de Milly family

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1.  Guy de Milly, Seigneur de Gourgouce, de Bodival et de Ribeauville-en-Camcresis in France, Cr: 1108 Lord of Nablus, married 1115 to Elisabeth de Fauquerebergues, married 1120 to Stephanie de Nablus, with issue.

1.1. (First Marriage) Guy de Milly, (d. 1164), Seigneur de Gourgouce, de Bodival et de Ribeauville-en-Camcresis in France.

1.2. (Second Marriage) Philippe de Milly, (d.1170), Lord of Nablus 1161., Exchanged it for the Lordship of Oultrejourdain., married Isabella du Puy, Lady of Oultrejourdain, with issue.

1.2.1. Renier de Milly, Prince of Montreal, married 1180 to Etiennette de Nablus, with issue. Isabella de Milly, married to Renouard II de Renouard. Maria de Milly, married to Alberto da Verona. Helvis de Milly, married to Andrea Ghisi, Signore di Mykonos. Philippe de Milly, Prince of Montreal, dum.

1.2.2. Helene de Milly, married to Gauthier III de Brisbebarre, Lord of Beirut.

1.2.3. Helvis de Milly.

1.2.4. Stephanie de Milly, (d. 1183)., married (1) 1163 to Honfroy III Lord of Toron, married (2) 1173 to Milon de Plancy, Seneschal of Jerusalem, married (3) 1177 to Renaud de Chatillon.

1.3. Henri de Milly, (d.1164), married to Agnese Garnier of Sidon, with issue.

1.3.1. Helvis de Milly, married to Adam, Lord of Bethsan.

1.3.2. Stephanie de Milly, married (1) Guillaume Dorel, Lord of Boutron., married (2) 1179 to Hughes II Embriaco, Lord of Jebail.

1.3.3. Agnese de Milly, married 1176 to Joscelin de Courtenay, Count of Edessa.

1.3.4. Sibille de Milly, married to Eustache le Petit.

1.4. Raoul de Milly, migrated to Calabria, married (c. 1140) to Elvira du Puiset, with issue.

1.4.1. Guido de Milly.

1.4.2. Anna de Milly.

1.4.3. Pietro de Milly.

1.4.4. Stefano de Milly.

1.4.5. Hugo de Milly.



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