"Libro d'Oro della Nobility di Mediterranean?

Montfort family

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1. Guy de Montfort, Seigneur de Fort-Alois.. France,  married to Helvis d'Ibelin, with issue.

1.1. Philippe de Montfort, died 1270., Cr 1270 Lord of Tyre, married (1) 1228 Princess Eleanore de Courtenay, married (2) 1240 to Princess Marie d'Antioch, with issue.

1.1.1. (First Marriage) Philippe II de Montfort, died 1290., Lord of Tyre., married to Jeanne de Levis, with issue. Jeanne de Montfort, married (1) 1268 to Guy, Comte de Forez, married (2) 1278 to Louis de Savoie, Barone de Vaud. Jean II de Montfort, Conte di Squillace, Captain General of Calabria 1299., married (1) Isabella Maletta, married (2) Giovanna di Faranella, Signora di Genzano, married (3) Marguerite de Beaumont. Laure de Montfort, married Bernard VII, Comte de Comminges. Eleanore de Montfort, married 1295 to Jean V, Comte de Vendome.

1.1.2. "Daughter" de Montfort, married to Seigneur d'Aneval.

1.1.3. (Second Marriage) Jean de Montfort, Lord of Tyre, married 1268 to Princess Marguerite of Cyprus.

1.1.4. Henfroy de Montfort, married to Eschurg d'Ibelin, with issue. "Son" de Montfort. "Son" de Montfort. "Son" de Monfort. "Daughter" de Montfort. Rupen de Montfort, married 1299 to Marie d'Ibelin, with issue. Honfrey de Monfort, Lord of Beirut, married N, with issue. Eschiva de Montfort, died 1333., married to Pierre I, King of Cyprus. Alix de Montfort. Jeanne de Montfort, married 1327 to Balian d'Ibelin. Alix de Montfort.

1.1.5. Alix de Montfort.

1.1.6. Helvis de Montfort.


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