Gozzandini family

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1. Enrico Gozzandini, settled in Negrepont 1258., with issue.

1.1. Bologna Gozzandini, with issue.

1.1.1. Januli I Gozzandini 1280, with issue. Januli II Gozzandini, Signore di Namfio 1307, with issue. Domenico Gozzandini, Signore di Namfio 1338-58, married to Agnesa Barozzi de la Roche, with issue. Januli III Gozzandini, Signore di Namfio 1358 - 1405., Co-Signore di Thermia 1371-86, with issue. Francesco I Gozzandini, Signore di Thermia 1405, Namfio 1420, and Ceos 1432, with issue. Pietro II Gozzandini, Signore di Thermia, Namfio e Ceos 1440. Balzana Gozzandini, 1340 - 44, Signorina di Namfio, married (1) Erard II d'Aunoy, Barone d'Arcadia, married (2) Pietro dalle Carceri de Negrepont. Elvira Gozzandini, married to Reinard de la Porte. Francesco I Gozzandini, Signore di Thermia e d'Acrotiri a Santorin 1336, with issue. Pietro I Gozzandini, 1383, Signore di Thermia e d'Acrotiri a Santorin, with issue. Nicolo I Gozzandini, Signore di Thermia. died 1440, married 1405 to Filippa Sanudo, Co-Signorina di Ceos, with issue. Angelo I Gozzandini, Signore di Thermia e Ceos 1429-68, died 1476, married 1429 to Caterina Crispo (d/o Nicolo), with issue. Nicolo II Gozzandini, Signore di Sifanto e Ceos 1464, de Thermia 1476, died 1504, married 1456 to Marietta da Corogna, Heiress of Sifanto e Ceos, with issue. Angelo II Gozzandini, Signore di Sifanto e Ceos e Thermia 1480-1518, married 1506 to Marietta Giorgio, with issue. Niccolo III Gozzandini, Signore di Sifanto e Ceos e Thermia, 1534-66, 1570- 89, married (1) 1534 to Caterina Crispo, married (2) Barachia Sirigo, with issue. (First Marriage) Fiorenza Gozzandini, died 1589, married to Michele Codognet, with issue. Margherita Codognet, Signorina d'Acrotiri 1589, married 1577 to Giambattista Calbo. Marietta Gozzandini, married to Tommaso Giustiniani de Chios. (Second Marriage) Taddea Gozzandini, amrried to Giulia della Grammatica. Antonio II Gozzandini, Signore di Sifanti, dunm. Angelo V Gozzandini, Signore di Sifanti 1607 - 17, died 1649 exiled by the Turks, married 1617 to N. della Grammatica, with issue. Nicolo IV Gozzandini, Titular signore di Sifanti., (1599-1664 Rome), married (1) Forenza Bianchi, married (2) Margherita N, with issue. Rabella Gozzandini, married (1) 1639 to Francesco Crispo, married (2) 1656 to Filippo Seminello. Sabetta Gozzandini. Januli X Gozzandini, Titular Signore di Sifanti. Jacopo V Gozzandini, Titular Signore di Sifanti. Crusino II Gozzandini, Titular Signore di Sifanti. Jacopo IV Gozzandini, Titular Signore di Sifanti, (1602-77 Rome), married with issue. Margherita Gozzandini. 1655-. Anna Maria Gozzandini, 1664-. Antonio Gozzandini, 1697-. Margherita Gozzandini, died 1667. Marietta Gozzandini. Marcantonio Gozzandini, Priest in Naxos 1645. Francesco III Gozzandini, Bishop of Zante 1645, died 1675. Fiorenza Gozzandini, (1) 1534 to Francesco III Crispo, Duc of Naxos, married (2) 1550 to Francesco Pasqualigo. Caterina Gozzandini, married to Jacopo III Crispo, Duc de Naxos. Januli V Gozzandini, Co-Signore di Sifanto, 1489, died 1499, married to Taddea Sommaripa, with issue. Adriana Gozzandini, 1504-, married 1517 to Giovanni IV Crispo, Duc of Naxos. Marietta Gozzandini, 'Nun'. Januli IV Gozzandini, Signore di Ceos 1456 - 1500, married to Caterina Sommaripa, with issue. Angelo III Gozzandini, 1497-1515, Signore di Ceos, married 1515 to Agnesina Zentani, dsp. Angelo iV Gozzandini, Chancellor of Milos 1575, with issue. Jacopo III Gozzandini, Chancellor of Sifanto 1589, with issue. Crusino I Gozzandini 1613, Signore di Sifanto. Januli VIII Gozzandini, 'Priest' 1598-1617. Antonio I Gozzandini, with issue. Jacopo II Gozzandini, with issue. Januli IX Gozzandini 1611-16, married to Girolama Donato. Gianfrancesco Gozzandini. Pietro III Gozzandini. Angelo IV Gozzandini 1598-, Archbishop of Naxos 1616, Bishop of Citta di Castello 1621, died 1653. Januli VII Gozzandini. Alessandro Gozzandini. Januli X Gozzandini. Jacopo IV Gozzandini. Perona Gozzandini, married to Mro Andrea d'Avola. (illegitimate) Marcolina Gozzandini, married to Francesco Zane, Notary in Naxos. Caterina Gozzandini, married to Andrea II Barozzi de la Roche.

1.1.2. Jacopo Gozzandini, Bishop of Panidon 1314.

1.2. Gozzandino Gozzandini.



Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869..



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