Ghisi Family

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1. Andrea Ghisi, a Venetian nobleman, created Lord of Mykonos, Skyros, Skiathos, Skopelos, Seriphos, Tinos, Amorgos and Chios 1202., married to Helwise de Milly, with issue.
1.1. Filippo Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, married to Isabella Ghisi (See Below), with issue.
1.1.1. Giovanni Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, (d. 1309), married with issue. N. Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, married with issue. Zannachi Ghisi, Lord of Amorgos, (executed 1363).
1.1.2. Andrea Ghisi, Constable of Achaia, married to Bartolomea Chauderon, with issue. Bartolomeo Ghisi, married with issue. Bartolomeo Ghisi, Lord of Tinos and Mykonos, Seriphos and Chios, member of the Grand Council of Venice 1301., married with issue. Giorgio Ghisi, (killed 1311), Lord of Eubea, married (1) N de la Tremoille of Chalandritza, married (2) Alix delle Carceri, with issue. (First Marriage) N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married to Pietro delle Carceri, Triarch of Eubea. N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married to Martino Zaccaria, Lord of Chios. (Second Marriage) Bartolomeo II Ghisi, (d. 1341), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos, Grand Constable of Achaia, married to N de Liedekerke, with issue. Giorgio II Ghisi, (d. 1358), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos, married 1327 to Simona d'Aragona of Salona, with issue. Bartolomeo III Ghisi, (d. 1390), Triarch of Eubea, Lord of Mykonos and Tinos, Marshall of Achaia, married to Theodora Asanina., with issue. Giorgio III Ghisi, Triarch of Eubea. Marino Ghisi, Lord of Tinos, married 1326 to Helene de Charpigny, of Vostitza. Filippa Ghisi, Lady of Seriphos, married to Daniele Bragadin, Patrican of Venice. Alix Ghisi, married to Ruggerio Remarin, Patrican of Venice.
2. Geremia Ghisi, Lord of Andros, married with issue.
2.1. Marchesina Ghisi, Heiress of Skyros, Skiathos and Skopelos, married 1263 to Lorenzo Tiepolo, Doge of Venice.
2.2. Isabella Ghisi, Lady of Amorgos, married to Filippo Ghisi, (See Above).
3. Agnesna Ghisi, married to Othon de Cicon, Lord of Karystos.


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