de Rethel family

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1. Manasses I, Comte de Rethel, (c. 960- 990), married to Dada de Roucy, with issue.

1.1. Manasses II, Comte de Rethel, (990- 1081), married to Judith de Boulogne, with issue.

1.1.1.Hugues I, Comte de Rethel, (1030-1118) married 1058 to Melisende de Montlhery, with issue.
1.1.1. Mansses IV de Rethel, (1097-1120). Gervais, Archbishop of Reims, 1118 Comte de Rethel, (1075-1124), married to Elizabeth de Namur (*after 1087) Elizabeth de Rethel, (1105-), married 1131 to Robert IV de Marmion, Lord of Scrivelsby. du Bourcq, Prince of Edessa (1099-1118), King of Jerusalem, (1118-31) =Baldwin II; (1058, +Jerusalem 21.8.1131); married 1101to Princess Moraphia, dau.of the Armenian lord Gabriel, Gov of Melitene (*by 1101, +1126/7) Melisende of Jerusalem, *ca 1101, +11.9.1161; m.2.6.1129 Cte Foulcques V d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem (*1092 +13.11.1144), Regent of Jerusalem (1130)+(1135-36), Lady of Laodicea and Gibel, *1110, +after 1136; m.X.1126 Pr Bohemund II of Antioch (*1107 +5.2.1130) Hodierne, Comtesse of Tripoli, +after 1152; m.1131 Raymond II of Toulouse, Ct of Tripoli (+1152) Yvette, a nun in Bethany, *1119, +after 1178, Comtesse de Rethel, *1080, +after 1151; married (1) to Henri de Grandpre, married (2) to. Eudes, Chatelain de Vitry, Comte de Rethel (+ca 1158), with issue. Witier I de Rethal Vitry, (d. 1171), Comte de Rethel, married 1130 to Beatrice de Namur, with issue. Beatrice de Rethel, (1130-1185), married 1151 to Roger II, King of Sicily. Hughes de Rethel, (d. 1160), dunm. Manasses V de Rethel, Comte de Rethel, married 1176 to Mahaut de Haute-Lorraine, Comtesse von Kyrburg, with issue. Hughes II de Rethel, (d. 1227), Comte de Rethel, married 1186 to Felicite de Broyes, with issue. Hughes III de Rethel, (d. 1242), Comte de Rethel, married (1) 1218 to Mabille de Bailleul, married (2) 1239 to Jeanne de Dampierre, with issue. (First marriage) Jean de Rethel, (1222-1243), married to Marie van Oudenaarde, dsp. (Second marriage) Felicite de Rethel, (. 1248), dunm. Jean de Rethel, (d. 1251), Seigneur de Chemery, Comte de Rethel, married (1) 1232 to Agnese de Chimay, married (2) 1243 to Marie de Thourotte, d.inf. Beatrix de Rethel, married 1218 to Andre de Nanteuil la Fosse. Catherine de Rethel, (d. 1228), Nun. Helisende de Rethel, (d. 1234), married (1) 1216 to Thomas, Comte du Perche, married (2) 1225 to Gautier IV de Trainel, Seigneur de Marigny et d'Echemines. Mahaut de Rethel, (d. 1259), married 1224 to Thomas II de Coucy, Seigneur de Vervins. Gaucher de Rethel, (d. 1262), Seigneur de Raucourt, Arcjdeacon of Liege, 1251 Comte de Rethel, dunm. Simon de Rethel, Archdeacon of Liege, (d. 1233), dunm. Agnes de Rethel, (d. 1254), married 1247 to Etienne de Seignelay. Manasses VI de Rethel, (1220-1274), Seigneur de Saulce-au-Bois, du Chastelet, de Saint-Helier et du Bourg, and Mezieres, 1263 Comte de Rethel, married 1237 to Isabella d'Ecry, with issue. Hughes IV de Rethel,. (1244-1275), Comte de Rethel, married (1) 1268 to Agnes de Chiny, married (2) 1270 to Marie d'Enghien, married (3)1275 to Isabelle de Grandpre, with issue. (Third marriage) Jeanne de Rethel, (1277-1325), Comtesse de Rethel, married 1290 to Louis I de Dampierre-Flanders and Nevers, Comte de Flanders e Nevers. Guyot de Rethel, (1245-1275), dunm. Felicite de Rethel, (1242-1257), married 1252 to Jean de Thourotte, Seigneur de Beaufort. Marie de Rethel, (1245-1316), married 1266 to Wauthier I d'Enghien, Seigneur van Zotteghem. N. de Rethel, (d. 1252). Henri de Rethel, (d. 1191), married 1191 to Helvis de Garlande, with issue. Robert de Vitry, (d. 1254), Seigneur de Sommevesle, married (1) to Jeanne N, married (2) to Guillemine de Dampierre-en-Astenois, with issue. Jean de Sommevesle, (c. 1274), married to Agnese de Coucy-en-Rethelois, with issue. Jean de Sommevesle, (c. 1311). Colard de Sommevesle, (c. 1311). Robert de Sommevesle, (c. 1274), married with issue. Hue de Sommevesle. Henri de Rethel, Seigneur de Bros, (d. 1230). Guillaume de Rethel, Priest. Anselme de Rethel, Archdeacon of Langres. Jean de Rethel, Archdeacon of Liege. Sibylle de Rethel, married 1217 to Baudouin d'Amance, Seigneur d'Etrepoy. Baudouin de Rethel, (d. 1198), Seigneur de Chemery, married with issue. Aubert de Rethel, (d. 1213), Archbishop of Liege, dunm. Simon de Rethel, (c. 1176). Clemence de Rethel, (d. 1191), married 1159 to Hughes de Pierrepont. N. de Rethel, married to Geoffroi, Vidame de Chalon. N. de Rethel, married to Etienne Strabo. N. de Rethel, married to N. de Henalmont. Yvette de Rethel, married (1) to Milon N, married (2) to Vilain d'Arzillieres, Seigneur de Villehardouin. Hodierne de Rethel; 1m: Heribrand de Hierges (+1114); 2m: Roger de Hauteville, Pr of Antioch (+1119) Beatrice de Rethal, married to Leo I, Prince of Armenia, Lord of the Mountains.

1.1.2. Manasses de Rethal, (c. 1095).

1.1.3. Judith de Rethal, Nun.

1.1.4. Renaud de Rethal, (d. 1065), dunm.


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