King Edward VII of United Kingdom

Emperor of India (r. 1901-10), (1841-1910)

His children including (some) his illegitimate children.

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Victoria's son Edward VII, who ascended on 22 January 1901, was notorious for his many infidelities?however, each of these affairs was carried out in a kind and discreet manner, which did much to endear him to his subjects. His notable mistresses included a French actress, Hortense Schneider, Guila Barucci, who boasted that she was the "greatest whore in the world" Susan Pelham-Clinton, who had already eloped twice, Lillie Langtry, an actress who had also been courted by Edward's brother and an Austrian prince, Daisy Greville, Countess of Warwick, and Alice Keppel, who of all his mistresses had the most political power and sat at his deathbed in 1910. He fathered surprisingly few royal bastards considering their number and the fecundity he enjoyed with his wife Alexandra of Denmark

Ancestors of Edward VII of the United Kingdom

16. Ernest Frederick, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
8. Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
17. Duchess Sophia Antonia of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel
4. Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
18. Henry XXIV, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf
9. Princess Augusta of Reuss-Ebersdorf
19. Countess Caroline Ernestine of Erbach-Schonberg
2. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
20. Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
10. Emil, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
21. Charlotte of Saxe-Meiningen
5. Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
22. Frederick Francis I, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
11. Louise Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
23. Louise of Saxe-Gotha
1. King Edward VII of the United Kingdom
24. Frederick, Prince of Wales
12. King George III of the United Kingdom
25. Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
6. Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathearn
26. Charles Louis Frederick, Duke of Mecklenburg-Mirow
13. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
27. Princess Elizabeth Albertine of Saxe-Hildburghausen
3. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom
28. Ernest Frederick, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
14. Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
29. Duchess Sophia Antonia of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel
7. Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
30. Henry XXIV, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf
15. Princess Augusta of Reuss-Ebersdorf
31. Countess Caroline Ernestine of Erbach-Schonberg

1. King Edward VII of United Kingdom, Emperor of India, (r. 1901-1910), (1841-1910), married 1863 to HRH, Princes Alexandria of Denmark, with issue.

1.1.  HRH, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, (1864-92),

1.1.1. (By mistress Margery Haddon) Clarence Guy Gordon Haddon, (1890- c.1940).

1.1.2. (said to have married to Annie Crook) Alice Margaret Crook, with issue. (Liaison with Walter Sickert) Joseph Sickert., (1925-

1.2. George V, King of United Kingdom, Emperor of India, (r. 1910-36), (1865-1936), married 1893 to HH, Princess Mary of Teck, with issue.

1.2.1. Edward VIII, King of United Kingdom, Emperor of India, (r. 1936), Cr 1937 Duke of Windsor, (1894-1972), married 1937 to Wallis Warfield, dsp.

1.2.2. George VI, King of United Kingdom, Last Emperor of India, (1936-52), (1895-1952), married 1923 to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, with issue. Elizabeth II, Queen of United Kingdom, (r. 1952-., (1926-., married 1947 to HRH, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, Cr Duke of Edinburgh, with issue. HRH, Prince Charles of United Kingdom, (1948-., Cr Prince of Wales, married (1) 1981 Div 1996 to Lady Diana Spencer, married (2) 2005 to Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles (See Below), with issue. (First Marriage) HRH, Prince William of Wales, (1982-. Cr 2011 : Duke of Cambridge, married 2011 to Katherine Middleton, with issue. HRH, Prince Henry of Wales, (1984-. HRH, Princess Anne of United Kingdom, (1950-. Cr 1987 : Princess Royal, married (1) 1973 Div 1992 to Mark Phillips, married (2) 1992 to Timothy Laurence, with issue. Peter Mark Phillips, (1977-., married 2008 to Autumn Kelly. Zara Anne Phillips, (1981-. HRH, Prince Andrew of United Kingdom, (1960-., Cr 1986 Duke of York, married 1986 Div 1996 to Sarah Ferguson, with issue. HRH, Princess Beatrice of York, (1988-. HRH, Princess Eugenie of York, (1990-. HRH, Prince Edward of United Kingdom, (1964-., Cr 1999 Earl of Wessex, married 1999 to Sophie Rhys-Jones, with issue. HRH, Princess Louise of Wessex, (2003-. HRH, Prince James of Wessex, (2007-. HRH, Princess Margaret of United Kingdom, (1930-2002), married 1960 Div 1978 to Antony Armstrong-Jones, Cr 1961 Earl of Snowdon, with issue. David Armstrong-Jones, (1961-. 2nd Earl of Snowdon, married 1993 to Hon Serena Stanhope, with issue. Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, (1999-. Hon Margarita Armstrong-Jones, (2002-. Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, (1964-., married 1994 to Daniel Chatto, with issue. Samuel Chatto, (1996-. Arthur Chatto, (1999-.

1.2.3. HRH, Princess Mary of United Kingdom, (1897-1965), Cr Princess Royal, married 1922 to Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood, with issue. George Lascelles, (1923-., 7th Earl of Harewood, married (1) 1949 Div 1967 to Marion Stein, married (2) 1967 to Patricia Tuckwell, with issue. David Lascelles, (1950-. Viscount Lascelles, married (1) 1979 Div 1989 to Margaret Messenger, married (2) 1990 to Diane Howse, with issue. (First marriage) Hon. Emily Lascelles, (1976-. Hon Benjamin Lascelles, (1978-. Hon Alexander Lascelles, (1980-. Hon Edward Lascelles, (1982-. Hon James Lascelles, (1953-., married (1) 1973 Div 1985 to Frederica Duhrrson, married (2) 1985 Div 1996 to Lori Susan Lee, married (3) 1999 to Joy Elias-Rilwan, with issue. (First Marriage) Sophie Lascelles, (1973-. Rowen Lascelles, (1977-. Tanit Lascelles, (1981-. (Second Marriage) Tewa Robert Lascelles, (1985-. Hon Robert Lascelles, (1955-, married (1) 1981 Div to Julie Baylis, married (2) 1999 to Catherine Isobel Bell, with issue. (First Marriage) Thomas Lascelles, (1982-. Ellen Mary Lascelles, (1984-. Amy Mary Lascelles, (1986-. (Second Marriage) Tallulah Grace Lascelles, (2005-. (Second Marriage) Hon Mark Lascelles, (1964-, married 1992 to Andrea Kershaw, with issue. Charlotte Lascelles, (1996-. Imogen Mary Lascelles, (1998-. Miranda Rose Lascelles, (2000-. Hon Gerald Lascelles, (1924-98), married (1) 1952 Div 1978 to Angela Dowding, married (2) 1978 to Elizabeth Collingwood, with issue. (First Marriage) Henry Lascelles (1953-., married (1) 1979 Div 1999 to Alexandra Morton, married (2) 2006 to Fiona Wilmott, with issue. (First Marriage) Maximilian Lascelles, (1991-. (Second Marriage) Martin Lascelles, (1962-., married 1999 to Charmaine Eccleston, with issue. (From Carol Anne Douet) Georgina Lascelles, (1988-. (Marriage) Alexander Lascelles, (2002-.

1.2.4. HRH, Prince Henry of United Kingdom, (1900-74), Cr 1928 Duke of Gloucester, married 1935 to Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, with issue. HRH, Prince William of Gloucester, (1941-72), dunm. HRH, Prince Richard of Gloucester, (1944-., 2nd Duke of Gloucester, married 1972 to Birgitte van Deurs, with issue. Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster, (1974-, married 2002 to Claire Booth, with issue. Xan Richard Windsor, Lord Culloden, (2007-. Lady Davina Windsor, (1977-., married 2004 to Gary Lewis. Lady Rose Windsor, (1980-., married 2008 to George Gilman.

1.2.5. HRH, Prince George of United Kingdom, (1902-42), Cr 1934 Duke of Kent, married 1934 to HRH, Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, with issue. HRH, Prince Edward of Kent, (1935-., 2nd Duke of Kent, married 1961 to Katherine Worsley, with issue. George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, (1962-., married 1988 to Sylvana Tomaselli, with issue. Edward Windsor, Baron Downpatrick, (1988-. Lady Marina Windsor, (1992-. Lady Amelia Windsor, (1995-. Lady Helen Windsor, (1964-, married 1992 to Timothy Taylor, with issue. Columbus Taylor, (1994-. Cassius Taylor, (1996-. Eloise Taylor, (2003-. Estella Taylor, (2004-. Lord Nicholas Windsor, (1970-., married 2006 to Donna Paola Doimi de Frankopan, with issue. Albert Windsor, (2007-. HRH, Princess Alexandra of Kent, (1936-, married 1963 to Hon. Sir Angus Ogilvy, with issue. James Ogilvy, (1964-, married 1988 to Julia Rawlinson, with issue. Flora Ogilvy, (1994-. Alexander Ogilvy, (1996-. Marina Ogilvy, (1966-, married 1990 Div 1997 to Paul Julian Mowatt, with issue. Zenouska May Mowatt, (1990-. Christian Mowatt, (1993-. HRH, Prince Michael of Kent, (1942-, married 1978 to Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, with issue. Lord Frederick Windsor, (1979-. Lady Gabriella Windsor, (1981-.

1.2.6. HRH, Prince John of United Kingdom, (1905-1919), d.inf.

1.3. HRH, Princess Louise of United Kingdom, (1867-1931), Cr Princess Royal, married 1889 to Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife, with issue.

1.3.1.  HH. Princess Alexandra of Fife, 2nd Duchess of Fife, (1891-1959), married 1913 to HRH, Prince Arthur of Connaught, KG, KT, GCMG, with issue. HH, Prince Alastair of Connaught, (1914-43), 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, dunm.

1.3.2. HH. Princess Maud of Fife, (1893-1945), married 1923 to Charles Alexander Carnegie, 11th Earl of Southesk KCVO, with issue. James George Carnegie, (1929-., 3rd Duke of Fife, 12th Earl of Southesk, married 1956 Div 1966 to Hon Caroline Dewar, with issue. David Charles Carnegie, (1961-, Earl of Southesk, married 1987 to Caroline Bunting, with issue. Charles Duff Carnegie, (1989-., Lord Carnegie. Hon George Carnegie, (1992-. Hon Hugh Carnegie, (1993-. Lady Alexandra Carnegie, (1959-., married  2001 to Mark Etherington, with issue. Amelia Carnegie Etherington, (2001-.

1.4. HRH Princess Victoria of United Kingdom, (1868-1935), dunm.

1.5. HRH, Princess Maud of United Kingdom, (1869-1938), married 1896 to King Haakon VII of Norway, with issue. (Royal House of Norway).

1.6. HRH, Prince Alexander of United Kingdom, (1871-), d.inf.

1.7. (By mistress Aimee Pirie) Rosemary Dawson, (1864-1964), married 1948 to Lt. Gen. Veron Forbes Erskine Crum CIE., MC, dsp.

1.8. (By mistress Blanche de Sampayo, Duchesse di Castellucio) Donna Olga Alberta Caracciolo, (1872-1929), married (1) 1892 Div 1899 to Don Mariano dei Principe Brancaccio, married (2) Baron Arthur de Meyer, with issue.

1.8.1. (Second Marriage) Baroness de Meyer.

1.8.2. Baroness de Meyer.

1.9. (By mistress Marie-Henriette-Celine-Anne de Martin) Diego Giuseppe Publio Mangion (Born 29 March 1871 Central Hospital Floriana Malta, Adopted by Giorgio and Fortunata Mangion, married 1894 Qormi Malta to Giorgia Agius, with issue.

1.9.2. Giorgio Mangion, (1903- Qormi, Malta -), married 1922 Zurrieq Malta to Carmela Mangion, with issue.

1.9.2. Ganni Mangion, (1900-., married 1925 Qormi to Giorgia Chetcuti (d/o Francesco and Catherine Coleiro).

1.9.3. Carmel Mangion.

1.10. (By mistress Princess Jeanne de Sagan, Duchesse de Talleyrand-Perigord), N. de Talleyrand-Perigord (1873-.

1.11. (By mistress Lady Susan Pelham-Clinton Vane-Tempest), Maria Carmela Pelham Clinton Gauci, (1871-), (Adopted in 1872 by Francesco Gauci and Giuseppa Micallef), married 1904 Birkirkara, Malta to Enrico Michele Xerri.

1.12. (By mistress Patsy Fitzpatrick Corwallis-West) Major George Cornwallis-West, (1874-1951), married (1) 1900 Div 1913 to Jennie Jerome, Lady Churchill Spencer, married (2) Beatrice Stella Tanner, married (3) Georgette N., dsp.

1.13. (By mistress Lilly Langtry) Jeanne Marie Langtry MBE, (1881-1964), married 1902 to Sir Ian Zachary Malcolm of Poltalloch KCMG, with issue.

1.13.1. Sir George Ian Malcolm of Poltalloch, Hereditary Chief of Clan Malcolm, (1903-76), married (1) 1929 Div 1944 to Enid Sybil Gaskell, married (2) 1946 to Muriel Hobhouse BEM, with issue. (First Marriage) David Ian Malcolm, d.inf. Robin Neill Lochnell Malcolm of Poltalloch, Hereditary Chief of Malcolm, (1934-, married 1962 to Susan Freeman, with issue. Ian Rory Malcolm of Poltalloch Yr, (1963-., married 1995 to Jacinata Fitzgerald, with issue. Neill Conner Malcolm, (1996-. Eilish Susan Malcolm, (1999-. Andrew Malcolm, (1965-., married 1998 Div 2000 to Victoria Marsden, with issue. Hamish Malcolm, (1999-. Kirsty Malcolm, (1964-., married 1994 to Dr Andrew St John Hollings, with issue. George St John Hollings, (1999-. Phoebe Elizabeth Hollings, (1996-. Josephine Malcolm, (1969-. Bridget Mary Malcolm, (1935-., married 1956 to Dennis Frederick Foot, with issue. Nicholas Rupert Foot, (1958-. Mark Jonathan Foot, (1960-.

1.13.2. Victor Neill Malcolm, (1905-, married (1) 1933 Div 1939 to Dorothy Todd, married (2) 1942 to Mary Ellery Channing, with issue. (First marriage) David Malcolm., (1936-, married 1963 to Eileen O'Reilly. (Second marriage) Christopher Neill Malcolm, (1943-.

1.13.3. Angus Christian Malcolm CMG, (1908-71), married 1947 Div 1967 to Jacqueline Theron, with issue. Caroline Jeanne Malcolm, (1948-. Christina Malcolm, (1950-. Sophie Malcolm, (1954-. Anne Victoria Malcolm, (1957-.

1.13.4. Mary Malcolm, (1918-., married (1) 1937 Div 1960 to Sir Basil Hardington Bartlett, 2nd Baronet, married (2) 1960 to Colin McFadyean, with issue. (First Marriage) Julia Barlett, (1937-, married 1966 to John Atkinson, with issue. Thomasina Kate Atkinson, (1967-. Teresa Mary Atkinson, (1968-. Cressida Jane Atkinson, (1971-. Lucy Mary le Breton Barlett, (1941-., married 1969 to Adrian Bridgewater, with issue. Benjamin Bridgewater, (1979-. Nancy le Breton Bridgewater, (1971-. Daisy Maud Bridgewater, (1973-. Annabel Kate Barlett, (1945-., married 1988 to Anthony David McCall, with issue. Hardington Alexander McCall, (1988-.

1.14. (By mistress Evelyn Forbes CBE) Alexandria James, (1896-1981), married 1918 to Lt Col Arthur Edward Flynn Fawson DSO, MC, TD., with issue.

1.15. (By mistress Frances Evelyn Maynard, Countess of Warwick) Hon. Maynard Greville, (1898-1960), married 1918 to Dora Pape, with issue.

1.15.1. Felice Greville, (1919-., married 1940 to Eric James Spurrier, with issue. Neil Spurrier, (1952-. Caroline Spurrier, (1957-.

1.16. (By mistress Sophie, wife of Col. W. Hall-Walker) Steward Arthur Forster, (1899-.

1.17. (By mistress Alice Frederica Edmonstone, Hon Mrs G. Keppel), Sonia Rosemary Keppel OBE, (1900-86), married (div 1947) to Hon Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe of Dorking, with issue.

1.17.1.  Henry Cubitt, (1924-. 4th Baron Ashcombe of Dorking, Consul-General in London for Monaco 1961-68., married 1955 Div 1968 to Ghislaine Dresselhuys, married (2) 1973 Div 1979 to Hon Virgina Carington, married (3) 1979 to Mary Elisabeth Chipps.

1.17.2. Hon. Jeremy Cubitt, (1927-58), married 1952 Div 1957 to Diana Edith Du Cane, with issue. Sarah Victoria Cubitt, (1953-, married 1975 Div 1981 to David Hutton.

1.17.3. Hon Rosalind Maud Cubitt, (1921-., married 1946 to Major Bruce Shand MC, with issue. Mark Roland Shand, (1951-., married 1990 to Clio Goldsmith. Camilla Rosemary Shand, (1947-., Styled Duchess of Cornwall, married (1) 1973 Div 1996 to Brig. Andrew Parker-Bowles, married (2) 2005 to HRH, Prince Charles of United Kingdom, Prince of Wales (See Above),  with issue. (First Marriage) Thomas  Henry Charles Parker-Bowles, (1974-., married with issue. Laura Rose Parker-Bowles, (1978-., married to Harry Marcus Lopes., with issue. Sonia Annabel Shand, (1949-., married 1972 to Simon John Elliot, with issue. Benjamin Elliot, (1975-. Alice Rosalind Elliot, (1977-. Catherine Camilla Elliot, (1981-.



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2. Lanfranco's genealogist., Malta.


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