Farabel family

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1. Jean de Farabel, (d. 1252), Seigneur du Puy, married to Marie du Puy, with issue.

1.1. Guillaume de Farabel, Seigneur de Puy,  married to Alix de Boutron, with issue.

1.1.1. Rostain de Farabel, Seigneur de Puy.

1.1.2. Guillaume de Farabel, (d. in Apulia).

1.1.3. "Daughter" de Farabel.

1.2. Thomas de Farabel.

1.3. Guy de Farabel.

1.4. Eschiva de Farabel, married to Mentese Bey, Emir of Mentese.

1.5. Mathilde de Farabel.

1.6. Anne de Farabel.




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