Sanudo family

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1. Marco Sanudo of Venice, married to N. Dandolo, with issue.

1.1. Marco Sanudo, (d. 1227), Duke of Naxos Islands 1207-27., married 1213 to Princess N Lascaris of the Byzantine Empire, with issue.

1.1.1. Angelo Sanudo, (d.1262), Duke of Naxos 1227-62., married to N de Saint-Menehould, with issue. Marco Sanudo, (d. 1303), Duke of Naxos 1262-1303, married to N. Barozzi de la Roche, with issue. Guglielmo Sanudo, (d. 1323), Duke of Naxos 1303- 23., married to N, with issue. Niccolo Sanudo, (d. 1341), Duke of Naxos 1323-41, married 1330 to Jeanne de Brienne, with issue. Giovanni Sanudo (d. 1362), Duke of Naxos 1341-62, married (1) Maria N, with issue. Fiorenza Sanudo, (d. 1371), Duchess of Naxos 1362-71), married (1) Giovanni dalle Carceri, Lord of Eubea, married (2) Niccolo Sanudo, with issue. (First Marriage) Niccolo delle Carceri, (d. 1383), Duke of Naxos 1371-83. (Second Marriage) Maria Sanudo, (d. 1426), married to Gasparo di Sommaripa. Elisabetta Sanudo, (d. 1460), dunm. Marino Sanudo, Lord of Nio, Knight of St John., dunm. Marco Sanudo, Lord of Milos, married to N. Barozzi, with issue. Fiorenza Sanudo, (d. 1437), Lady of Milos, Duchess of Naxos 1383-1437., married to Francesco Crispo, Baron of Astrogidis. Pietro Sanudo, Knight of St John, dunm. "Daughter" Sanudo, married to Pietro Dandolo. Marco Sanudo, (d 1349), Lord of Griffa, married with issue. Guglielmo Sanudo, Lord of Griffa, married with issue. Niccolo Sanudo, (d. 1374), Lord of Griffa, married (1) N, married (2) Fiorenza Sanudo, Duchess of Naxos., with issue. (First Marriage) Angeletto Sanudo, Lord of Chios, married to Alice Premarin, with issue. Filippa Sanudo, married to Nicolo Gozzadini, Lord of Thermia. Francesca Sanudo, married to Count Giovanni de Vassallo-Paleologo "Daughter" Sanudo, married to Paolo Navigajoso, Mexa Dux of the Byzantine Empire. Marino Sanudo, Lord of Paros and Antiparos, married to Porzia da Verona.

1.1.2. N. Sanudo, married with issue. Marino Sanudo. (c. 1333).

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