de Lloria family

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1. Roger de Lloria, (1250-1305) a Catalan in Sicily, Grand Admiral of Aragon and Sicily, married (1) Margarita Lancia, married (2) Saurina d'Entenca,  with issue.

1.1. (First Marriage) Beatrice de Lloria, Baroness de Cocentaina, married to Prince Jaimes of Majorica, with issue.

1.1.1. Alfonso Roger de Majorica de Lloria, (d.1355), married to Maria de Cardona. (illegitimate) Juan Alfonso de Loria (c1369), married to Constance illegitimate daughter of King James III of Majorica., with issue. (illegitimate) Pierre de Majorica, Seigneur d'Exerica.

1.2. Jofredina de Lloria.

1.3. Roger de Lloria, (d. 1365),  Barone di Cocentaina, Vicar-General of Athens e de Neopatras. Seigneur of Salona, married to Richilde d'Aragona, with issue.

1.3.1. Juan de Lloria, Seigneur d'Estir (1381). Berenger de Lloria. Marguerita de Lloria, married to Count Riccardo de Vassallo-Paleologo

1.3.2. Francesca de Lloria, married to Thomas Despou, Capitaine de la Compagnie Catalane a Neopatras.

1.4. Ilaria de Lloria, married to Enrico Sanseverino, Conte di Marsico.

1.5. Juan de Lloria, Lord of Thebes 1359, with issue.

1.5.1. Roger de Lloria., Lord of Thebes, married to Yolanda d'Aragona, with issue.

1.5.2. Nicolas de Lloria, Seigneur de la Porta di Taormina, married to Laurina d'Entenca, with issue. Isabella de Lloria, married to Francesco Ventimiglia, Conte di Geraci.

1.6. Costanza de Lloria, married to Ottone Moncada.

1.7. (Second Marriage) Berenguer Roger de Lloria, (d. 1328), Barone di Cocentaina, married to Faida de Maloleone, sp.

1.8. Roberto de Lloria.

1.9. Carlo de Lloria, (1292-1335), married with issue.

1.9.1. Francesco Roger de Lloria..

1.9.2. Teresa de Lloria, married to Paul d'Escalc.

1.10. Marguerite de Lloria, married (1) Bartolomeo de Capua, married (2) Nicolas de Joinville, Conte di Terranova, Balli of Morea.



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