Brisebarre family

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1. Gauthier I Brisebarre from Venice, Lord of Beirut 1125.

2. Guy Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut 1148-69., married to Florence Garnier, with issue.

2.1. Gauthier II Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut 1169.

2.2. Guy II Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut, married to Maria Bessan, with issue.

2.2.1. Gauthier III Brisebarre, Lord of Beirut, 1179. Lord of Montreal 1168. Lord of Blanchgarde near Jaffa 1174. , married (1) Helena de Milly, married (2) Agnese de Nablus, with issue. (First Marriage) Beatrix Brisebarre. (Second Marriage) Gilles Brisebarre, 1198., married to Agnese de Leiron, with issue. Raoul Brisebarre, Lord of Blanchegarde 1253, married Isabella de Caiphas, with issue. Gauthier Brisebarre, Lord of Blanchegarde, married to Agnese Alaman, with issue. "Daughter" Brisebarre, married to Juan d'Aragona, Signore di Aegina. Thomas Brisebarre, married to Agnese de Flory, with issue. Raoul Brisebarre. Isabella Brisebarre. Jean Brisebarre. Nicolas Brisebarre. Stephanie Brisebarre. Agnese Brisebarre, married to Thomas Alaman. Marie Brisebarre, married to Balian de Laneele. Alix Brisebarre, married to Berthelot de Garnier. Bermonde Brisebarre, married 1178 to Bertrand of Marqab. Marguerite Brisebarre, married to Guillaume Porcelet. Eschiva Barisebarre, married to Joselin de Giblet, Lord of Avegore. Orable Brisebarre, married to Eustache de Neuville.

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