Garnier family

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1. Eustache I Garnier (Flemish) died 1123, cr 1105 Lord of Caesaria, married 1099 to Emma de Chocques, (neice of Patriach Arnulf de Chocques), with issue.

1.1. Eustache II Garnier, Lord of Sidon 1124., married to Paia de Nablus, with issue.

1.1.1. Agnese Garnier, married to Henri de Milly.

1.1.2. "Daughter" Garnier, married N. Lord of Nephin.

1.2. Gerard Garnier, Lord of Sidon 1131, Lord of Beaufort 1139., married 1138 to Agnese de Bures, with issue.

1.2.1. Eustache III Garnier, Lord of Sidon.

1.2.2. Renaud Garnier, Lord of Sidon, married 1171 to Princess Agnese de Courtenay of Jerusalem, married (2) 1189 to Helvis d'Ibelin, with issue. (Second Marriage) Balian Garnier, Lord of Sidon, Balli of Jerusalem, married 1228 to Marguerite de Reynel, with issue. Gilles Garnier, Lord of Sidon 1240. Julien Garnier, Lord of Sidon and Beaufort 1247., married 1252 to Princess Eupheme of Armenia, with issue. Balian Garnier, Killed in Battle 1277, titular Lord of Sidon, married to Marie Embriaco of Jabail, with issue. Eupheme Garnier, married 1290 to Hethum V, Prince of Lampron. Isabella Garnier, married 1290 to Maurice de Bouillon. Jean Garnier, drowned in Armenia 1289. Margherite Garnier, married to Guy d'Ibelin Embriaco, Lord of Jebail. Philippe de Beaufort Garnier. Isabella Garnier. Agnese Garnier, married to Guillaume of Antioch, Lord of Boutron. Agnese Garnier, married Raoul de Saint Omer, Prince of Galilee Femie Garnier, married to Odo de Saint Omer.

1.2.3. Florence Garnier, married to Guy Brisebarre, Signore di Beirut.

1.3. Gauthier Garnier, Lord of Caesaria 1128, married Julienne de Puy, with issue.

1.3.1. Eustache Garnier, died 1160, Monk at St Lazarus., dunm.

1.3.2. Hughes Garnier, Lord of Caesaria 1150, married 1160 to Isabella Gothman, with issue. Guy Garnier, Lord of Caesaria 1176. Gauthier II Garnier, killed in battle 1189. Lord of Caesaria. Julienne Garnier, Lady of Caesaria 1193, married (1) 1182 to Guy Brisebarre, married (2) 1192 to Aymar de Lairon, Lord of Caesaria.

1.4. Matilda Garnier, married to Miles de Bazoches.


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