Sommaripa Family, Lords of Andros et de Paros

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1. Leone Sommaripa of Verona Italy, (c. 1180), married with issue.

1.1. Lionello Sommaripa, (c 1311), married with issue.

1.1.1. Gaspare Sommaripa, 1376 Councillor to Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, 1401 received the fiefdom of Campoalto, died 1402, married 1390 to Maria Sanudo dei duchi di Naxos, Signorina di Andros (r 1371-84), Negropont (r. 1383), de Paros et d'Antiparos, (r 1389), (d/o Niccolo Spezzabanda and Fiorenza Sanudo duchess of Naxos), with issue. Crusino I Sommaripa, 1402 Signore di Paros (r 1414-20 and 1425), Signore di Antiparos (r 1437-39), Signore di Negrepont, (r 1431-62), Signore di Andros (r 1440-62), died 1462, married with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, (died 1486), with issue. Domenico Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Gioffredo Sommaripa. Niccolo I Sommaripa, Signore di Negropont (1462-70), Paros (1462-1502), (died 1505), married (1) 1455 to N. de Segondo, married (2) 1502 to N Zentani, with issue. Crusino II Sommaripa, Signore di Paros (1505, 1510), died 1518, married to Maria Venier, dsp. Fiorenza Sommaripa, married 1479 to Giovanni Francesco Venier, Co-Signore di Cerigo, with issue. Cecilia Venier, (died 1543), married 1531 to Bernardo Segrede, Seignor di Paros. Niccolo II Venier, (died 1531), Signore di Paros, (1520-31), married 1507 to N Zentani, dsp. Caterina Sommaripa, married to N. Mosto. Lemantina Sommaripa. Maria Sommaripa, (died 1446), Signorina d'Antiparos (1439), married 1439 to Giovanni Loredano, with issue. Lucrezia Loredano, (died 1528), Signorina d'Antiparos (1446-1528), married 1473 to Francesco Crispo, Signore di Nio et de Therasia, married (2) to Paolo Paterno, Signore di Chios. Domenico Sommaripa, (died 1466), Signore di Andros (1462-66), married to Adriana Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos, with issue. Giovanni Sommaripa, (died 1468), Signore di Andros (1466-68), dunm. Crusino II Sommaripa, (died 1500), Signore di Andros (1468-88), with issue. Niccolo Sommaripa, (died 1506), Signore di Andros, (1500-05), dunm. (Bastard) Alberto Sommaripa, (died 1523), Signore di Andros (1514-23), with issue. Cruisino III Sommaripa, (died 1540), Signore di Andros (1523-38), married 1530 to Caterina Zeno, with issue. Giovanni Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1566), Signore di Andros (1540-66), married to Taddea Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos, with issue. Cruisino IV Sommaripa, (died 1638), titular Signore di Andros, (1576). Nicoletto Sommaripa, (died 1617), married to Cruisina Ballio, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, dunm. Francesco III Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1638-42), married (1) Marietta Coronello, married (2) to Margherita Loredano, married (3)1632 Valletta to Leonora Maldonato, with issue. (First Marriage) Michele Cruisino V Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1637-87), married 1647 to Adriana Coronello, with issue. Francesco III Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1687-1747), married with issue. Crusino VI Sommaripa, (1703-52), titular Signore di Andros, with issue. Francesco IV Sommaripa.titular Signore di Andros (died 1746), married with issue. Crusino VII Sommaripa,titular Signore di Andros (1716-68), married Elena Sforza Castri, with issue. Francesco V Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1768-1839), Consul of Holland, married 1794 to Nicoletta Maria La Rocca, with issue. Crusino VIII Sommaripa titular Signore di Andros, married to Irene Maria Basegio, with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, d.inf. Jacopo Sommaripa, (died 1838), d.inf. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1857), dunm. Sofia Sommaripa, married 1863 to Epaminondsas Mavrogeny. Giovanna Sommaripa, married 1832 to Stefano Sommaripa. Elena Sommaripa, married to Giovanni Sommaripa. Giovanna Paola Sommaripa, (1806-07), d.inf. Giuseppe Maria Napoleon Sommaripa, Abbot, dunm. Filippo Luigi Sommaripa, (1808-), married 1836 to Margherita Sommaripa, with issue. Maria Sommaripa, (1840-. Genoveva Elisabetta Sommaripa, (1838-56), dunm. Giovanna Battistina Sommaripa, (1843-. Pietro Antonio Sommaripa,. (1813-), dunm. Caterina Sommaripa, married to Stefano Barozzi.  Elena Sommaripa, married to Francesco Barozzi. Andrianeta Sommaripa, married 1721 to Stavrianaki Miccalizzi. Giambattista Sommaripa, with issue. Tommaso Sommaripa, (1755-1816), with issue. Giambatista Sommaripa, (1783-1856), dunm. Giambattista Sommaripa, (1711-49), dunm. N. Sommaripa, married to Jacopo Konoulas. Antonia Sommaripa, married to Amadeo Preziosi. Antonio Sommaripa, (1671-1711), Consul for France in Rhodes Is, married with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (1714-44)., married to N. Sforza Castri, with issue. Elena Sommaripa. Crusino Sommaripa, married 1758 to Elisabetta de Vegara, with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1810), married 1776 to Maria Sommaripa, with issue. Stefano Sommaripa, married (1) 1824 to Bianca Dandoisa, married (2) 1832 to Giovanna Sommaripa, dsp. Cruisino Sommaripa, (died 1857), married 1806 to Genoveva Barozzi, with issue. Sommaripa, d.inf 1807. Francesco Sommaripa, (1807-27), dunm. Giorgio Antonio Sommaripa, (1809-10), d.inf Caterina Sommaripa, d.inf 1811. Giorgio Sommaripa, (1812-., , married 1846 to Giovanna Sommaripa, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1847-. Irene Orsola Sommaripa, (1849-. Genoveva Aloisea Maddalena Sommaripa, (died 1852), dunm. Giambattista Antonio Aluise Sommaripa, (1853-. Francesco Antonio Simone Sommaripa, (1856-. Antonio Aluise Domenico Vincenzo Sommaripa, (1859-. Michele Sommaripa, (1862-. Marietta Sommaripa, (1814-., married 1838 tp Lodovico Chargos. Margherita Sommaripa, (1818-. Aloisea Sommaripa, (1821-. Giambattista Sommaripa, (1824-., married 1846 to Geneveva Bonnet, with issue. Margherita Giuseppa Francesca Sommaripa, (1848-. Elena Maria Tommasina Sommaripa, (1852- Onorina Sommaripa, (1854-. Francesco Sommaripa, married Irene Barozzi, with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1805. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1805. Francesca Sommaripa, (1806-. Caterina Sommaripa, (1806-. Giovanna Poalina Sommaripa, (1811-. Agnese Rosa Antonia Sommaripa, (1815-. Gasparo Sommaripa, (1767-1858), married with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, married 1821 to Giomelaki Kotaki, with issue. Elisabetta Sommaripa, (1821-., married 1838 to Pietro Vicera. Francesco Giovanni Sommaripa, (1823-56), dunm. Marco Sommaripa, (1825-. Cruisino Sommaripa, married to Elisabetta Barozzi, with issue. Gaspare Sommaripa, married to N. Basegio, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, married 1850 to Antonia Basegio, with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1851. Giovanni Sommaripa, married 1860 to Marulla Evripeo, with issue. Steliano Sommaripa (1861-. Lucrezia Sommaripa, (1626-). (Second Marriage) Caterina Sommaripa, (1638-), married 1643 to Filippo Grimaldi. Pellegrina Sommaripa, (1630-). Violanta Sommaripa, married 1657 to Jacopo Barozzi. Filippo Sommaripa, Signore di Micra Argia (1670 -1714)., with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (1677-1747), married 1735 to Nicoletta de Giurga, with issue. Filippoto Sommaripa, (1751-68), dunm. Pantaleo Sommaripa, (1723-), married to Argentina Barozzi, with issue. Filippo Sommaripa, (1744-88), married to Nicoleta Covea, with issue. Jacopo Sommaripa, (1748-), d.inf Genoveva Sommaripa, married 1769 to Giambattista Rocca. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1813), married 1768 tp Violanta Grimaldi., dsp. Crimenza Sommaripa, (1723-43), d.inf Giovanni Sommaripa, (1744-., Canon. Cruisino Sommaripa, (died 1805), married 1763 to Margherita Sommaripa, with issue. Pantaleo Sommaripa, (died 1822), married to Angela Caterina Bello, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1798-1861), married 1816 to Baroness Irene de Lastic, with issue. Orsola Sommaripa, (1832-. Angelica Sommaripa, married 1849 to Giovanni La Rocco. Maria Sommaripa, married 1856 to Marco Calichiopoulo. Pantaleo Michele Vincenzo Sommaripa, (1834-, married 1856 to Maria Calichiopoulo, with issue. Elena Sommaripa, (1856-. Irene Filomena Anna Sommaripa, (1859-. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1861-. Gasparo Sommaripa, (1837-. Michele Antonio Sommaripa, (1841-. Nicoletta Sommaripa, (1839-42), d.inf Giovanna Sommaripa, married 1846 to Giorgio Sommaripa. Nicolo Sommaripa, (1807-08), d.inf Carlo Sommaripa, d.inf 1810. Stiliana Caterina Sommaripa, d.inf 1818. Michele Sommaripa, (1797-1847), dunm. (Third Marriage) Dorotea Sommaripa, married 1654 Valletta to Cesare Antonio Santa Mauro. Giorgio Sommaripa (1628-60)., married 1628 to Maria Cocco. Marietta Sommaripa, (1629-), married to Zabati Coronello. Adriana Sommaripa, dunm. Marco Sommaripa, (1594-1638), married (1) to N., married (2) Pelagia Giustiniani, with issue. Maria Sommaripa, (1623-), d.inf Isabetta Sommaripa, (1619-), dunm. Taddea Sommaripa, (1621-), married 1631 to Marcoantonio Giglio. Francesco Sommaripa, (1621-52), married (1) to Caterina Basera, married (2) to Elizabetta Sommaripa (Cousin), with issue. (First marriage) Jacopo Sommaripa, (1631-), dunm. Maria Sommaripa, (1629-), married 1652 to Giambattista Barozzi. Agnese Sommaripa, (1633-), married 1655 to Michele Paracleto. Maria Sommaripa, (1627-. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1594-1633), married with issue. Marco Sommaripa, (1632-92), married with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1714-55), married to Anna Lercari... Nicoleto Sommaripa, (1668-1746), Canon. Matteo Sommaripa, Signore di Fanari 1670., with issue. Elizabetta Sommaripa, (1625-56), married 1652 to Giambattista Calbo. Angelo Sommaripa, married 1662 to Orsola Sanudo, with issue. Marietta Sommaripa, (1674-1747), dunm. Violanta Sommaripa, married 1712 to Carlo de Raymond de Modene. Matteo Sommaripa, married to Caterina Spanopoule, with issue. Angela Sommaripa, (1688-1748), dunm. Antoinette Sommaripa, married to Cruisino de Raymond de Modene. Costantina Sommaripa, (1672-1748), dunm. Francesco Sommaripa, (1664-1744), married to Francesca Maria Osaire, with issue. Matteo Sommaripa, married to Fiorenza N, with issue. Matteo Sommaripa, (died 1834), dunm. Luigi Sommaripa, d.inf Niccolo Sommaripa, d.inf. Andrea Sommaripa, d.inf. Cecilia Sommaripa, married to Jacopo IV Crispo, Duke of Naxos. Girolamo Sommaripa, (1580-1638), with issue. Antonina Sommaripa, married 1633 to Francesco Sanudo. Caterina Sommaripa, married 1641 to Jacopo Barozzi. Crusachi Sommaripa, (1619-43), married to Isabella Loredano, with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, dunm. Francesco Sommaripa. Girolamo Sommaripa, (1632-46), married 1632 to Bona Crispo, dsp. Chiara Sommaripa, married 1660 to Francesco Michieli. Lodovico Sommaripa, dunm. Cornelia Sommaripa, married to Constantino Raguseo, with issue. Giorgio Raguseo, (migrated to Malta with parents), married 1592 Vittoriosa to Grazia Psaila, with issue. Anna Raguseo, married 1604 Vittoriosa to Straniano de Dimitrio, with issue. Constantino de Dimitrio, married 1631 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Zerafa, with issue. Filippo Dimitri, married (1) 1671 Vittoriosa to Teresa Azzopardi, married (2) 1691 Vittoriosa to Caterina Grech, with issue. (First Marriage) Giorgio Dimitri, married 1720 Valletta to Caterina Xiberras (d/o Pietro Paolo and Graziulla), with issue. Generosa Dimitri, married 1751 Valletta to Giovanni Trapani. Cornelia di Dimitrio, married 1638 Senglea to Nobile Enrico di Nardo of Ragusa, Sicily, Medico, with issue. Leonardo di Nardo, married 1655 Senglea to Vincenza Anna Dudley, with issue. Augusta Anna di Nardo, married 1665 Senglea to Bartolomeo Dudley. Adriana Sommaripa, married to Luigi Bembo. Januli Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Taddea Sommaripa, married to Januli V Gozzadini, Signore di Siphnos. Francesco I Sommaripa, (died 1520), Signore di Andros (1505-07), with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, married with issue. Domenico Sommaripa. Giovanni Sommaripa, (1511-21), dunm. Jacopo Sommaripa, married with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1521 to Marcantonio Venier. Polymses Sommaripa, (1514-31), married with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa. Jacopo Sommaripa, married with issue. Nicolo Sommaripa. Cruisino Sommaripa. Bonafico Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Giovan Polymeno Sommaripa. Nicolo Sommaripa, married with issue. Magnifico Giovan Polymeno Sommaripa, married 1563 Birkirkara Malta to Margherita Mallia, with issue. Francescaschi Sommaripa, married to Marula de Sangri. Magnifico Jacopo Sommaripa, (1619-48), married to Violante Gigli, with issue. Canciano Sommaripa. Giovanni Sommaripa. Canciana Sommaripa, married 1652 to Giovanni La Rocca. Domenico Sommaripa. Adriana Sommaripa. Livio Sommaripa, (diedx 1681), Priest, dunm. Teresio Sommaripa. Florenza Sommaripa. Caterina Sommaripa, married 1658 to Demetrio Cocce. Caterina Sommaripa. Adriana Sommaripa, amrried to Michele Micalizzi. Cruisino Sommaripa., mrried to Maria Candida, with issue. Crusino Sommaripa, (1643-71), married to Anna Galante. Marcantonio Sommaripa, (1619-), married 1642 to Niceletta Galeata, with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, married to Margherita Sommaripa (Cousin), with issue. Gregorio Sommaripa, married to Margherita Grimaldi, with issue. Nicolo Sommaripa. Adriana Maddalena Sommaripa, married 1594 Valletta to Andrea Luciano Chini.. Jacopo Sommaripa. Caterina Sommaripa, married 1552 to Prince Demetrio Paleologo, (1527-95), Titular 6th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1571-95). Taddea Sommaripa, married to Niccolo Antonio Crispo de Syra. Chiara Sommaripa, (dunm 1475). Fiorenzo Sommaripa, Signora di Antiparos (1414-37), married to Jacopo  I Crispo, Duke of Naxos. Galeazzo Sommaripa, with issue. Jacopo Sommaripa (in Negropont), with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1466 to Francesco Marco Cornaro. N. Sommaripa, married 1464 to Pietro Barbarigo. Alessandro Sommaripa, married with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1469 to Giovanni Morosini. Nicolo Sommaripa, d.inf Tommasina Sommaripa, "Nun", dunm.

1.2. Nicolo Sommaripa, married to N. Bevilacqua, with issue.

1.2.1. Eufrosine Sommaripa, married to Francesco Giorgio, Marquis di Bodonitza.

1.2.2. Leone Sommaripa, married to N. Garzoni, with issue. Andrea Sommaripa, married to Teodora Nani, with issue. Girolama Sommaripa, married N. de Cuspo. Bartolomeo Sommaripa. Leone Sommaripa, with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, married to N. Molina. Leone Sommaripa, married to N. Zeno, with issue. Chiara Sommaripa, married 1439 to Tommaso Zeno.


Reference:  Karl Hoff, Dissertazione documentata sulla storia dell'isola di Andros e dei suoi signori dall'anno 1207 al 1566, Venice 1859.

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