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The Right Hon. Sir George Ferguson Bowen GCMG, (1821-99).  In 1854 George Bowen served as the chief secretary of government in the Ionian Islands and Malta. Former Governor of Queensland 1859-68; New Zealand 1868-73; Victoria 1873-79; Mauritius 1879-83 and Hong Kong 1883-87. Bowen retired to England after his tenure as Governor of Hong Kong, and was appointed as a chief of a Royal Commission which was sent to Malta with regard to the new constitution for the island in December 1887. All recommendations made by Bowen were adopted. Afterwards, Bowen served as a privy councillor in Great Britain.


His first wife, Countess Diamantina di Roma (d. 1893) was of Ionian and Maltese descent through her mother Orsola Balsamo (in Maltese Balsano) and also two of her ancestress were Maltese.


Francesco di Roma, Chancellor du Pretoire in Zante 1625, married (1) 1637 to Bianca Mocenigo, married (2) 1649 to Isabella Squiro, with issue.


1. Candino di Roma, (1635-), Receiver of Imports in Moree, married 1668 to Giulia Ventura (d/o Stamatello), with issue.

1.1. Francesco di Roma, (1670-1742), Defended Corfu in 1716, 1727 and 1731. Created Conte 1723 by the Venetian Empire and a Colonel, married 1724 Birgu Malta to Faustina Serra, with issue.

1.1.1. Conte Giorgio di Roma, (1725-96), Senator of Venice, Consul of Venice in Arcadia 1780., married 1767 to Diamantina dei Conti Capnissi, with issue. Conte Dionyssios di Roma, (1771-1857), Consul of Venice in Moree, Ambassador in Paris 1810., married 1797 to Adriana Stavraki-Locatelli, with issue. Conte Giorgio-Candiano di Roma, (1798-1860), created "d'Altresse"., married to Orsola dei Conti Balsamo, with issue. Conte Nicolas di Roma, (1823-75), Greek Army, married to Roxanne Spiro-Paul, with issue. Conte Candiano di Roma, (1854-1916), dunm. Conte Camillo di Roma, (1856-, married (1) 1890 to Irene Ghica, married (2) to Therese Varette, with issue. (Second marriage) Conte Pierre di Roma, (1906-1958), married with issue. Conte Camil di Roma, (1944-, married an Egyptian, with issue. Contessa Adele di Roma, (1909-1969), married to Professor Constantin Sion. Contessa Orsola di Roma, (1914-1977), married to General Petrovici. Contessa Adele di Roma, (1859-1941), dunm. Conte Demetre di Roma, (1857-1901), married to Zenaide Callimachi, with issue. Conte Pierre di Roma, (1898-1963), married to Princess Armande Cantacuzene, dsp. Conte Theodore di Roma, (1899-1975), married (1) to Eugenie Perlea, married (2) 1950 to Marie-Louise Cuba, with issue. (First marriage) Contessa Roxane di Roma, (1928-, married 1948 (Div) to Nicholas Stoica. Contessa Zenaide di Roma, d.inf. Conte Camillo di Roma, (1825-), married to Adele Knekitch, (sister of the Princess of Montenegro), dsp. Conte Spiridion di Roma, (1826-81), Deputy of Zante, married to Princess Aspanie Mourousi, with issue. Contessa Orsola di Roma, (d. 1940), married to Cyriague Mavromichalis, Prime Minister of Greece, with issue. Leonidas Mavromichalis, (1899-1924). Peter Mavromichalis, (1887-1965), married 1911 to Aristie Achilopoulo, with issue. Cyriaque Mavromichalis, (1912-1937), dunm. Constantine Mavromichalis, (1916-. Sophie Mavromichalis, (1919-1943). Euphrosyne Mavromichalis, (1881-1920 Athens, Greece), married 1903 to Admiral Pericles Argyropoulo. Aspasia Mavromichaslis, (1884-1967), married (1) to Ioannis Ralli, married (2) Alexander Chalcocondlle, with issue. (First marriage) Dimitrios Ralli, (1907-, married 1949 to May Spartali, with issue. Aspasia Lina Ralli, (1949-, married 1975 to Paul Zanni, with issue. May Ralli. Ianna Ralli, (1953-. Christine Ralli, (1961-. Conte Alexandre di Roma, (1863-1914), married 1890 to Sophie Zographos, with issue. Contessa Aspasie di Roma, (1896-1970), married (1) 1916 to J.C. Voultso, married (2) to Anastase Koklas. Contessa Domenica di Roma, (1898-), married to Jean Planiteros. Conte Spiridon di Roma, (1903-), .d.inf. Conte Dionyso di Roma, (1906-1981), married to Marianne Spiliotakis, dsp. Contessa Sophie di Roma, (1866-1962), married to General Athanase Botzaris, with issue. Aspasie Botzaris, (1891-1974), dunm. Demetre Botzaris, (1892-1965), married to Calliope Diamandidi. Marco Botzaris, (1893-1960). Spyros Botzaris, (1894-1948), married (1) to Myrsini Ambeloravdi, married (2) to Alexandria Pantziri, with issue. (First marriage) Marcos Botzaris, (1934-. Rose Botzaris. Petrinie Botzaris, (1902-, married to Demostene Choremi. Contessa Helene di Roma, (1883-, married to Georges Mavromichalis. Conte Candiano-Cesar di Roma, (1827-92), ADC to King Otto of Greece,  married to Maria Kosaki Tipaldo, with issue. Conte Georges di Roma, (1867-1894), dunm. Contessa Adriana di Roma, married (1) to Lazare Voulgaris, married (2) to Dr Giulio Calvagna MD. Conte Giorgio di Roma, (1832-1910), dunm. Conte Pierre di Roma, (1833-1914), Deputy in Braila in Roumania, married (1) to Princess Sophia Ypsilanti, married (2) to Princess Marie Vogoridi, with issue. (Second marriage) Conte Robert di Roma, (1874-1947), married 1907 to Manuela Baleanu, with issue. Conte Emmanuel di Roma, (1910-, married (1) (Div) to N. Wesselovski, married (2) (Div) to Simone Emanoil, with issue. Conte Andrei di Roma, (1951-. Conte Pierre di Roma, (1913-, married (1) (Div) to Contessa Francesca di Roma, (See below), married (2) 1949 to Marianne Adam, dsp. Conte Nicolas di Roma, (1875- 1960), dunm. Conte Georges di Roma, (1877-), married 1912 (Div) to Ana Bogdan, married (2) to Princess Helene Caradja, with issue. (First marriage) Contessa Francesca di Roma, married to Conte Pierre di Roma, (See above). Conte Robert di Roma, (1834-1920), Deputy in Zante, dunm. Contessa Diamantina di Roma, (d. 1893), married 1856 to Sir George Ferguson Bowen GCMG, with issue. Adelaide Diamantina (Nina) Bowen, (1858 Ionian Is -), married to Allan Campbell, (Queensland Grazier), with issue. Diamantina Isabella Campbell, (1881 London, UK - 1909), married 1907 to Admiral Sir Percy Laxland Harnam Noble, with issue. Cdr Sir Allan Herbert Percy Noble, DSO, DSC, RN, (1908-1982). Lieut Allan William George Campbell, (1885 London, UK - 1914 France), married 1912 London, UK to Lady Moya Melisende Browne, with issue. Allan D.P. Campbell, (1913 London, UK-. Zoe Caroline Bowen, (1860 Brisbane, Queensland -1938). Agnes Herbert Bowen, (1862 Brisbane, Queensland -). George William Howard Bowen, (1864 Brisbane, Queensland -), married 1896 London, UK to Gertude Chamberlain. Alfreda Ernestina Albertina Bowen, (1869 Auckland, New Zealand - 1939), married 1899 London, UK to Robert Lydston Newman, with issue. Sir Ralph Alured Newman, 5th Baronet Newman of Mamhead, (1902-1968), married 1946 to Ann Rosemary Hope-Morley, with issue. Sir Geoffrey Robert Newman, 6th Baronet Newman of Mamhead, (1947-, married 1980 to Mary Elizabeth Gibbs, with issue. Frances Joyce Newman, (1983-. Robert Melvil Newman, (1985-. Elsie Laura Newman, (1987-. Louisa Bridget Newman, (1990-.. Richard Claude Newman, (1951-, married 1992 to Louisa Dorothy Catherine Ruck, with issue. Georgina Dorothy Newman, (1995-. Henry Ralph Newman, (1997-. Jeremy Robert Newman, (1999-. Zabian Carlotta Annette Alfreda Newman, (1948-. Louisa Ann Newman, (1955-, married (1) 1977 (Div 1992) to Andrew William Kingsley Thomas, married (2) 1997 to Michael Clive Bowker Smith, with issue. (First marriage) William Lydston Thomas, (1983-. Rachel Elizabeth Thomas, (1987-. (Second marriage) Zara Isabel Iolani Hope Smith, (2001-. Jocye Alfreda Newman, (1904-, married 1928 to Maj-Gen, Sir Julian Alvery Gascoigne, with issue. Merida Gascoigne. Crispin Gascoine, (1929-2001), married 1954 to Hon Elizabeth Ann Harcourt, with issue. William Harcourt Crisp Gascoigne, (1955-, married 1980 to Susan Alexandra Williams, with issue. Julian Aubrey Harcourt Gascoigne, (1984-. Frederick William Gascoigne, (1986-. Ralph Edward Gascoigne, (1989-. Elizabeth Laura Gascoigne, (1958-, married to Peter Nicholas Offord, with issue. Venetia Vernon Offord, (1988-. Nicholas Alvery Harcourt Offord, (1990-. Cecily Katherine Offord, (1992-. Mary Ann Gascoigne, (1961-, married 1986 to Matthew Charles Crosby, with issue. Miles William Southe Crosby, (1989-. George Crispin Ivo Crosby, (1992-. Thomas Lydston Newman, (1906-1980), married to Helen Young, with issue. Priscilla Helen Newman, (1939-, married 1963 to Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth, with issue. James William Stuart-Menteth, (1965-, married to Abigail Costolloe, with issue. Martha Stuart-Menteth. Audrey Plum Stuart-Menteth, (2006-. Alice Caroline Stuart-Menteth, (1969-. Alexander Granville Stuart-Menteth, (1971-, married to Romaine Lizabeth Govett, with issue. Francis Doune Montresor Romaine Stuart-Menteth, (2008-. Tancred Thomas Granville Stuart-Menteth, (2010-. Elizabeth Clare Newman, (1941-, married 1964 to Robert Myles Randal MacDonnell, with issue. Natasha Clare MacDonnell, (1965-, married 1996 to John Edward Rustand Morgan, with issue. John Arthur Randal Morgan, (1996-. Scarlett Louisa Morgan, (1998-. Julian Sorley MacDonnell, (1967-, married 1992 to Sophia Helen Reed, with issue. Constance MacDonnell. Amity Catherine MacDonnell, (1993-. Wilfred Thomas Randal MacDonnell, (1998-. Louisa Helen MacDonnell, (1971-. Peter Thomas Lydston Newman, (1944-, married 1981 to Catherine Jane Liburn, with issue. Rupert Thomas Lydston Newman, (1984-. Harriet Joan Newman, (1986-. William Alistair Newman, (1988-. Conte Giorgio-Demetrio di Roma, (1806-74), Professor in Bologna, Deputy in Zante, married to Luisa de Rossi, with issue. Contessa Susanne di Roma, (1846-1903), married to Conte Giovanni Comuto. Conte Ludovico di Roma, (1848-1907), Deputy in Zante, dunm. Contessa Chryssula di Roma, married to Antonio Micalizzi.

1.1.2. Conte Zan-Dario di Roma, (1728-31), d.inf.

1.1.3. Contessa Maria di Roma, (1737-), married 1759 to Nicolo Siguro.




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