"Libro d'Oro della Nobility di Mediterranean?

Charpentier Family

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1.Guillaume Charpentier, Cr: Lord of Caiphas, Regent of Antioch, married with issue.

1.1. Vivian Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas 1138., married to Beatrice de Cayfa, with issue.

1.1.1. Payen Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1188), married to Hodierna N, with issue. Rohart Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1198), married to Aiglantine of Nephim, with issue. Helvis Charpentier, Lady of Caiphas, married (1) to Geoffrey de Poulain., married (2) Garcia Alvarez. Alix Charpentier, married 1236 to Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Arsur. Agnese Charentier. Isabella Charpentier, married to Roaul de Blanchegarde. Rohart Charpentier, Lord of Caiphas, (d. 1229), married to Isabella d'Ibelin of Beirut., with issue. Hughes Charpentier. Philippe Charpentier. Jean Charpentier, married to Isabella de Mallenbec, with issue. Philippe Charpentier, Seigneur de Cossi, married to Isabella Aleman, with issue. Hughes Charpentier, Seigneur de Cossi. Jean Charpentier. Frederic Charpentier. Georges Charpentier. "Daughter" Charpentier. "Daughter" Charpentier, married to Georges de Gloria. "Daughter" Charpentier, "Nun". Guy Charpentier. Odiard Charpentier, married to Raymond Blondiau. Sibylle Charpentier., married to Jean de Morpho. Havise Charpentier, married to Daniel de Mailenbec.




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