de Saint Gilles e Toulouse family

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1.  Cte Raimund IV de Toulouse (1088-1105), Count de Saint-Gilles, Duc de Narbonne, Ct of Tripoli, *Toulouse 1046-52, +Mont-Pelerin, Tripoli, Syria 28.2.1105; Raymond IV was one of the chief leaders of the First Crusade who led over 100.000, and distinguished himself in the Battle of Ascalon. He died at the siege of Tripoli in Syria; 1m: 1066 N, a dau.of Ct Godfrey I of Arles, Count de Provence and Etiennette=Douce de Gevaudan (repudiated ca 1076); 2m: 1080 Matilda of Sicily (*1062 +1094); 3m: 1094 Elvira of Castile (+after 1151), with issue.

1.1. (1m) Bertrand de Toulouse, (1080-1112) Count of Tripoli e Toulouse., married (1) NN., married (2) 1095 to Helie of Burgundy, with issue.

1.1.1. Pons de Toulouse, (1098-1136), Count of Tripoli e Toulouse, married 1115 Princess Cecile of France, with issue. Raymond de Toulouse, (1116- 1152), Count of Tripoli e Toulouse, married 1131 to Princess Hoierne of Jerusalem, with issue. Raymond de Toulouse, (d. 1187), Count of Tripoli e Toulouse, married 1174 to Eschiva de Bures, Princess of Galilee, Lady of Tiberias., dsp. Melisende de Toulouse, (d. 1161), dunm.

1.1.2. Philippe de Toulouse, *1099-1102

1.1.3. Agnes, *1095-1102; m. Renaud, Seigneur of Margat (+1185/6)

1.2. [3m.] Cte Alfonso I Jourdain de Toulouse (1112-48), Duc de Narbonne, *Mont-Pelerin, Tripoli 1102, +murdered at Caesarea 16.4.1148; m.before 16.9.1125 Faydiva d'Uzes/ Faydide de Rodes, dau.of Gerbert=Gilbert III, Vicomte de Carlat and Tiburge=Gerberge, Countess de Provence

1.2.1. Cte Raimund V de Toulouse (1148-94), Duc de Narbonne, Mgve of Provence, *Languedoc 1134, +Nimes 1194; m.1154 (separated 1165) Constance of France (*1124 +16.8.1176) Cte Raimund VI de Toulouse (1194-1215)+(1218-22), Duc de Narbonne, Mgve of Provence, *Languedoc 27.10.1156, +Toulouse 2.8.1222; After his defeat at the Battle of Muret, he was stripped of his estates by Simon de Montfort. They fought again in 1216, and Raymond de Toulouse defended the city against Simon de Montfort in 1218; 1m: 11.12.1172 Ermesinde Pelet d'Alais, Cts de Melgueil (+1176), dau.of Bernard d'Alais and Beatrix, Countess de Melgueil; 2m: ca 1178 Beatirix de Carcassone (repudiated 1193), dau.of Raimond Trincavel, Vicomte de Beziers and Adelaide N; 3m: 1193 (reputiated 1196) Bourgogne de Lusignan; 4m: X.1196 Joan of England (*1165 +1199); 5m: 1200 (div 1202/03) N, a dau.of Isaakios Komnenos, Emperor of Cyprus; 6m: I.1203 Leonor of Aragon (*1182 +1226) [4m.] Cte Raimund VII de Toulouse (1222-49), etc, *1197, +1249; 1m: 1211 (div 1241) Sancha of Aragon (+after 1241); 2m: 1241/5 Marguerite de Lusignan (+1288) [1m.] Css Jeanne de Toulouse (1249-71), *1220, +Corneto 25.8.1271; m.1241 Cte Alphonse de Poitiers (*1220 +1271) [2m.] Constance, +after 12.5.1260; 1m: after 1195 King Sancho VII of Navarre (+1234); 2m: Pierre d'Anduze [illegitimate] Bertrand, Cte de Bruniquel; m.1224 Contorosse de Mainfroi; they left issue of whom I have no details [illegitimate] Guillemine [illegitimate] Raymonde, a nun [illegitimate] Indie; 1m: Guillaume, Vcte de Lautrec; 2m: 1226 Bernard de l'Isle-Jourdain Alberic "Taillefer", Cte de Saint-Gilles, *ca 1157, +1183; 1164 Beatrix, Dauphinee de Viennois, Cts d'Albon et de Grenoble (*1161 +1228), dau.of Guigues X, Dauphin d'Albon and Beatrix de Montferrat Balduin, *1165, +1212; m.before 1195: Alix, Vicomtesse de Lautrec, dau.of Sicard V, Vicomte de Lautrec Adelaide, *1158-61, +after 1199; m.1171 Vcte Roger II de Beziers et de Carcassone (+1194) Alphons Faydiva, +1154; m.1151 Ct Humbert III of Savoy (+1189) [illegitimate] Pons, *before 1146, +1203 [illegitimate] Bertrand, *before 1147 [illegitimate] Laurence, *Toulouse before 1147; m.before 1169 Cte Bernardo III de Comminges [illegitimate] a daughter; m.before 1173 Nurrhedin of Aleppo and Damas (+1174)






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