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1. Johann II de la Marck, Seigneur de Sedan, Arenburg, (d. 1430), married to Countess Anna von Virneburg, with issue.
1.1. Wilhelm von de Marck, (d. 1485), married 1463 to Johanna van Arschot van Schoonhoven, with issue.
1.1.1. Johann I von de Marck, (1462-1519), married 1495 to Margherita von Runkel, with issue. Johann II von de Marck, (1500-1552), married 1534 to Margherita van Wassenaer, with issue Fra George von der Marck, (1545-1570), Knight of the Order of San John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate with N). Caterina Alunna von de Marck Cumbo, (Adopted by Mro Giulio Cumbo), married 1588 Mdina to Domenico Cauchi, with issue. Giovanni Cauchi, married 1626 Mdina to Caterina Agius, with issue. Andrea Cauchi, married 1653 Mdina to Caterina Vella, with issue. Valentino Cauchi, (Adopted, maybe an illegitimate son of Andrea", married (1) 1696 Mdina to Angela Spiteri, married (2) 1734 Mdina to Caterina Machnic. Simone Cauchi, married 1701 Mdina to Veronica Stivala. Giovannella Cauchi, married 1660 Mdina to Rocco Tanti.
1.2. Robert I de la Marck, Seigneur de Sedan, Florange, et Saulcy, married 1446 to Jeanne de Marley, with issue.
1.2.1. Robert II de la Marck, Seigneur de Sedan, Florange et Salcy, married 1491 to Catherine de Croy, with issue. Fra Jacques de la Marck, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l, his mistress was the Noble Catherine Maldonato, with issue.

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