese de Nevers-Montbeliard, with issue. Gautier III de Brienne, (1166-1205), Comte de Brienne, Principe de Tarente, Conte de Lecce, Pretender to the throne of Sicily, married 1200 to Elvira (+after 1216) dau.of Cte Tancredo di Lecce, with issue. Gautier IV de Brienne, (1205-1251), comte de Brienne et de Jaffa, married 1233 to Princess Marie de Cyprus, with issue. Jean II de Brienne, (1234-1260), Comte de Brienne, married 1316 to Marie de Rethel, dsp. Hughes I de Brienne, (1240-1296), Comte de Brienne et de Lecce, Signore de Conversano, Capitano General de Brindisi, Otrante et d'Aquila, married (1) 1270 to Isabella de la Roche, married (2) 1291 to Princess Helena Angelina Komnene Dukaine Comnene, with issue. (First marriage) Guautier V de Brienne, (d. 1311), Comte de Brienne, et de Lecce, Duc de Athens, married 1305 to Jeanne de Chatillon, with issue. Gautier VI de Brienne, Comte de Brienne, Lecce et Conversano, Duc titular de Athens, Military Governor of Florence, Connetable de France, married (1) 1325 to Princess Margherita de Tarento, married (2) 1342 to Jeanne de Brienne, with issue. Gautier VII de Brienne, d.inf. Jeanne de Brienne, dunm. Margherita de Brienne, dunm. Isabeau de Brienne, (1305-1360), Comtesse de Brienne, Lecce et Conversano, married 1321 to Gauthier d'Enghien. Agnese de Brienne, married 1297 to Jean II de Joigny. Jeanne de Brienne, married to Niccolo Sanudo, Duc de Naxos. Marguerite de Brienne, Mistress to Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa, married to Balian I, Seigneur de Sagette. Guillaume de Brienne, (d. 1200), married 1188 to Eustachie de Courtenay, with issue. Andre de Brienne, (1191-1215), dunm. Helvise de Brienne, married to Vicomte Jean de Saint-Florentin. Andre de Brienne, (d. 1181), dunm. Jean I de Brienne, (1175-1237), Bailli of Cyprus, King and Regent of Jerusalem (r. 1210--1225), Vice-Emperor of Constantinople (r. 1229-1237), Seigneur de Brienne, married (1) 1200 to Queen Maria de Montferrat of Jerusalem, married (2) 1214 to Princess Stephanie of Armenia, married (3) 1222 to Infanta Berenguela of Castille, with issue. (First marriage) Yolande de Brienne, (1211-1228), Queen of Jerusalem, (r 1225-1228), married 1225 to Friederich II, Holy Roman Emperor. (Second marriage) Jean de Brienne, (d. 1220), Prince Hereditary of Armenia (r 1216-1220), dunm. (Third marriage) Alphonse de Brienne, (1222-1270), Comte d'Eu, Vicomte de Cryel, Chamrier de France, Grand Chancelier de France, married 1250 to Marie de Lusignan, with issue. Jean I de Brienne, (1250-1294), Comte de Eu, married 1271 to Beatrix de Chatillon, with issue. Jean II de Brienne, (d. 1302), Comte de Eu et Guines, married to Jeanne, Comtesse de Giunes, with issue. Raoul I de Brienne, (d. 1334), Comte de Eu, et de Guines, Connetable de France, Governor du Languedoc, married 1315 to Jeanne de Mello, with issue. Raoul II de Brienne, (d. 1350), Comte de Eu et de Guines, married 1340 to Catherine de Savoie, dsp.L (illegitimate) Jean de Bois, Batard de Brienne, 1395 Seigneir de la Maison-Forte. Jeanne de Brienne, (d. 1389), married 1342 to Gautier VI de Brienne, Comte de Brienne, (See above), married (2) 1357 to Louis d'Exreux, Comte d'Etampes. Louis de Brienne, (d. 1400), Comte d'Etampes. Marie de Brienne, d.inf. Marie de Brienne, Nun. Isabeau de Brienne, (1270-1302), married to Jean II, Seigneur de Dampierre, Vicomte de Troyes. Jeanne de Brienne, (d. 1325), married (1) to Raymond VII, Vicomte de Turenne, married (2) 1314 to Renaud, Seigneur de Picquigny. Marguerite de Brienne, (1270-1310), married to GuyII de Thouars, Vicomte de Thouars. Mahaut de Brienne, (d. 1328), Nun. Blanche de Brienne, (d. 1308), Nun. Louis de Brienne, (1225-1297), Vicomte de Beaumont, married 1253 to Agnese de Beaumont-au-Maine, Vicomtesse de Beaumont, with issue. Jean I de Brienne, (1255-1306), Vicomte de Beaumont, Baron de Sainte-Suzanne, married (1) 1265 to Jeanne de la Guerche, married (2) 1303 to Marie Berthout, with issue. (First marriage) Robert de Brienne, (1275-1327), Vicomte de Beaumont, Baron de Sainte-Suzanne, Seigneur de la Guerche, Pouance, Chateau-Gontier et du Lude, married (1) 1299 to Marie de Craon, married (2) 1323 to Marie d'Astort, with issue. (First marriage) Jean de Brienne, (1302-1355), married (1) to Isabeau d'Harcourt, married (2) 1330 to Marguerite de Poitiers, with issue. (First marriage) Jeanne de Beaumont, married to Jean I de Scepeaux, Seigneur de Scepeaux, L'Isle d'Athee, la Motte, de bouchans, La Touche, Barone de l'Espronniere et Bouche, d'Usure. Marie de Beaumont, Vicomte de Beaumont, (d. 1372), married 1340 to Guillaume de Chamaillart, Seigneur d'Anthenaise. (Second marriage) Louis II de Beaumont, (d. 1364), Vicomte de Beaumont, Seigneur de la Fleche, married 1363 to Isabelle de Bourbon, dsp. Geoffroi de Beaumont, dunm. Jeanne de Beaumont, Nun. Marguerite de Beaumont, (d. 1373), married to Bourchard de Vendome, Seigneur de Feuillet. Geoffroi de Beaumont, (d. 1355), Seigneur de Lude, married to Jeanne de Baucay, dsp. Guillaume de Beaumont, (1318-1339), dunm. Marie de Beaumont, Nun. Jeanne de Beaumont, (1215-1347), married 1331 to Jean III d'Ambroise, Seigneur d'Ambroise. Marguerite de Beaumont, married 1338 to Bernard I de Ventadour, Seigneur de Comte de Montpensier, Vicomte e Comte de Ventadour. Richard de Brienne, (d. 1338), dunm. Isabeau de Brienne, (1275-1308), married 1296 to Geoffroi IV d'Ancenis, Seigneur d'Ancenis.. N de Brienne, married to Jeanne de Neuvillette, Seigneur de Coulaine. Anne de Brienne, (1280-1318), married to Patri V de Sourches, Seigneur de Malicorne. Louis de Brienne, (d. 1333), Canon. Henri de Brienne, (d. 1340), created 1st Baron Beaumont, 1st Earl of Buchan in England, married 1310 to Alice Comyn, Countess de Buchan, with issue. Marguerite de Brienne, (d. 1328), married 1278 to Bohemond VII de Poitiers, Prince de Antioch, Comte de Tripoli. Marie de Brienne, (1265-1328), married 1283 to Henri III d'Avaugour, Comte de Penthievre. Jeanne de Brienne, (d. 1323), married 1286 to Guy VIII de Laval, Seigneur de Laval. Isabelle de Brienne, (d. 1334), married 1279 to John de Vesci of Alnwick. Jean II de Brienne, (1225-1296), Grand Bouteiller de France, married (1) 1249 to Marie de Coucy, married (2) 1251 to Jeanne de Chateaudun, with issue. (Second marriage) Blanche de Brienne, (1245-1269), married 1266 to William II de Fiennes. Marie de Brienne, (1225-1275), Regent of Namur et de Constantinople, married 1229 to Baudouin II de Courtenay, Emperor titular de Constantinople. Ida de Brienne, (d. 1228), married to Arnoul de Reynel, Seigneur de Pierrefitte. Andre de Brienne, (1135-1189), Seigneur de Ramerupt, married 1167 to Adelais de Trainel-Venisy, with issue. Gautier de Brienne, (d. 1219), married to Princess Elisabeth de Courtenay de Constantinople, dsp. Erard de Brienne, (1170-1245), Seigneur de Ramerupt, et de Venisy, Pretendant au Comte de Champagne, married (1) 1210 to Helissende, Comtesse de Rethel et du Perche, married 1213 to Philippa de Champagne-Blois, with issue. (First marriage) Andre de Brienne-Ramerupt, d.inf. (Second marriage) Henri de Brienne, (d. 1249), Seigneur de Venisy, married to Marguerite de Bourgogne, with issue. Erard de Brienne, Seigneur de Ramerupt, married to Mahaut N., with issue. Beatrix de Brienne, (d. 1314), married 1309 to Guillaume de Joinville. Erard de Brienne, (d. 1250), dunm. Marie de Brienne, married (1) Gauchier III, Seigneur de Nateuil-la-Fosse, married (2) to Hughes II de Contflans, Seigneur de Conflans, Estages, et Congis. Isabeau de Brienne, (d. 1274), married 1237 to Henri VI de Grandpre. Marguerite de Brienne, (d. 1275), married (1) Anseau de Dampierre, married (2) Dietrich IV van Beveren, Burgave de Dixmude, married (3) to Adenet, Seigneur de Nike. Jeanne de Brienne, (d. 1269), married 1250 to Matthieu III de Montmorency, Seigneur de Montmorency, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine et Taverny. Sybille de Brienne, Nun. Alix de Brienne, (1221-1244), dunm. Elsiabeth de Brienne, married 1201 to Milon, Seigneur de Pougy. Agnes de Brienne, (1186-1234), married 1211 to Miles VI, Seigneur de Noyers. Ada de Brienne. Jean de Brienne, (d. 1192), Abbott. Marie de Brienne, married Guillaume III, Chatelain de Saint-Omer, Seigneur de Fauquembergues. Adelais de Brienne, dunm. Felicite de Brienne, dunm. Helvide de Brienne, (1136-1199), married 1158 to Barthelemi de Vigory. Felicite de Brienne, (1106-1178), married (1) 1110 to Simon I de Broyes, Seigneir de Broyes, Chateauvillain, Arc-en-Barrois, Villenauxe et Beaufort, married (2) 1137 to Geoffrey III de Joinville. Guy de Brienne, (d. 1243), dunm. Milon I de Brienne, (1075-1126), Comte de Bar-sur-Seine, married 1103 to Mathilde de noyers, with issue. Guy I de Brienne, (1105-1145), Comte de Bar-sur-Seine, married to Peronelle de Chacenay, with issue. Milon II de Brienne, (1135-1151), Comte de Bar-sur-Seine, married to Agnes de Baudement, with issue. Peronelle de Brienne, Comtesse de Bar-sur-Seine, married 1168 to Hughes du Puiset, Vicomte de Chartres. Guillaume de Brienne. Guy de Brienne. Manasses de Brienne, (d. 1193), Comte de Bar-sur-Seine, Bishop-Duc de Langres, dunm. Thibaud de Brienne, (1145-), Comte de Bar-sur-Seine, Seigneur de Champlost, married to Marguerite de Salmaise, with issue. Peronelle de Brienne, (1174-1236), married to Guy de Chappes, Seigneur de Juilly. Agnes de Brienne, (1185-1240), married to Philippe II de Plancy, Seigneur de Praslin. Ermesinde de Brienne, (d. 1211), married (1) to Anseau de Trainel, married (2) 1189 (Div 1195) to Thibaut I, Comte de Bar et de Mousson. Renaud de Brienne, Abbott, (1105-1150), dunm. Mantia de Brienne, married (Div) to Foulques IV, Comte de Anjou.

1.1.2. Guy de Brienne, married to Alix de Sens, with issue. Lietaud de Brienne. Gautier de Ciresio, with issue. Guy de Cirescio. Thibaut de Cirescio.

1.1.3. Marie de Brienne, (d. 1062), married to Etienne I de Joinville.




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