de Saint Omer family

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1. Guillaume I, chatelain de Saint-Omer 1100/28; m.Aganitrude, a woman from Bruges; They had issue:

1.1. Guillaume II, chatelain de Saint-Omer, fl 1126-43; m.Melisende de Picquigny

1.1.1. Guillaume III, chatelain de Saint-Omer, fl 1132-70; m.Matilda N Guillaume IV, chatelain de Saint-Omer, sn de Fauquemberghes, +in the Holy Land 1191/92; 1m: before 1171 Ida d'Avesnes; 2m: Marie (+after 1228), dau. of Raymond, constable of Tripoli Guillaume V, chatelain de Saint-Omer, etc, *ca 1171, +after III.1245; m.1218 Imagina von Looz Guillaume VI, chatelain de Saint-Omer, etc, fl 1248 Gautier de Saint-Omer, a canon, the Holy Land ca 1218 Jacques de Saint-Omer, +Damiette 1219; m.Clemence de Dammartin Nicolas de Saint-Omer, +1217/19; m. Margaret of Hungary, Dowager Empress of Byzantium and Dowager Queen of Thessaloniki (+after 1223) Bela de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes ca 1240; m.1220 Bonne de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon Nicolas de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes, Bailli of Morea, +1294; 1m: ca 1278 Marie de Poitiers, Pss of Antioch; 2m: Anna Komnenedukaina of Epirus (+1286) Othon de Saint-Omer, co-lord of Thebes, +ca 1299; m.Margherita di Verona Jean de Saint-Omer, Marshal of Morea, Baron of Passava, fl 1278; 1276 Marguerite de Neilly, Dame de Passava Nicolas de Saint-Omer, Baron de Passava, Marshal of Morea, co-lord of Thebes, +1314; m.Guillerme Orsini (+after 30.5.1317) Guillaume de Saint-Omer; m.1256 Pernel de Lacy Mahaut; m.Arnould de Therouanne Alais; m.Baudoin de Crequy Marguerite; m.Baudoin de Crequy Ida; m.before 1207 Gerard, prevot de Douai Beatrix, Dame de Fauquemberghes, etc, +1254; m.Philippe d'Aires Agnes, Abbess of Messines 1223/49 Agnes; m.Walter van Kortrijk

1.1.2. Hosto de Saint-Omer, a knight Templar in England 1142, in Catalonia 1143, in the Holy Land 1145

1.1.3. Hugues, chatelain de Saint-Omer, sn de Fauquemberghes

1.1.4. Gautier, chatelain de Saint-Omer, Lord of Tiberias, +1174; m.before III.1159 Eschiva de Bures, Lady of Tiberias Hugo de Saint-Omer, Pr of Galilee, +after 1204; m.Marguerite d'Ibelin Guillaume de Saint-Omer Odo de Saint-Omer, constable of Tripoli, lord of Gogulat; m.Fenie de Grenier, dau.of Renaud, lord of Sidon Raoul de Saint-Omer, seneschal of Jerusalem, Pr of Galilee; m.Agnes de Grenier, dau.of Renaud, lord of Sidon, Pss of Galilee, Lady of Tiberias, +after II.1265; m.Odo=Hugo de Montfaucon, Lord of Tiberias Eschiva; m.Amaury Rivet, Marshal of Cyprus

1.1.5. Mahaut; m.Cte Arnould de Guines (+1169)

1.1.6. Euphemia; m.Balduin de Bailleul

1.1.7. Gisela; m.N de Montreuil

1.1.8. Lutgarde, a nun in Etrun

1.1.9. Beatrix, a nun in Etrun

1.2. Hosto, Chatelain de Saint-Omer.

1.3. Euphemia de Saint-Omer, married to Hughes de Bazoches.

1.4. Mahaut de Saint-Omer, married to Gervase de Bazaches.

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