d'Ibelin family

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The first proven ancestor was one Balian, Constable to the Count of Jaffa; in 1141 he inherited the castle of Yebna, from which his family took the Frenchified name, Ibelin. He +1150/2; m .before 1122 Helvis (+after 1158) dau. of Baudoin I, Lord of Rama; they had issue:

1. Hugues d'Ibelin, Lord of Rama, +1169/71; m.1157 Agnes, Lady of Toron (*1133 +1184/5) dau.of Joscelin de Courtenay, Ct of Edessa.

2. Baudoin d'Ibelin, Lord of Mirabel and Rama, +1186/8; 1m: before 1157 (div 1174) Richilde de Bessan; 2m: 1175 Isabelle (+1177/8) dau.of Jean Gothman; 3m: after IV.1180 Marie (+after 1228) dau.of Renier, Constable of Tripoli; all kids were by 1m.

2.1. Thomas d'Ibelin, Lord of Rama, *before 1175, +ca 1188.

2.2. Eschiva d'Ibelin, +1196/97; m.before 29.10.1175 Amaury II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (*1145 +1205)

2.3. Estefanie d'Ibelin; m.before XI.1175 Amaury, Viscount of Nablus

3. Balian d'Ibelin, Lord of Nablus, +1193; m.1177 Maria Komnenos, widow of King Amalric I of Jerusalem

3.1. Jean d'Ibelin "the Old", Lord of Beirut and Arsur, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem, Bailiff of Cyprus, +1236; 1m: ca 1202 Helvis (+ca 1208) dau.of Raymond of Nephim; 2m: ca 1209 Melisende of Arsur; all kids were by 2m.

3.1.1. Balian III d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, Constable of Cyprus, Bailiff of Jerusalem, +Askalon 1247; m.1229/30 Eschiva von Mvmpelgard Balian d'Ibelin, +young Hugues d'Ibelin, *1231/32, +1254/55; m.1250/53 Marie von Mvmpelgard Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, +1264, bur Nicosia; m.1249/50 Alice, Lady of Beirut (+after 1277) dau.of Guy de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, Duke of Athens Isabelle d'Ibelin, Lady of Beirut 1264, *ca 1252, +Beirut 1282/83, bur there; 1m: 1265 Hugo II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (*1252 +5.12.1267); 2m: 1272 Haymo le Strange (+1273), Lord of Beirut; 3m: 1276 Nicolas d'Aleman, titular lord of Caesarea and Beirut (+1277); 4m: after 1277 Guillaume Barlais (+1304/05) Eschiva d'Ibelin, Lady of Beirut 1282, *1253, +Nicosia 1312, bur Nicosia; 1m: 1274 Onfroi de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus (+12.2.1284); 2m: 7.12.1291 Guy de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus (+1302/03) d'Ibelin; m.ca 1250 Henri de Giblet (+ca 1271)

3.1.2. Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Arsur, Constale and Bailiff of Cyprus and Jerusalem, *1211/2, +1258; m.ca 1236 Alice (+after 1241) dau.of Rohard of Cayphas Balian IV d'Ibelin, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem, lord of Arsur, *1239, +1277; 1m: 1254 (annulled 1258) Plaisance de Poitiers, dau.of Ct Raymond of Tripoli (?); 2m: ca 1261 Lucie de Chenechy; all kids were by 2m. Jean d'Ibelin, +1309, bur Nicosia; m.after 1300 Isabelle d'Ibelin Guy d'Ibelin Balian, titular lord of Arsur, +ca 1338, bur Nicosia; m.ca 1320 Marguerite d'Ibelin Philippe d'Ibelin, murderer of King Peter of Cyprus, +1374/6; 1m: Eschiva de Dampierre; 2m: ca 1355 Alice (+after 1376) dau.of Fernando de Majorca, Vcde d'Omelas Guy d'Ibelin, Bishop of Limassol, +1367 Thomas d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +after 1361 Jean d'Ibelin, a priest Marie d'Ibelin, +after 1357; 1m: ca 1340 Hugues de Dampierre-sur-Salon; 2m: ca 1349 Jean d'Ibelin (+after 1357) Simone d'Ibelin, +after 1350; 1m: ca 1355 Baudoin de Nores; 2m: Jean Babin Marguerite d'Ibelin, +after 1353; m.Balian d'Ibelin Marguerite d'Ibelin; m.ca 1323 Balian d'Ibelin Lucie d'Ibelin; 1m: ca 1332 Baudoin de Milmars; 2m: ca 1334 Raymond du Four Alice d'Ibelin, married to Mehmedoglu Hizar Bey, Emir of Aydin. Jeanne d'Ibelin; m.Baudoin du Morf, Lord of Stambole maybe by 1m.] Nicole d'Ibelin, +ca 1300; m.Thibaut de Bessan Ermeline d'Ibelin; m.NN in Apulia

3.1.3. Hugues d'Ibelin, +1237/39

3.1.4. Baudoin d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +1266; m.ca 1230 Alice, dau.of Gautier de Bessan by Theodora Komnene Jean d'Ibelin, +after 1250; m.ca 1247 Isabelle, dau.of Aimery du Rivet by Eschiva de Saint-Omer Gautier d'Ibelin Baudoin d'Ibelin, Lord of Korakou and Vitzada, +Limassol 1313, bur Nicosia; m.Marguerite de Giblet Isabelle d'Ibelin, +1315, bur Nicosia; m.ca 1303 Guy d'Ibelin (+1308) Philippe d'Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus, +1304/05; m.ca 1253 Simone von Mvmpelgard Balian d'Ibelin, titular Pr of Galilee and Bethlehem, +1315/6; m.ca 1292/4 Alice de Lusignan (+1324) Jacques d'Ibelin, living 1319 Baudoin d'Ibelin Guy d'Ibelin Hugues d'Ibelin Marguerite d'Ibelin Helvis d'Ibelin, married to Ramazan Bey, Emir of Ramadan. Alice d'Ibelin, Lady of Coletta, +after 1324; m.before 1293 Gautier de Bessan (+1315) Eschiva d'Ibelin, Lady of Saint-Nicolas, +after 1324; 1m: ca 1290 Gautier de Dampierre-sur-Salon; 2m: before 1310 Hugues de Lusignan, sn de Crusoche Marie d'Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia, +after 1324; m.ca 1290 Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa Guy d'Ibelin, +after 1270; m.Maria of Armenia Thomas d'Ibelin, +after 1307; m.ca 1290 Zabel of Saravantikar Leon d'Ibelin, *before 1306 Rita d'Ibelin, *before 1306 Isabelle d'Ibelin, +ca 1306; m.ca 1285 Hethum, Lord of Korikos (+after 1308) Balian d'Ibelin, +1284/98; m.Marguerite, dau.of Raymond Visconti Philippe d'Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Gille de Chappes Jean d'Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1318 Alice d'Ibelin, *before 1306 Hugues d'Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Alice, dau.of Jean Le Thor by Stephanie de Soissons Baudoin d'Ibelin Marie d'Ibelin, *1304/07, +after 1347; m.ca 1325 Baudoin de Bessan Marguerite d'Ibelin, +after 1342; m.ca 1320 Balian d'Ibelin Melisende d'Ibelin, +young

3.1.5. Guy d'Ibelin, Marshal and Constable of Cyprus; m.Philippe, dau.of Aimery Berlais Baudoin d'Ibelin, Bailiff of Jerusalem, Constable of Cyprus, +after VIII.1286 Jean d'Ibelin, +murdered 1277 Aimery d'Ibelin Balian d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, *1240, +1302, bur Nicosia; m.Alice de Lampron II d'Ibelin, *1286, +1308; m.Isabelle d'Ibelin Marie d'Ibelin, +after 1340; 1m: 22.11.1299 Rupen de Montfort, Lord of Toron and Sur (+1313); 2m: N du Plessis Isabelle d'Ibelin; m.Jean d'Ibelin Marguerite d'Ibelin, +ca 1320; m.ca 1311 Oshin of Korikos, Regent of Armenia (+1329) Philippe d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, *1253, +1318, bur Nicosia; 1m: ca 1280 Marie, dau.of Vahran of Hanousse by Marie d'Ibelin; 2m: ca 1295 Marie de Giblet (+1331); all kids by 2m. Jean d'Ibelin, *1302, +after 1317, bur Nicosia Guy d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, Burgher of Venice, +ca 1360; m.ca 1319 Marguerite d'Ibelin Jean d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, +after 1367 Alice d'Ibelin, +after 1373; m.ca 1350 Jean de Lusignan, titular Pr of Antioch, Regent of Cyprus (+1375) Marguerite d'Ibelin Balian d'Ibelin, +ca 1349; m.ca 1323 Marguerite d'Ibelin Isabelle d'Ibelin, *1300, +after 1342; 1m: 1316 Inft Fernando of Majorca, Pr of Achaia (+1316); 2m: ca 1320 Hugues d'Ibelin, titular Ct of Jaffa Helvis d'Ibelin, *1307, +after 27.5.1347; m.1330 Duke Heinrich von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen (+1351) Isabelle d'Ibelin, cr Queen Consort of Cyprus 24.12.1267, *ca 1241, +Nicosia 2.6.1324, bur Franciscan Church, Nicosia; m.after 23.1.1255 Hugues III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (*1235 +1284) Alice d'Ibelin; m.1270/75 Eudes de Dampierre-sur-Salon Eschiva d'Ibelin, a nun Melisende d'Ibelin, married to Esref, Emir of Esref. Marie d'Ibelin

3.1.6. Isabelle d'Ibelin, a nun

3.2. Philippe d'Ibelin, Regent of Cyprus, +1227; 1m: Maria, dau.of Vahran of Korokos, Marshal of Armenia; 2m: 1207/10 Alix von Mvmpelgard (+after 1244)

3.2.1. Jean d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa and Askalon, Lord of Rama, Bailiff of Jerusalem, +Nicosia 1266, bur there; m.ca 1237 Maria (*1220, +Lampron 1263, bur Sgebra) dau.of Constantine, Lord of Barba'ron by Alix of Lampron Jacques d'Ibelin, Lord of Jaffa, +1276; m.1255/60 Marie von Mvmpelgard Philippe d'Ibelin, +after 1263 Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +1304; m.ca 1290 Marie d'Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia Philippe d'Ibelin, +in jail in Kerynia 1316 Hugues d'Ibelin, justiciarius of Sicily, living 1335 Hugues d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, +ca 1349; m.ca 1320 Isabelle d'Ibelin (+after 1342) Balian d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1352 Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1363; m.NN Balian d'Ibelin; m.1352 Marguerite d'Ibelin Jean d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, +ca 1375 Marie d'Ibelin; m.ca 1358 Reinier Le Petit, Ct of Jaffa Balian d'Ibelin, *1302; 1m: ca 1322 Jeannette de Montfort (+ca 1325); 2m: 1325 Marguerite du Four Marie d'Ibelin, *1294, +before 30.6.1318, bur Santa Sophia, Nicosia; m.1307/10 Hugues IV de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (+10.10.1359) Jean d'Ibelin Hethum d'Ibelin Oshin d'Ibelin Marguerite d'Ibelin, Abbess in Nicosia, +after 1319 Isabelle d'Ibelin, +after 1298; m.ca 1270 Sempad of Saravantikar (+after 1298) Marie d'Ibelin, +after 1298; 1m: 1269/70 Vahran of Hanousse (+1270/71); 2m: Gregorios Tardif (+after 1298)

3.2.3. Doleta d'lbelin, married  Noble Chev. Vassallo de Vassallo.

3.3. Helvis d'Ibelin, +ca 1216; 1m: Renaud of Sidon; 2m: 1204 Guy de Montfort, sn de la Ferte-Alais et de Castres-en-Albegeois (+31.1.1228)

3.4. Marguerite, Lady of Ibelin, +after 1240; 1m: Hugues de Saint-Omer; 2m: before 1210 Gautier of Caesarea (+1229)

3.5. a daughter, taken as a slave to Baghdad 1193

4. Ermengardis d'Ibelin, Lady of Tiberias, +1160/67

5. Stefanie d'Ibelin, +after 1167, married to Masud Temirek, Sultan of Rum.


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