Embriaco family

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1. Ugo Embriaco 1109. of Genoa, Knight under the Count of Tripoli, with issue.

1.1. Guglielmo Embriaco, Knight under the Count of Tripoli, Cr: Lord of Jebail,  married to Leonara de Bazoches, with issue.

1.1.1. Ugo Embriaco, Lord of Jebail, (d.1135), Lord of Jebail, married with issue. Guillaume II Embriaco, (d.1159) Lord of Jebail, married to Sanchia N, with issue. Hughes II Embriaco, (d.1179), Lord of Jebail,  married with issue. Hughes III Embriaco, (d.1189), Lord of Jebail, married to Stephanie de Milly, with issue. Guy Embriaco, (d. 1238) Lord of Jebail, married 1204 to Princess Alix of Antioch, with issue. Henri Embriaco (d. 1271), Lord of Jebail, married to Isabella d'Ibelin, with issue. Balian Embriaco, (d. 1313). Guy II Embriaco, (d. 1282), Lord of Jebail, mrried to Marguerite Garnier di Sidon, with issue. Marie Embriaco, (1274-1331), married 1295 to Philippe d'Ibelin. Catherine Embriaco, married 1200 to Prince Jean of Antioch. Pierre Embriaco, (d. 1310)., Lord of Jebail, married (1) Douce de Gaurelee, married (2) to Agnese Embriaco. Sauve Embriaco. (illegitimate) "Daughter" Embriaco, married to Bertrand III Embriaco. (See Below). Jean Embriaco, (d. 1282), married 1277 to N Aleman, with issue. "Son" Embriaco. "Son" Embriaco. Baudouin Embriaco, (d. 1282). Marie Embriaco, married to Balian II Garnier, Lord of Sidon. Raymond Embriaco, Chamberlain d'Antioche. Bertrand de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet, married to Barthelemy de Saint-Simeon., Lord of Sidon. Hughes Embriaco, (d.1210). Plaisance Embriaco, married 1198 to Prince Bohemond V of Antioch. Pavie Embriaco, married to Garnier Alaman. Raymond Embriaco (d. 1179), Lord of Biblio, Constable of Tripoli, married with issue. Guillaume Embriaco, Lord of Biblio, married to Eva N, with issue. Jean Embriaco, Lord of Biblio (d.1263), married (1) Femie of Caesarea, married (2) to Jeanne de Lanelee, with issue. (First Marriage) Isabella Embriaco, married to Guillaume Filangieri. (Second Marriage) Balian Embriaco. Jean Embriaco. Euphemie Embriaco, married to Guy de Soissons. Bertrand Embriaco, (d. 1217), married 1189 to Princess Doleta of Armenia, with issue. Hughes Embriaco, (d. 1264), Balli of Cyprus, married to Marie Porcelet, with issue. Bertrand II Embriaco, (d. 1258), married 1252 to Beatrix de Saint-Simone Soudin, with issue. Barthelemy Embriaco, (d. 1289), Lord of Biblio, married to Helvis de Scandelion, with issue. Bertrand III Embriaco, married to N. Embriaco (See Above), with issue. Doleta Embriaco, married to Bartolomeo d'Aragona, Barone di Militetto. Hughes Embriaco, married to Catherine de la Roche. Agnese Embriaco, married (1) Gauvin de la Roche, married (2) Pierre d'Ibelin Lord of Jebail. Guillaume Embriaco, (d. 1282). Lucie Embriaco, married 1268 to Jean of Boutron. Marguerite Embriaco, married to Baudouin d'Ibelin, Lord of Korakou. Guillaume Embriaco, married to Fadie de Hierges, with issue. Hughes de Giblet Embriaco (1220), Lord of Besmedin, married to Agnese de Ham, with issue. Raymond de Giblet (d. 1253), Lord of Besmedin, married (1) to Marguerite de Scandelion, married (2) Alix de Soudin, with issue. (First Marriage) Jean I de Giblet, Lord of Besmedin, married 1243 to Poitevine N, with issue. Plaisance de Giblet, Lady of Besmedin, married to Bertrand de Montolive. Eschiva de Giblet, married to Raimondo Visconti. Agnese de Giblet. (Second Marriage) Hughes de Giblet. Henri de Giblet, (d 1310), Lord of Besmedin, married to Marguerite de Morf, with issue. Jean III de Giblet, (d. 1315), Lord of Besmedin, married to Marguerite de Plessis, with issue. Marie de Giblet. Marie de Giblet. Bertrand de Giblet. Suzanne de Giblet. Marie de Giblet. Girard de Ham. Guillaume II de Giblet, Lord of Adelon, married to Anne de Montignac, with issue. Eudes de Giblet. Jean III de Giblet, Lord de Saint Foucy, married to Gillette d'Angiller, with issue. Guillaume III de Giblet, Lord of Saint Foucy, married 1318 to Marie de Verny, with issue. Jean V de Giblet, Lord of Saint Foucy, taken hostage to Genoa 1374. Alice de Giblet, married (1) 1347 to Anseau Bordin, married (2) to Philippe d'Ibelin. Eschiva de Giblet, married 1347 to Philippe d'Ibelin. Maria de Giblet. Eschiva de Gilbet, married to Simon Petit. Girard de Giblet. Stephanie de Giblet, married to Amaury le Bernier. Marie de Giblet, married to Amaury le Flamenc. Femie de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet. Adam de Giblet. Agnese de Giblet, married to Thierry de Terremonde. Agnes Embriaco, married to Gremont II, Lord of Bethsan.

1.2. Niccolo Embriaco (d. 1147), married with issue.

1.2.1. Ugo Embriaco, married with issue. Ugo Embriaco, ( 1154). Niccolo Embriaco, (1154). Isabella Embriaco, married to Baudouin de Nablus.

1.2.2. Oberto Embriaco, (d. 1144), married with issue.


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