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(Crusader and other European families – UAE families – other)

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UPDATED: September 2015.



Crusader and other European families.
Abbatelli family.
Acciaiuoli Family - Dukes of Athens.
Aleman Family.
Arianti family.
d'Argenta family of Santorini island
Arsuf family - Lords of Arsuf.
Bali's of Morea.
Barlais family.
Barbaro family Patricians
Barozzi of Venice.
Barrese family.
Bazoches family - Lords of Tiberias.
Bertoleoni di Tavolara family.
Bethsan family - Lords of Bethsan.
Bianchi family.
Bonanno family.
Borgia family.
Brienne family - Counts of Jaffa.
Brisbarre family - Lords of Montreal, Blanchegarde, Arsuf, and Beirut.
Bures family - Lords of Tiberias.
Brignole family of Genoa.
Buzzi family of Rome and Velletri
Castrioti family.
Charpentier family - Lords of Caiphas.
de Chiaromonte, Counts of Modica.
Cornari de Scarpanto family.
Crispo family - Dukes of Naxos.
da Corogna de Sifanto.
dalle Carceri family - Barons of Euboea.
da Verona family - Triarch of Euboea.
d'Aragona family - Dukes of Athens, Kings of Aragon, Sicily and Naples.
d'Aulnay family - Barons of Arcadia.
de Caepena family - Signore d'Egina.
de la Porte family - Barons de Zoja.
de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon family -Dukes of Athens.
de Lille de Charigny family - Barons of Vostitsa.
de Lloria family.
de Montfort family - Lords of Tyre.
de Puiset family - Lords of Jaffa.
d'Enghien family - Lords of Argos.
d'Ibelin family - Counts of Jaffa.
Doria family of Genoa.
du Puy family - Lords of Oultrejordain.
Durazzo family of Genoa.
Embriaco family -Lords of Jebail, Besmedin.
Farabel family.
Fauquembergues family - Lords of Tiberias.
Fieschi family of Genoa.
Garnier family - Lords of Sidon and Ceasaria.
Gattilusio family - Lords of Lesbos.
Ghisi family, Lord of Mykonos.
Giustinani family of Venice - Lords of Chios.
Giustinani family of Genoa.
Governors of Athens.
Gozzandini de Namfio, Sifanto.
Gravina family.
Grimaldi of Chios.
Ianvilla family.
Invrea family of Genoa.
Lancia family.
Lomellini /Lomellino / da Lumbello family of Genoa.
Malatesta family.
Mandelee family.
Metaxi family of Cephalonia.
Milly family - Lords of Oultrejordain and Nablus.
Moncada family.
Moroni family.
Nablus family - Vicomte de Nablus
Navigajosi de Lemnos family.
Orsini family - Counts of Cephalonia.
Pallavicini family of Genoa - Marquis's of Boudonitza.
Paterno family.
Poulain family - Lords of Caiphas.
Premarini de Ceos family.
Quirini de Stampalia family.
Renouard family - Lords of Nephim and Maraclea.
Rethel family - Kings of Jerusalem.
Rocco of Genoa.
Ruffo Romano family.
Saint Omer family - Lords of Thebes.
Sanudo family - Dukes of Naxos.
Sanseverino, Filangieri, de Candida families.
Savelli family of Rome.
Serra family of Genoa.
Settimo family.
Sommaripa family.
Spadafora family.
Spinola family of Genoa.
Stagno family - Counts of Cassandola.
Statella family.
Stronmoncourt family - Lords of Salona.
Tocco family - Counts of Cephalonia.
Toron family - Lords of Toron.
Toulouse 'sives Saint Gilles' family - Counts of Tripoli.
The Imperial house of Osmani / Turkey / Sayd.
Valguarnera family.
Venier family.
Ventimiglia family.
Villehardouin family - Princes of Achaia.
Vivaldi family of Genoa.
Zaccaria family - Lords of Chois and Barons of Arcadia.


United Arab Emirates ruling family.
Rulers of Abu Dhabi.
Rulers of Ajman.
Rulers of Dubai.
Rulers of Fujairah.
Rulers of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah.
Rulers of Umm al-Qawain.


Other families of Interest.
Mackay of Cromarty.
Main page for the Ancestors of the Countess Fournier, Baroness de Pausier.
Princes Cowper of the Holy Roman Empire.
King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and his descendants.
de Martin du Tyrac de Marcellus family of France.


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