Libro d'Oro della Nobility di Mediterranean

Bures family

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1. Godefroi de Bures, (Killed 1119 in the Battle of Hauran Mar), married to Eleanore de Bazoches, with issue.

1.1. Elinard de Bures (d. 1154), Cr: 1148 - Prince of Galilee,  married to Ermengarde d'Ibelin, with issue.

1.1.1.  Eschiva de Bures, Princess of Galilee (r. 1159-87), married (1) 1159 to Gauthier de Fauquembergues, married (2) 1174 to Raimondo III, Count of Tripoli.

1.2. Guillaume de Bures, (d. 1159), Prince of Galilee (r. 1154).

2. Guillaume de Bures, (d. 1147), Cr: 1119 Lord of Tiberias. married (1) 1115 to Agnese de Bazoches, married (2) Eschiva de Fauquemberques., with issue.

2.1. (First Marriage) Geoffrey de Bures.

2.2. Raoul de Bures., Monk at Mt Sion.

2.3. Simon de Bures, Monk at the Holy Sephulchre Jerusalem.

2.4. Guillaume de Bures, Monk at Josephat Abbey.

3. "Daughter" de Bures, married to Raoul de Ysis, with issue.

3.1. Raoul de Ysis.

3.2. Simon de Ysis.

3.3. Eschiva de Ysis, married to Maurice du Puy.

4. "Son" de Bures, married to Helvis de Nablus.

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