Montfort family

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1. Amaury I de Montfort, (d. 1052), 1022 Seigneur de Montfort et d'Epernon, married 1020 to Bertrade de Gometz, with issue.

1.1. Evea de Montfort, (d. 1099), married to Guillaume Crespin, Seigneur du Bec.

1.2. Simon I de Montfort, (1030-1087), Seigneur de Montfort, married (1) 1055 to Isabelle de Broyes, married (2) 1070 to Agnes d'Evreux, with issue.

1.2.1. Amaury II de Montfort, (1056-1089), Seigneur de Montfort et de Houdan, dunm.

1.2.2. Isabeau de Montfort, (1058-), married 1076 to Raoul III de Tosny, Barone de Conches, Lord of Flamsted.

1.2.3. Guillaume I de Montfort, (1058-1101), Bishop of Paris 1095.

1.2.4. Bertrade de Montfort, (1059-1117), married (1) 1089 to Foulques IV, Comte de Anjou, married (2) 1093 to Philippe I, King of France.

1.2.5. Richard de Montfort, (1066-1092), Seigneur de Montfort 1089, dunm.

1.2.6. Simon II de Montfort, (1068-1104), Seigneur de Montfort, Beynes et Epernon, Abbott, dunm.

1.2.7. Amaury III de Montfort, (1070-1137), Comte d'Evreux 1123, Comte de Rochefort 1120, Seigneur de Montfort 1104, married (1) 1115 to Richilde de Hainaut, married (2) 1127 to Agnes de Garlande, with issue. (First marriage) Richard de Montfort, 1118 Comte d'Evreux, dunm. Luciane de Montfort, (1102-)., married 1120 to Hughes de Crecy-Pomponne. Amaury IV de Montfort, 91122-1140), Comte d'Evreux, Seigneur de Montfort, dunm. Simon III de Montfort, (d. 1181), Comte d'Evreux, Seigneur de Montfort, married 1153 to Mathilde de Champagne, with issue. Amaury III d'Evreux, (1151-1182), Comte d'Evreux, married 1170 to Maud de Gloucester, with issue. Amaury IV d'Evreux, (d. 1213), Comte d'Evreux, 1182 Earl of Gloucester, married 1198 to Agnese d'Ambroise, married 1203 to Melissende de Gournay, dsp. Simon IV de Montfort, (d. 1188), Seigneir de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, married 1170 to Amicie de Beaumont, Countess of Leicester, with issue. Simon V de Montfort, (1165-1218), Seigneur de Rochefort et Brethencourt, Montfort, Epernon et Houdan, 6th Earl of Leicester, married 1190 to Alix de Montmorency, with issue. Amaury V de Montfort, (1192-1241), Seigneur e 1226 Comte de Montfort, 1223 Duc de Narbonne, 1231 Comte de Toulouse, 1211 Vicomte de Carassonne, et de Beziers, Connetable of France, married 1222 to Beatrice de Viennois, with issue. Jean I de Montfort, (1228-1249), Comte de Montfort, married 1248 to Jeanne de Chateaudun, with issue. Beatrice de Montfort, (1245-1311), Comtesse de Montfort, married 1260 to Robert IV de Dreux, Comte de Dreux. Marguerite de Montfort, (d. 1284), married 1256 to Jean III de Nesle, Comte de Soissons. Laure de Montfort, (d. 1270), married (1) 1256 to Don Fernando de Castilla, Infante de Castille, Comte d'Aumale et de Ponthieu. Alix de Montfort, (d. 1279), married 1242 to Simon II de Clermont, Seigneur de Nesle, Maulette et Ailly. Perronelle de Montfort, (d. 1275), Nun. Guy II de Montfort, (1195-1220), Comte de Bigorre, married 1216 to Perenelle de Comminges, with issue. Simon VI de Montfort, (1208-1265), 7th Earl of Leicester, Governor of Guyenne, married 1238 to Princess Eleanor of England, with issue. Henry de Montfort, (1238-1265), dunm. Peter de Montfort, (d. 1265), dunm. Guy de Montfort, (1244-1288), Conte de Nola, married to Margherita Aldobrandeschi dei Conti di Soano, with issue. Thomasse de Montfort, married to Pietro Vico, Prefect of Rome. Anastasia de Montfort, Comtesse de Nola, married 1293 to Romano Orsini, Grand Justicier of Naples, Senator of Rome. Simon VII de Montfort, (1240-1271). Sir Aymer de Montfort, (1242-1301), Monk. Richard de Montfort, (1252-1265), dunm. Eleanor de Montfort, (1252-1282), married 1278 to Llywelyn, Prince of Gwynedd, Prince of North Wales. Robert de Montfort, (1218), dunm. Amicie de Montfort, (1214-1253), married (1) 1223 to Gaucher I de Joigny, Seigneur de Chateaurenard, married (2) to N de Poitiers. Laure de Montfort, (d. 1227), married to Gerard II de Picquigny, Seigneur de Picquigny. Perrenelle de Montfort, (d. 1237), Nun. Guy I de Montfort, (1163-1228) Seigneur de Fort-Alois.. France,  married (1) 1204 to Helvis d'Ibelin, married (2) 1224 to Briande Adhemar de Monteil, with issue. Philippe I de Montfort, (1202-1270)., Cr 1270 Lord of Tyre e Toron, , married (1) 1228 Princess Eleanore de Courtenay, married (2) 1240 to Princess Marie d'Antioch, with issue. (First Marriage) Philippe II de Montfort, (1225-1270)., Lord of Tyre e Toron., married 1230 to Jeanne de Levis-Mirepoix, with issue. Jeanne de Montfort, (d. 1300), married (1) 1268 to Guy, Comte de Forez, married (2) 1278 to Louis de Savoie, Barone de Vaud. Jean II de Montfort, (d. 1300), Conte di Squillace, Captain General of Calabria 1299., married (1) Isabella Maletta, married (2) Giovanna di Faranella, Signora di Genzano, married (3) Marguerite de Beaumont. Laure de Montfort, (d. 1300), married to Bernard VII, Comte de Comminges. Eleanore de Montfort, (d. 1338), Comtesse de Vendome, married 1295 to Jean V, Comte de Vendome. Simon de Montfort, (d. 1272), dunm. Jean de Montfort, (d. 1240), Comte de Squillace, Lord of Tyre e Toron, married 1268 to Princess Marguerite of Cyprus, dsp. (Second marriage) Philippa de Montfort, (d. 1275), married to Guillaume I d'Esneval, Barone d'Esneval.. HenfroyI de Montfort, (d. 1283), married 1269 to Eschurg d'Ibelin, with issue. Johannin de Montfort. Philippe de Montfort. Guyotin de Monfort. Amauri de Montfort. Rupen de Montfort, (d. 1313), Lord titular of Toron, married 1299 to Marie d'Ibelin, with issue. Honfrey II de Monfort, (1305-1326), Lord titular of Toron, Lord of Beirut, Connetable of Cyprus married N, with issue. Eschiva de Montfort, died 1333., married to Pierre I, King of Cyprus. Alix de Montfort, married to Sucauddin Orhan, Bey, Emir of Mentese. Jeanne de Montfort, married 1322 to Balian d'Ibelin. Alix de Montfort. Alix de Montfort. Helvis de Montfort. Perrenelle de Montfort, (d. 1238), Nun. Alice de Montfort, (d. 1259), Nun. Agnes de Montfort, (d. 1259), Nun. Guy II de Montfort, (d. 1254), Barone de Lombers. Perrenelle de Montfort, (d. 1216), married Berthelemy, Grand Chambrier of France. Guiburge Batard de Montfort, (1181-1234), married 1209 to Guy I de Levis, Seigneur de Levis. Bertrade de Montfort, (1152-1227), married 1169 to Hugh I Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester. Agnes de Montfort, (1123-1181), married 1141 to Waleran II de Beaumont, Comte de Meulan, 1st Earl of Worcester and Winchester.

1.3. Mainier de Montfort, (1027-1091), Seigneur d'Epernon, married to Elisabeth N, with issue.

1.3.1. Amuary de Montfort, Seigneur d'Epernon, married with issue. Simon de Montfort. Mainier de Montfort.

1.3.2. Guillaume de Montfort.

1.4. Amaury de Monfort, (1029-), d.inf.


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