Renouard family

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1. Pons de Renouard, (d. 1139). Knight of the Crusaders.

2. Pierre de Renouard, Seigneur de Mezenas, married to Bremunda N, with issue.

2.1. Guillaume de Renouard, (d. 1163), Married 1114 to Poncia de Baux, with issue.

2.1.1. Saxus de Renouard, (d. 1143).

2.1.2. Renouard I de Renouard, (d. 1187), Cr: Lord of Tortosa, 1163 of Nephim., married with issue. Guillaume de Renouard, Lord of Nephim, married to N Garnier of Sidon, with issue. Raymond II de Renouard, (d. 1196), Lord of Nephim, married with issue. Renouard II de Renouard, Lord of Nephim, (d. 1208), married (1) 1205 to Isabella du Puy., married (2) Douce Porcelet. Helvis de Renouard, married 1201 to Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut. Aiglantine de Renouard, married to Rohart, Lord of Caiphas.

2.1.3. Raymond I de Renouard, (d. 1163).

2.1.4. Guillaume de Renouard, (d. 1179). Cr: Lord of Maraclea (d. 1179)., married to Beatrix N, with issue. Mellior de Renouard, (Killed in battle 1187), Lord of Maraclea., married to Marie de Torkot, with issue. Renouard de Renouard, Lord of Maraclea, married with issue. Isabella de Renouard, married to Jean Angelier. Agnese de Renouard, married to Pierre de Ravendel., with issue. Mellier de Ravendel, (d. 1262), Lord of Maraclea., married to Isabella de Boutron, with issue. Jean de Ravendel. Pierre de Ravendel. Gauthier de Ravendel, married to Mathilde de la Cave., with issue. Mellior de Ravendel. Marie de Ravendel, "Nun". Hughes de Renouard, married to N de Giblet, with issue. Hughes de Renouard, (d. 1252), married with issue. Jean de Renouard. Isabella de Renouard, married to Guillaume de Beauvais. Raymond de Renouard. Guillaume de Renouard, married to Isabella le Pisan, with issue. Raymond de Renouard, (d. 1252), married to Clarence Angelier., with issue. Balian de Renouard. Nicolas de Renouard, married to N Plibano. Hughes de Renouard. Isabella de Renouard, married to Baudouin de Pinquegny.



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