Zaccari family

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1. Zaccaria (1183-1263)., with issue.

1.1. Fulcone Zaccaria (d.1275), one of the Genoses Signatories to the treaty of Nymphaion in 1264 with Emperor Michael VIII., married (1) Giulietta N, married (2) Beatrice N, with issue.

1.1.1. Manuele Zaccaria, (d. 1288), Cr: Lord of Phocea, married (1) to Eliana Grillo, married (2) Clarisa di Fieschi, with issue. Tidisino Zaccaria, (d.1313), Governor of Phocea 1302-07., Lord of Thasos 1306-13., married to Benedetta Farmasi. Odoardo Zaccaria. Guglielma Zaccaria, married to Kalem Bey, 1st Emir of Karasi. Maria Zaccaria, married to Muharizalsin Gazi Mehmed Bey, Emir of Aydin.

1.1.2. Lia Zaccaria, married to Guglielmo de Gavi.

1.1.3. Benedetto II Zaccari, (d. 1307), Lord of Phocea., Cr: 1288 Lord of Chios., married to Princess Palaiologina Dukas Komnenos Palaologo, with issue. Paleologo Zaccaria, (d.1314), Lord of Chios, married to Giacoma Spinola, with issue. Benedetto Zaccaria, (d.1330), Lord of Chios, married to Ginevra Doria. Martino Zaccaria, (d. 1334), Lord of Chios, Lord of Damala, Chalandritza, Maniatochori and Lisarea, married (1) N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, Married (2) Jacqueline dela Roche, Lady of Veligosti e Damala,  with issue. (Second Marriage) Centurione  Zaccaria, (d. 1382), Lord of Damala, Chalandritza, Maniatochori and Lisarea, Cr: 1345 Baron of Arcadia, married to Asanina d'Aulnay, with issue. Andronico Asano Zaccaria (d. 1401), Lord of Damala, Chalandritza, Maniatochori and Lisarea, Baron of Arcadia, Constable of Achaia, married to Mavros of Arkadia, with issue. Erardo Zaccaria, Baron of Arcadia. (d. 1404). Asano Centurione II Zaccaria, (d. 1432), Baron of Arcadia, Cr: Prince of Achaia, married to Creusa Tocco di Zante, with issue. Aikaterina Asanina Zaccara, (d.1462), Lady of Arcadia,  married 1430 to Prince Thomas Paleologo of Byzantine Empire, Despot of Morea. (illegitimate) Giovanni Aseno Zaccaria (d. Rome 1469), (declared 1446) Prince of Achaia, married to N, with issue. N Zaccaria. (illegitimate) "Daughter" Zaccaria, married 1418 to Oliverio Franco. Benedetto Zaccaria. Stefano Zaccaria (d. 1424), Archbishop of Patras, Cyprus (r.1404-24). Maria Zaccaria, Lady of Arcadia, Princess of Achaia 1402, married to Pedro Bordo de San Superan, Prince of Achaia. Manuele Zaccaria, (d. 1413), married Eliana Cattaneo, with issue. Marietta Zaccaria, married to Galeazzo Spinola. Filippo Zaccaria, married to N of Rhiolo. Bartolomeo Zaccari, (d.1334), Lord of Damala and Marchese of Boudonitza, married 1327 to Guglielma Pallavincini, Marchesa di Boudonitza., with issue. Marulla Zaccaria, (d1358), married 1350 to Don Juan Fadrique d'Aragona, Lord of Aegina and Salamis. Anne Zaccaria, married to Ricardo de Vassallo

1.1.4. Niccolino Zaccaria, married to Anna Kontostephaina.

1.1.5. Vinciguerra Zaccaria.



1. Chroniques Greco-Romanes, inedites ou peu connues, avec notes et tables genealogiques, par Charles Hopf, Berlin, 1873.





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